Ugaste Outlines Reasons for Opposing Black Caucus’ 4 AM 764-Page Criminal Reform Bill

From State Rep. Dan Ugaste:

Ugaste Condemns Unconscionable Process Behind Black Caucus Bill

SPRINGFIELD–On the heels of the Illinois Black Caucus’ police reform legislation passing at the eleventh hour of the 101st General Assembly, State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) released the following statement:

Dan Ugaste

“This police reform bill is the most hurtful to those who serve and protect us, and while I know that is not the intention behind it, words matter.

“The reality is that this 764 page bill—that the Republican caucus received in final form at 4:30 am—will only pose a greater threat to public safety.

“Despite my issues with the content included in this bill, I found the process behind it the most disturbing.

“With minimal collaboration and zero efforts put forth for bipartisanship, a rushed bill was pushed through in the literal last minutes of our General Assembly.

“The process matters.

“In the case of the Black Caucus, while their policy deserves consideration, they completed disrespected the legislative process.

“For my constituents back home who were maybe watching this debate live, it was hard to see what was actually happening on the house floor.

“The reality was this:

  • our caucus was unable to pose questions to the bill’s sponsor,
  • debate was cut off, and
  • a vote was taken when it was convenient for the majority party to receive the needed votes for the bill to pass.

“Up until 4 am last night, I heard from record numbers of constituents, interest groups, and law enforcement members who emphasized their opposition to this measure.

“Their concerns varied but they were all were unified in their request that I oppose this bill.

“This was the easiest ‘no’ vote for me; I refuse to have the questions and concerns of my constituents be ignored.”


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