Getting Rid of School Resource Officers

Anne Stava-Murray

New bills are being introduced in Springfield.

One would pretty much get rid of school-based police officers.

Sponsored by Anne Stava-Murray of Downers Grove, House Bill 29 would do the following:

Provides that law enforcement officers shall not maintain a presence on school grounds unless there exists an imminent threat of danger to students at the school in question or there is reason to believe that urgent and immediate action is necessary to prevent such danger to students.


Getting Rid of School Resource Officers — 10 Comments

  1. Yet more Leftist police hating crap that is designed to compromise student
    and staff safety.

    These people are truly INSANE.

    I notice that Cal conveniently omitted the political affiliation of this goofy Bi*%h – why ?

  2. Nuts. Insane. The lady is a Democrat. Democrats should never be trusted on anything. Look at the doofus to be taking over the most powerful position on earth, Solar System, maybe event the Milky Way Galaxy. A Democrat guy that spews incomprehensible drivel from his mouth including a desire to “beat the hell” out of Trump. A moron who says that parents should turn on the record players at night for their children.

    If there is a great downfall of our great nation in the future, there is ample evidence that the stupidity and incompetence of Democrats was the root cause.

  3. Been to a High School lately?

    At least when in session–drugs, gang bangers, crazed kids willing to take on teachers and administrators, parking lot races, fights—not all assistant principals, especially the female ones are prepared to “break it up”.

    SRO’s are and armed with radios to call for instant backup.

    This proposal is reckless.

    Another Defund the Po-Po kind of move thinking things will get safer.

  4. How about we just get rid of public schools already?

    Haven’t we all seen how useless they really are after the past year?

  5. I support this.

    Let the inner city baboons run wild.

    Libtard teachers will be their targets.

    Chicago Teachers Union is OK with endangering their own leftist members.

    So am I.

  6. Democrats are back in charge and they need their school shootings to go up so they can push their gun control agenda.

  7. Until all Hades is breaking out then get them back in there.

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