IL-6: Casten on Trump Impeachment

From Congressman Sean Casten:

“For over two months, Donald Trump has used the powers of the presidency to wage a viral disinformation campaign to denigrate American democracy and overturn the results of an election he undisputedly lost. After 61 defeats in court, the President incited, abetted, and refused to call off a violent insurrection in the U.S. Capitol. As a result, six Americans are dead, dozens are wounded, and millions continue to be traumatized by images of domestic terrorists storming through the halls of Congress carrying Confederate flags, brutally attacking Capitol Police, and hunting for lawmakers to take hostage or worse. Every day, we find out more about this horrific attack, the additional lives that would have been in peril if not for the heroism of officers like Eugene Goodman, and the failure of this administration to expeditiously dispatch Federal law enforcement to respond to armed domestic terrorists mere months after Federal law enforcement’s violent use of force against peaceful protesters.

“When I took the oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, I never thought I would live to see our President foment an insurrectionist coup on our nation’s Capitol, let alone intentionally delay sending the National Guard to protect thousands against a mob that planted pipe bombs, brandished weapons, and sought to hang the Vice President. One week later, the President has expressed no regret or accountability. The President is unstable, unhinged, and dangerous. Every minute that President Trump is in office represents an imminent threat to the constitution, our democracy, and the American people. We are a nation of laws, and the President must be held to account for his crimes, immediately removed from office, and banned from holding federal office again.

“Many will argue that letting the clock run out on this administration will do more to heal our country than impeachment. This could not be further from the truth. If we ignore this attack and what caused it in the name of unity, the violence will only get worse. If we allow the President of the United States to incite this attack without consequence, we threaten the future of our democracy and the peaceful transfer of power on which it depends.

“When Benjamin Franklin was asked in 1787 what kind of government we would have, he answered, ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’ Two and a half centuries later, the future of our democratic republic hangs in the balance. If we do what is difficult but necessary, the nation will survive this crisis and emerge stronger. The question is, are we still a democracy? Let us answer in the affirmative. Today and always.”


IL-6: Casten on Trump Impeachment — 27 Comments

  1. Truth.

    Uphold the law and remove trump.

    He has ruined his brand forever, at least in this country.

  2. Hold on. I gotta stop laughing long enough to go buy a new shovel to shovel this crud.

    My other shovel is worn out from the past 4 years of the stuff that spews from their mouths

  3. If anyone needed definitive proof of how deeply and profoundly deranged Casten, and by extension
    all democrats are, here it is.

  4. As distasteful and insane as Casten appears this is the disconnected politician on display.

    There is nothing this idiotic goofball wrote which he does not wholeheartedly believe.

    This disconnect from reality which ignorantly runs rampant in our society is the danger.

    Casten praises mobs who burn businesses, attack people going about their private business in the street and murders innocents(clearly all anti societal behavior targeting everyday people) while running down people who marched on the very den of iniquity causing the problems(populated with selfish corrupt actors who continuously attack the very foundations of our Republic).

    I’m sorry for both violent acts.

    Attacking neighbors should never happen nor be supported.

    Attacking politicians should never need to happen nor never need support.

    Unfortunately, Sean my boyo, when you stand with murderers and anti societal/cultural forces against The People’s interests and very lives your hyperbolic outrage over the frustration of The People with your ilk falls on deaf ears.

    You, and all politicians, have continuously failed to protect The People and Republic from the corruption of your peers and sycophants endangering the integrity of the United States.

    Rather than clutching your pearls over a historic accountability session each politician richly deserves maybe try addressing the reasons why this happened.

    Wait, rather than boldly stepping up to serve The People you decide, along with your idiot cohort, to support and further the ideas Trump supporters hold of the Deep State being so unhinged they’ll actually attack Trump after he lost the election and has days left in public office.

    That’s impressive.

    You, Sean, have managed to prove in one move that in spite of the public persona you portray you actually agree with and support the likes of McConnell.


