From the Desk of John Lopez: Analyzing the Jim Oberweis Loss in IL-14

Lauren Underwood
Jim Oberweis

As Congressmember Lauren Underwood sworn-in to 2nd term, time to assess what went wrong for Jim Oberweis’ challenge

As Cal Skinner reported yesterday on McHenry County Blog, there has been no update on the Discovery Recount of Republican Jim Oberweis in the IL-14 election, where Congressmember Lauren Underwood (D) defeated him by less than 5,400 votes.

Apart from a published report from the DuPage County Clerk’s office confirming the initial count of ballots of IL-14, plus 3 other races in DuPage County requesting Discovery Recounts last week, the Oberweis campaign has not issued an update.

Cal and I have both been looking for these updates from the Oberweis campaign, and there have been no updates posted on any of Oberweis’ campaign social media, or his campaign website.

Additionally, the IL-14 is not one of the two unresolved/disputed House races going into the opening of the 117th Congress (the two are NY-22 and IA-02).

Therefore, the official certification on December 4 declaring Underwood the winner of IL-14 leaves little doubt who won and was sworn-in today.

Before the local 2021 races get into full swing for February 23 and April 6, I will be doing analyses of why Oberweis lost, and it will be discerning and hold people accountable.

Like any campaign for elective public office, the success or failure of a campaign begins and ends with the candidate and their campaign. But many things did not go unnoticed by McHenry County Blog commenters or Cal and me.

Most notably, the half-hearted support of Oberweis’ General Election campaign by high profile elected officials, party leaders and former primary candidates. Things that will be remembered as soon as the 2022 Republican primary.

Returns from March 18, 2020 of March 17 primary

One set of people I’m not going to disrespect in my IL-14 analyses is the Republican primary electorate who nominated Oberweis last March. In spite of the less than 26% plurality, the Republican primary voters in their wisdom chose Oberweis and he won the nomination fair-and-square.

Yes, I’ve read in social media, in comments and in my email box how one of the two women in last year’s primary would have beaten Underwood. Comments like that are disrespectful to the electoral process and the Republican primary voters from last year.

As said earlier, the performance of the candidate starts/ends all analyses, and while I’ll be fair, I will not hold back applying the truth with discernment as I covered this race very closely for nearly two years.


From the Desk of John Lopez: Analyzing the Jim Oberweis Loss in IL-14 — 21 Comments

  1. What happened with Oberweis’ improper transfer of campaign funds?

  2. What went wrong was Oberweis himself.

    King of the RINOs, but his tusks and scrotum were removed long ago.

    I don’t believe Rezin could beat feet of clay & dogpoo Filthy Lauren.

    Lauf might have w/ the right message, as could have Marter with some financial angels.

  3. Who could get excited about a fat rich guy who tried to buy his way in on the cheap.

  4. C’mon leave our giant milk dud alone.

    He had a lotta fun goin’ to freshman congressidiots’ orientation in Washington.

    Now he can act the martyr.

    I forget, didn’t he have a property tax exemption bc he owned his millionaire’s pad in IL, while wifey own the much bigger FL playpen to get that exemption?

  5. Gary Puckett, no, Jim Oberweis cannot claim an IL homestead exemption on his Sugar Grove home. Because Oberweis’ wife is a legal Florida resident, and BOTH Mr. & Mrs. Oberweis co-own the Florida condo, his wife taking the Florida exemption means he takes it too.

    The Bonita Springs, FL condo is their 2nd resident they owned together, which they bought in 2018, after moving up from their first condo.

    All of Jim Oberweis’ Illinois property assets, including the Sugar Grove home, are owned through a living trust.

    Looks like Jim Oberweis has not filed as a legal Florida resident, yet, since doing so would require him to resign his state senate seat.

    He may file his papers with the Florida courts after his term ends on January 13.

    If Oberweis doesn’t file for Florida residency, that could signal a 2022 run against Underwood.

  6. Oberweiss represents what is wrong with old Republican guard.

    He thought despite his numerous failed attempts that this time it would be different, that it was his turn.

    Forget that he is milk toast on policy and never has had strong support.

    He did however do better than I thought, I did hold my nose and vote for him but only because Underwood is such a hack.

    He should have put his money behind the new generation and should now step out of political office seeking for good

  7. Mr Lopez, can if only Mrs O. owned the Florida estate, could the pair each take an exemption in the each state?

    I hadn’t much use for Oberweis, but voted for him because Sweetcakes Underwood was so very horrible.

    He represents everything wrong w the ILL GOP.

  8. “Yes, I’ve read in social media, in comments and in my email box how one of the two women in last year’s primary would have beaten Underwood. Comments like that are disrespectful to the electoral process and the Republican primary voters from last year.”

    I disagree.

    They are not necessarily being disrespectful (I’d have to see the specific comments to judge).

    Many voters just wish they had a better candidate.

    It’s kind of a coulda shoulda woulda thing.

    I agree with you that Oberweis won the primary fair and square — but that’s in the context of about 3/4 of the people voted for someone else.

    He won a small plurality, that’s all.

    In fact, if he had a runoff against Lauf or Rezin, it’s not certain he would have won.

    But whatever.

    It’s neither here nor there. People DID try telling Republicans that Oberweis was a dud.

    I found it to be a very weak field overall.

    Jerry Evans.

    Anthony Catella.

    Jim Marter…

    They’re not bad people but it was a weak field.


    If you want to understand more about Lauf and Oberweis’s political relationship, you must track down somebody named after a kitten.

    They can tell you more.

    If the information I have been told is true, it is quite damning.

    Quite damning indeed…

    But these are just accusations.

    But do I believe them?

    Yeah, I find them plausible…

    ok that’s enough cryptoposting for tonight.

    Track down the one who is named after a kitten and this person may tell you about LAUF and OBERWEIS.

    And if you and Cal do learn about that, I hope you would share that information with readers…

    It is VERY important and SCANDALOUS!

    I’m not sure if this person has proof, but I trust this person.

    This person has no motive to lie about what they said to me…

    It’s possible I was given bad information.

    That is why I am not saying what the rumor is.

    You’ll just have to find the kitten and find out for yourself.

    This information, if it is real, should NOT be kept secret.

    It must see the light.

    What does the cat know about Lauf and Oberweis?

    What do others know?

    Find the cat, and then you can go down the rabbit hole.

    You’ll thank me in a couple years.

  9. It’s a shame we didn’t elect Katarina Lauf.

    That being said, the political power of the “Establishement” is a joke.

    The “power brokers” in the Republican Party cannot even carry their own spouses let alone another vote outside their household.

    No voter cares whether Mayor so-and -so of County Board Joe/Kathy support Oberweis or not – that understanding is ancient politics.

  10. The outcome was as easily predictable as it was apparent – a milk dud indeed.

    Now go away Jim, and quit embarrassing yourself and Illinois.

  11. Florida does not allow one to have a Homestead Exemption in both Florida and another state.

  12. yep yep buckwheat and the sea hag back on cheatin top again..

    they can now share ice cream together again..

  13. Cal, agreed, and I think the law anywhere is an individual can only take a homestead exemption in one state.

    When answering Gary Puckett’s question, he suggested Mrs. Oberweis was the sole owner of the Bonita Springs condo.

    I did the research on the FL condo in 2019, and found it co-owned, and since Oberweis’ wife claimed the exemption, he had to as well, though he is not a legal resident of Florida.

  14. But what about spouses who each exclusively own a house in different states?

    Why can’t they each take an exemption.

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