UPDATE : Was Nashville Explosion Inspired by James Patterson Novel?

From the Chicago Tribune:

The attack, which damaged an AT&T building, continued to wreak havoc Saturday on cellphone service and police and hospital communications in several Southern states.

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When the news hit yesterday about the massive explosion in Nashville’s entertainment district, the first thing that hit my mind was the novel I had finished the day before: “Unsolved.”

“Unsolved” cover.

The book is about a female FBI analyst trying to being a serial killer to justice.

This would be her second one.

A subplot concerns her real work task–tracking down a serial bomber.

The person was planting bombs at socially unpopular institutions. Think a payday loan store or other buildings housing unpopular enterprises.

The key element is that the bombings were social justice targets in which no one is killed.

Just a message delivered.

Nashville’s explosion seemed to fit that mold…at least until humsn remains were discovered.

But it could have been an attack on police communications systems, since the RV was parked in front of the A T & T building.

Reading about the co-author, David Ellis, I discovered he is an Illinois Appellate Court Justice (in Cook County).


UPDATE : Was Nashville Explosion Inspired by James Patterson Novel? — 11 Comments

  1. Is Cal a conspiracy theorist ?

    But all jokes aside, the FBI is investigating this matter.

    At one time this would have been reassuringly good news.

  2. David Ellis was also formerly Mike Madigan’s chief counsel and was the House Prosecutor in the Blago impeachment process.

  3. It also might have been done by someone who couldn’t believe that the Nashville downtown District was open and flaunting being open in the middle of a Pandemic while most of the other parts of the Country are closed down?

    Maybe a family member was lost to Covid and they wanted to close down Nashville one way or another and not really kill anybody, not even the police.

  4. RV parked in front of telephone building. Somebody ticked off at tel company?

    Bring in Isobel Castille and her Bureau crew of Jubal, Maggie and OA. They solve all crimes in their jurisdiction of NY.

  5. The FBI investigating?

    With human scum like Peter Strozyk, his mistress and Comey, do you really trust anything they say or do?

    How about another false flag operation?

  6. I’ve heard a lot of explanations, some more plausible than others.

    I’m not totally sure because we don’t have much information, but I am sure that whatever the newsman tells me is total bullshit.

  7. @Revere, if he wanted to kill cops, he would have parked in front of a D Donut and called in shots fired and pulled the switch when they congregated.

    He wouldn’t lure them to an area and announce they had 15 minutes to evacuate and then gave them an additional 15 minutes before detonating it.

    He clearly wanted to go out with a bang but not kill innocents, pun intended.

    Now we wait to see what the suicide note said, if he left one.

  8. Another false flag perpetrated by the Deep State to blame on straight white males.

  9. Now they’re saying the guy who did the blast got killed in his van.

    But what if he was killed an 20 mins before?

    Dead men tell no tales.

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