    Because none of you care one whit about The People or The Republic.

    Every last one of you vermin only care about punishing Trump for having the insane(your word) belief The People, The Republic and our American Culture actually matters and should be free of your self enriching corruption.

    Maybe surrounding Capitol buildings with National Guard nationwide makes your kind feel safer but it’s not the building in danger from an outraged public.

    It’s the Politicians behavioral aberrations corrupting honorable Service which will be trained out of each and every one of them unless they get very contrite very fast and do the hard work(what many believe to be impossible work) of restoring Public Faith in our institutions.

    Attacking a defeated man with your rabid hate because he dared touch your gravy train is petty, unhelpful and will only tear down further any vestige of faith The People may have left.

    Are there any educated honorable servants left?

    Does anyone have any faith left in these goobers?

    We’re losing any hope we had of Reform and Salvation of our Republic with goofs like this supporting corruption like McConnells.

    There’s not even a balanced corruption anymore….

  5. Isn’t it obvious yet that all of our representatives are failures?

    Many hate the country, hate the people, and hate the president.

    Casten is a liar and is just like the rest.

    Also a dork.

  6. Who the hell is this Casten guy and why is he repeating a quote from 1787?

    When you have to go that far back you might as well stop writing, we have heard that quote many times before by wiser politicians.

    Trump, despite his warts, has been the greatest President since Reagan and has always backed the Military and the Cops.

    He dodged the draft but he made up for it in the last 4 years by keeping us out of new wars started by Bush.

    He kept more promises in his term than the last 4 Presidents did collectively.

    Although he may never run again for President, he will be around for revenge and he will be backing someone to Primary Adam Kinzinger and other WHITE RhINOS, Adam being the Republican’s version of AOC, probably with the same size panties.

  7. ““When Benjamin Franklin was asked in 1787 what kind of government we would have, he answered, ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’

    “Two and a half centuries later, the future of our democratic republic hangs in the balance. If we do what is difficult but necessary, the nation will survive this crisis and emerge stronger. The question is, are we still a democracy?”

    Personally, I love the way he starts with a quote from Franklin stating that our country is a REPUBLIC and twists it at the end by asking “are we STILL a DEMOCRACY?”

    Propaganda and backwards thinking at it’s finest or does one of our representatives not understand the difference between the two?

    Also Democrats: “I’ll quote one of the founding fathers so I sound special.”
    Also Democrats: “MUH DEMOCRACY!”
    Also Democrats: “Ben Franklin said we have a Republic so let’s keep it! Wait? I said Democracy!”

  9. Can’t imagine anyone of sound mind who voted for this guy rather than Jeanne Ives.

  10. Casten Shut your Pie hole…

    you our way over your head and have no clue like the rest of them delusionals…

    lets take your first amendment right away right now…

    your banned…

    oh and when you have to have the Military put in power cause your scared of how you cheated the Americans, that is what they call 3rd world country garbage just think what they are saying about us NOW!


    thanks for dividing the nation and going right along with this cheat none of you got balls enough to step up all you can do is baaaaabaaaa baaaa

  11. bred winner, I think you are mixing up the congressman from the 16th district, Adam Kinzinger, and Dr. Gordon “Jay” Kinzler, who ran for congress in the 6th district but lost the primary to Jeanne Ives.

  12. Looks like Correcting is in need of correcting –


    “Democratic incumbent Sean Casten declares victory over Jeanne Ives

    Illinois’ 6th District — which Casten won two years ago by defeating Republican Peter Roskam — covers much of the near west and northwest suburbs in parts of Cook, Kane, McHenry, DuPage and Lake counties.
    By Sam Charles and Mitch Dudek Updated Nov 4, 2020, 8:28am CST”

  13. The following is an excerpt from an observer at the Capitol grounds on Jan 6th. It is per:

    “I Saw Provocateurs At The Capitol Riot On Jan. 6
    The deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol bore the markings of an organized operation planned well in advance of the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress.
    J. Michael Waller
    By J. Michael Waller
    January 14, 2021

    The deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol bore the markings of an organized operation planned well in advance of the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress.

