From the Desk of John Lopez: Did Cobra Kai “Diplomacy” Play Out in Washington?

Pic from Darlene Swaffar of Florida via Twitter, a peaceful protestor describing these guys as “idiots”

I’m thankful for Jennifer Van Laar of RedState for recommending through Twitter the Cobra Kai stream series, which is a continuation of the Karate Kid movie from 1984.

I started my binge at the end of November with a free trial for YouTube’s premium membership.

Many of the characters, and the original actors, reprise their roles on the new series.

By mid December, I had finished my binge watch of the first 2 seasons, a total of 20 episodes, roughly a half hour each.

As TV viewers remember last year, Intuit, seeing the viewership of Cobra Kai used actor Martin Kove in several commercials about “Koala Kai”. Kove, on Cobra Kai, reprised his role as Sensei John Kreese, the original Cobra Kai dojo teacher from the 1980s.

Kreese, even at age 75, still has the martial arts move and strength to fight off men decades younger than him (must be using that product Frank Thomas peddles on TV for older men), going into a showdown set up by Ralph Macchio’s Daniel LaRusso character, with the help of his wife Amanda.

Kreese starts the confrontation to the LaRusso plan by stating “I just cleaned the blood off the mat…oh well.” as he faces a corrupt landlord in Armand who’s backed up by two beefy younger men to help Sensei Kreese move out of the building to enforce the eviction papers.

Here’s the aftermath scene, with the LaRussos overlooking one of their 4 car dealership showrooms, thinking they had won, with Mrs. LaRusso just boasted how she took care of the Cobra Kai problem and John Kreese in 1 day:

Please note, the Season 3 episodes were dropped at 2AM CST on New Years Day so it was not made after the Capitol Riots.

The parallels to where we are in this country, or within the Republican Party both state and national, may have played out.

Maybe the writers of Cobra Kai back in 2018, intended it, with the students being the younger Millennials and Generation Z players with Kreese type figures motivating them (and I’m not only talking about President Trump, but others from both political parties, including Democrats Michael Madigan, Joe Biden, Republican Mark Shaw and independent Patriot L. Lin Wood).

People are talking openly about the 25th Amendment as a means to remove President Trump prior to Noon EST a week from Wednesday. Most of the people openly talking this said what they said prior to last night’s concession speech by President Trump (and yes, it was a concession speech).

Could the reason for the bulk of President-elect Joe Biden’s Cabinet picks being retreads from the Obama Administration to insure the 25th Amendment will only be used against him in the most extreme circumstances? Remember, Biden is 78 and is only expected to serve at most 1 term.

Some of many things to think about, including the changes in Washington and in Illinois coming this year.

Richard Goldberg
Mark Shaw

As Illinois Republicans ponder the choices for their next state chairman, and Co-Chairman Mark Shaw, by one vote, failed to be named chairman last month, by the State Central Committee, Richard Goldberg quickly emerged as a possible replacement.

With Goldberg, a Capitol Hill veteran of Mark Kirk during his service in both the House and the Senate, and worked for Bruce Rauner when he was governor and in the Trump Administration, we see two Lake County Republicans squaring off. Maybe someone else will emerge, but no names, yet.

Again, the Cobra Kai characters and messages appeared like a crane kick.


From the Desk of John Lopez: Did Cobra Kai “Diplomacy” Play Out in Washington? — 4 Comments

  1. I’m totally behind Trump.

    The Republican Establishment is a group of feckless, weak, failed losers.

    They remind me of the French politicians in the early 20th century.

    Adam Kinzinger is their wuss-idol.

    A 1 mph wind in the wrong direction and they run like dried up leaves in October.

    What disgusting leaches.

  2. Has any politician figured out how to remvove you from Mchenry Cointy?

  3. Bob, that’s a typical timely response.

    If you disagree with someone politically these days, remove – destroy – cancel – cheat – violate constitutional rights – do whatever you can to defeat your political adversary.

    We need to get used to people like Bob.

    Well said, Bob.

    You made the point better than Nany Pelosi could.

  4. CLM is right. Kinzinger is dog sh!t.

    The reason why the Dems and MSM are drawing attn to the 25th Amendment, is bc they are conditioning the American idiots for the invocation of that amendment to defenestrate the drooling moron and Chinese minion called Joe Biden.

    How long will Hunter’s daddy and ‘Dr.’ Jill be allowed to roost in the White House?

    2 months?


    Then the special news reports.

    ‘A medical team of experts, including the Surgeon General, has determined that the President is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and the cabinet is now meeting to begin the transition to elevate Vice President Harris.”

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