11.1% of Algonquin Township Residents Live Outside of Municipalities

In the township where there may be a referendum for merger with McHenry County government, only 11.1% of the people live in unincorporated areas.

Algonquin Township map as of 2013.

That’s 9,671 people out of a total of 87,434 using County GIS Department calculations and the 2018 U.S. Census estimate.


11.1% of Algonquin Township Residents Live Outside of Municipalities — 14 Comments

  1. I’m one of the 9671 people don’t pay hire property taxes because they live in unincorporated areas.

    77,763 people that live in incorporated areas of the township pay hire property taxes for extra police protection and not much else.

    McHenry County Sheriff dept serves all residents of the county, not just unincorporated areas.

    Depending on where you live in the unincorporated areas determines what other taxes you pay, like I pay into the Cary Park dist and Library dist.

    Municipalities have extra sales taxes revenue that unincorporated don’t directly receive, yet we pay into.

    Municipalities receive Motor Fuel tax based on population, township roads by the mile, a skewed formula which means municipalities receive slightly better MFT funding per mile of road.

    This is just more BS to try and justify dissolving the township government, and make county gov bigger and less efficient form of government.

    Where is the cost effective plan written down so voters have all the info to make a accurate vote next spring?

    Come on Cal, WHERE’S THE BEEF?

  2. Anybody have the number of centerline miles of roads Algonquin Twp maintains?

  3. Alg twh road district through the County private road improvement dealy, has actually grown in the number of center line miles.

    Andrew Gasser has annexed some additional roads, he should know the exact miles.

    A guess would be over 70 center line miles now.

    Once all the private roads are improved by the county program, AT rd dist will have just under 100 center line miles.

  4. Doesn’t seem logical that only 11% of residents live in unincorporated areas yet they maintain that many cl miles of roads.

  5. Cary has just under 70 miles population 18k about.

    High density sucks, hardly any acreage properties in Municipalities.

    Put the exact same house in Cary on a small 10000sf lot out here on a acre, they’d pay more on property taxes by having a higher value.

  6. We have ~69 centerline miles of roads of which ~5 are Non-Dedicated Roads (NDR) or private.

    This includes the roads that were improved with county funds.

    It is important to note that you cannot just multiply 69×2 for lane miles.

    We have roads inside the township that are not two lanes.

    This is why it is an approximation.

    I am not sure where the nob is getting the “just under 100 centerline miles” from.

    Joe Blow – we have several main roads (Crystal Lake Ave, Rawson’s Bridge, South Rawson’s Bridge, East Main in Cary, as well as some others that are a lot of the big roads.

    You can throw in parts of Three Oaks, Newbold, and a few others.

    The rest is comprised of residential areas.

  7. Nob, watch how quickly that electoral board of township flunkies (one Alzheimer’s patient, one stroke victim, and one outright crook) all under the control of a double dealing fool (Kelly) will be overturned.

  8. Form a plan that saves tax $$$$, put it in writing for all to see, then have the vote.

    Lip service claims are BS.

  9. I live in one of the unincorporated areas of Algonquin Township, although I have a Crystal Lake mailing address.

    I was very rudely treated by the Township Clerk, Mrs. Lukasik in 2018 after I criticized Bob Miller and his extended family’s hyenalike predations.

    She said Gasser was 10 times worse.

  10. When I asked her to give me a single example of how Gasser was “ worse”, she told me to leave the township premises bc she felt ‘threatened’.

    I was there to address assessment mistakes which were not cleared up after most of the errors were corrected (they originally had me down for five bedrooms, 800 sq. Feet I didn’t have and two garages, instead of one I did have.

    These were corrected but still had me down for over 600 sq. Feet of living space I didn’t have.

    I told her to call the police.

    I then saw the chief deputy assessor (Assessor was never there in any of my 4 township visits to straighten out my false assessments.)

    On my way out I ran into Queen Lakasik in the parking lot.

    -Asked her where the cops were.

    She called me a “Gasser idiot”.

    I have never met Gasser or been in the Rd Dist Offices.

    I will definitely be voting to abolish this useless layer of misgovernment, staffed with crooks.

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