Dave Chapman Explains Why He Is Not Running for Algonquin Township Supervisor

David Chapman

When last we checked in with Algonquin Township Trustee David Chapman, he was mounting an Independent campaign for Township Supervisor.

Since he did not file petitions on Monday, I asked why.

Here is his reply:

Since the last time I saw you I’ve had four procedures on my neck and two on my back. I’m still in care.

I also have what my Dr. called “long Covid” symptoms which persist even after 10 months.

I still work full time 40 hours a week and look after my Father in a nursing home.

The thought of having to train 4 new Trustees, a new Clerk and work with a new Highway Commissioner to work as a Team is daunting but not one I would shy away from.

However the past 3.5 years have been the most frustrating time when there were clearly solutions available and absolutely needed, lack of visionary leadership and a cohesive Board led to programs which were not implemented cause me to give pause.

And while I plan to continue to press for these solutions to be adopted by the next Township Board it would not be in my best health interests to pursue the Supervisors office if I could not give 100% for all four years to all of the things I’m responsible for.


Dave Chapman Explains Why He Is Not Running for Algonquin Township Supervisor — 6 Comments

  1. good luck—he’s a good guy, smart, quick witted, helps the community and others, works hard and cares. my only beef is as a Village Trustee he tended to not rep for the people but his own wishes at times.

    Low income housing issue was one example.

    wasnt he the guy who cal or john once said was late for a township meeting because he forgot his diabetes meds?

    either way–again, good guy, and wish him the best towards good health and being pain free.

  2. ‘Train trustees’ too much for him?

    I wonder what the ‘trading’ would consist of!

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