    A small number of cadre appeared to use the cover of a huge rally to stage its attack. Before it began, I saw from my vantage point on the West Front of the Capitol what appeared to be four separate cells or units:”


    Democrats led by the unhinged and dishonest Pelosi ran a kangaroo court in the U.S. House the other day to impeach Trump.

  14. Good for Casten!

    As people now Call Republicans -GOP COP KILLERS -the divide amongst republicans grows even wider and deeper.

    On top of that the Dominion Lawyers continue to rack up impressive wins with their defamation suits. i.e. Conservative Website Admits Its Stories About Dominion Were ‘Completely False’ in Massive Retraction.

    this is before the Parler Data hits the open web.

    It will be searchable and geo-targeted so big tech will be able to out those Far-right extremists! Looks like Turning Pointe USA and some of their funders ( including Locals ) are implicated in much larger investigative sweeps.

  15. Maybe Stormy D’s comment mixed me up.

    It sounds like bred winner was talking about the general election.

    I was talking about the primary.

    No, bred winner, anybody with a functioning brain isn’t surprised Ives lost to Casten.

    You were warned this would happen.

    Same with Oberweis.

  16. “As people now Call Republicans -GOP COP KILLERS -the divide amongst republicans grows even wider and deeper.”

    Not that I think anyone is actually saying this, but if this were actually true then wouldn’t that hurt the democrats??

    It would seriously eat into the Democrat’s base if the GOP became known as the antipolice party.

    Naturally all the BLM defund the police crowd would all vote for the party who supports killing police and that would be a disaster for the democrats.

    Seriously anyone who thinks Republicans cop killers is a moron, just as anyone who thinks all democrats support defunding police is.

    The GOP is fracturing however and it’s being cause by the likes of McConnell and crew.

    They want to get rid of Trump but somehow keep his supporters.

    That’s not going to happen.

    The democrats are splitting too by the way.

    I’m sure we have not heard the last about the 25th ammendment as it will be used to install Kamala at some point.

    If you think the far left likes Biden you are also wrong.

    They like that he is weak and see him as easy to push around.

    Talk to the crazier people on the left and they will tell they supported him because they think (correctly), that he will be easier to overthrow than Trump.

    Biden is going to be a gutless weak president in the mold of Buchanan.

    He will be unable to unite the country and his weakness will lead to further escalation.

    He has two years to try and get things done and will probably fail.

    The GOP is likely to retake the house in 2022 and at that point nothing he wants will get through.

  17. Casten is a cultural Marxist, and a crook. Look what happened with his fake solar energy companies.

    Yet this rat urinates on us daily.

  18. The GOP is fracturing along a fault line created when it enticed the Dixiecrats to join its ranks (thereby increasing the GOP’s shrinking demographic footprint) by opposing civil rights legislation.

    The allure of such strange bedfellows initially stemmed from Truman’s introduction of a pro-civil rights platform at the Democratic Party’s 1948 convention, leading the Dixiecrats to walk out, and culminated with LBJ’s support of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. LBJ bemoaned, at the time, “I think we just delivered the South to the Republican party for a long time to come.”

    But this was never a love match.

    It was always a marriage of political convenience with the old-line, northern Republicans holding sway until 2016 when the fed-up Dixiecrats rebelled (nothing new to them) and nominated a candidate who truly championed their causes and grievances.

    It’s gonna be difficult to put Humpty Dumpty together again.

  19. To all the homegrown “patriots”.

    When your insurrection party killed a Cop and attacked our Capitol.

    You went from admiring President Trump to following an extremist who was worse than Osama Bin Laden.

    The real Patriots – 93 of them paid the ultimate price by sacrificing themselves to PROTECT the Capitol when they took down their plane in Shanksville Pa.

    Osama bin Trump succeeded where Bin Laden failed.

