McHenry County’s Valley Hi Nursing Home Coping with Coronavirus, One Death after Nine Months of None

From McHenry County Nursing Thomas Annarella on December 13th:

Unfortunately we cannot say that we do not have any resident cases any longer. 

Last week we had an employee test positive, not uncommon. 

We have a surveillance and contact tracing process we follow and we identified a resident with an asymptomatic positive. 

We immediately implemented our response process and initiated our COVID unit. 

We moved residents with potential contact into isolation and initiated housewide testing. 

We had two other residents test positive, but we expected these two because they are tablemates and spend a lot of time drinking siting together and talking over coffee. 

We had already moved these two residents to isolation when we established the COVID unit in anticipation of this.

We did another round of housewide testing on Friday with no additional cases being identified. 

In total, we did 2 rounds of employee testing and 2 rounds of resident testing last week and no additional cases were identified. 

We plan for more testing this coming week.

All 3 residents are doing well, minor symptoms, and they remain in isolation on the COVID unit for at least another week.

Wish I had better news to report.  

= = = = =

Valley Hi, located near the unincorporated town of Hartland.

His email to residents’ families on Christmas Eve:

Good afternoon Valley Hi family. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. 

Let me start out by thanking each and every one of you for your ongoing patience and support.  I know how difficult this is, especially during the holidays. 

Despite the challenges in the building right now, Chef Mike has a wonderful holiday meal planned for the staff and residents featuring Apple and Brie Stuffed Chicken Breast, Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry and Orange Relish, Triple Berry Muffins, and Blueberry Crumble.

A quick update for the week. 

We finished another round of staff and resident testing for the week (we completed 70 staff tests yesterday alone). 

Yesterday we identified 3 additional positive residents on the second floor. 

We also identified another positive staff member Tuesday morning. 

Today was a better day, we completed first floor testing with NO NEW POSITIVES.  We needed a piece of positive news.

Here are the current outbreak totals

  • 29 total residents with positive tests, all on second floor
  • 1 resident passed away 16 days post-diagnosis, 1 resident currently with significant symptoms
  • 7 total staff positives attributed to our outbreak (none hospitalized)

We will be doing two more rounds of staff and resident testing next week, following the same schedule that we did this week due to the holiday.  I will continue to send out updates with each round.

We still have not received the vaccination dates yet, but we believe we are on track for the first week or two of January.  You should have already received a DocuSign email with the vaccine consent to sign and return to us electronically.  We need that ahead of the vaccination date.  If you have not received that email, please contact the front desk so we can get your email address and send it.  If you provided your email address and have not received it, please check your junk mail.  As soon as we get more information on vaccination dates we will send out a text / email message.

Thank you for your ongoing support. 

I know this is a difficult holiday with COVID by itself, let alone the anxiety created by the outbreak at Valley Hi. 

Please be assured that the Valley Hi team will be making every effort to ensure this is holiday is special and at the standard of the Valley Hi way.  Please have a wonderful and safe holiday,  I will send out another update Monday unless something significant changes.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and thank you.

= = = = =

Florida and Texas are vaccinating those over 65 first.


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  1. Did I miss something?

    Where’s the info about the death?

    Is the headline wrong?

    Why do we need a taxpayer county nursing home for the parents of McHenry Co. Politicians?!!!

    Look at who’s there via the registered voting rooks!!!!!


    And many diagnosed Alzheimer’s cases vote with ‘help’.

    Needs investigating!

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