    Shame on you for continuing the rhetoric of hate and terror.

    Take down your Trump flags and help rebuild America.

  20. Wow, do you think Bwah!

    could be more obvious that he is being paid to spread propaganda.

    Comparing Trump to Bin Laden, really, you have to be joking.

    Talking about one cop who died when the democrats defended violent riots and attacking police all summer?

    Don’t you think that’s a little hypocritical?

    Seriously, try harder, please.

    It’s soooooo obvious that you are a shill.

  21. Bwah!

    Is a liar.

    Only cop killed was a suicide.

    What about the lady vet murdered in cold blood!

  22. Aw..

    All the Orange Snow is melting around Neil and Bradigan.

    So sad to see trumpers melt in their own hate.

    what wussie little middle aged white men and their flags.

    So sad that you would lie about a Cop being killed.

  23. Bwah!, I don’t hate you, I was just trying to help you be better at your job.

    You aren’t going to get anywhere like that.

    Seriously, the way you talk and capitalize it’s pretty obvious that you are not even in the US.

    Prove me wrong.

    Tell me something that only someone who knows McHenry county would know.

  24. Bwah Here.

    I think it’s so funny that you actually think I care about if you live in the grey house with the Trump banner by the Dole or Near Cal’s house a couple of blocks down.

    Here’s what you should care about:The USA.

    oh and for my prior comparison:

    Former Chief White House Photographer Pete Souza weighs in on…

    Missouri woman seen with Pelosi sign charged in connection with Capitol riots

    Newsweek logoTrump-Supporting Bin Laden Niece Claims President’s Daring Followers to ‘Finish the Coup’

    Noor bin Laden, a niece of terrorist Osama bin Laden and avid supporter of President Donald Trump, has posted to Telegram a claim that the president is “daring” his fans to “finish the coup.”

  25. OK so you are in mchenry I guess but you still are a shill with poor grammar and capitalization.

    You also are not very intelligent if you think that the opinions of the niece of one of the worst terrorists in the world matter or in any way reflects the views of Trump supporters.

    You come on here and don’t make any points using facts or logic.

    You simply come on to call people names and act like you actually know something.

    You are hypocritical as can be. Why didn’t you speak out against the violence this summer, where were you then?

    Why was it not domestic terrorism when the white house was stormed this summer?

    What about CHAZ?

    The attempt to burn down a federal court house?

    I treat everyone equally.

    The people on January 6th were wrong, just as all the people involved in those other incidents.

    We have had political violence all year long mostly from one side and now from the other.

    There are crazy people who have all sorts of political views.

    The real difference is that Trump supporters will call it out on both sides.

    Every major conservative has denounced the events of January 6th. Politicians on the left don’t call out members of their side who commit violence, they support it by setting up bail funds like Kamala and the media runs stories about the peaceful protest, with a building on fire in the background.

    So don’t give me your bs about the insurrection party.

    That is the most simplistic and thoughtless argument you can possibly make.

    No thought in it at all, just repeating what you are told.

    I said all summer long that most democrats don’t support the crazy violence going on, why would you assume most Trump supporters are just people filled with hate who are violent?

    I’m sorry but it seems like you are the one filled with blind hate.

    You don’t actually make any sort of point.

    All you say is look what this small group of people did, all 75 million Trump voters must be evil.

    Anything that you can find to justify the hate the social media says you must have for those who disagree with you I guess.

    It’s really sad, because most people have way more in common than not, but it’s impossible to work anything out when one side starts off with such a deep unjustified hated of the other.

    My point earlier is that if you really believe in your political point of view, than actually defend it instead of just coming here, lumping all Trump supporters together and just calling them names.

    That is not what will help fix our country.

    That will only lead to further division.

  26. Re Bin Laden

    The doofus being sworn in this coming Wednesday advised Barak Hussein Obama to NOT do the raid that did find and kill Bin Laden. Good thing that Barak ignored his dumb VP.

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