New State Reps. Suzanne Ness & Martin McLaughlan Sworn In

Two new State Representatives represnting McHenry County were sworn into office today.

From Democrat Suzanne Ness comes this press release:

Ness Sworn In, Reaffirms Pledge to Lift Up Small Businesses and Families, Restore Public Trust with Ethics Reform

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Following the Inauguration of the 102nd General Assembly, state Rep. Suzanne Ness, D-Crystal Lake, highlighted her plans to boost the economy, address skyrocketing property taxes and work for good government reforms.

“As a small business owner, I understand firsthand the impact the COVID-19 health crisis has/had on the economy. Businesses across our state are in dire need of assistance. To hear the needs of business owners and community leaders directly, I plan to host regular economic development roundtables with a focus on connecting business owners to resources they need, including grants and low interest loans to help pay bills. There will be difficult choices to be made to get our State back on the right track, and it is critical that the state invest in our business owners, especially during these difficult times.

“I prioritize speaking with residents directly about the issues that concern them by knocking on doors in local neighborhoods, and working with my colleagues in the General Assembly to build on what’s already been done, and further improve relationships so we can move forward in a
collaborative way. Putting Illinois on a path to success will require diverse ideas and solutions.

“It requires us to work together with common goals and shared values. I will work to foster that shared spirit.

“I know that leaders must work in good faith to build a government that Illinoisans can put their faith in. Nobody should be able to get rich by being an elected official. Actions speak louder than words, so I rejected the gold-plated perks offered to politicians by turning down a taxpayer funded pension. Our state is in serious need of ethics reform, and one of my top priorities is to restore public trust in government by working toward commonsense good government reforms.

“With our unfortunate milestone of reaching one million COVID-19 cases, it is important that our state be a leader in providing relief to residents. Our small businesses need help, and residents need strong leadership in navigating our new normal. I will work with state leaders to enact an aggressive and efficient vaccine distribution plan because I believe we have the capability to make this a reality.

“This year will be filled with hard work, and I am ready to address the challenges that lie ahead to get our state on more secure financial footing, freeze property taxes for homeowners and pass commonsense ethics reform.”

From Republican Marten McLaughlin:

Rep. McLaughlin Sworn In As 52nd District State Representative

Martin McLaughlin

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Martin McLaughlin (R-Barrington Hills) enters his first term today as State Representative for the 52nd House District commencing the 102nd Illinois General Assembly. Rep. McLaughlin released the following statement:

“I am extremely honored and humbled to be sworn in today as your State Representative.

“Thank you for the opportunity to serve our great community in Springfield.

“Today marks a new era with long time Speaker, Mike Madigan, out of the picture.

“I decided to run for this position because Illinois is broken and a complete fiscal disaster.

“I have dedicated my career to solving pension and fiscal problems, and I hope to represent all of you in the 52nd District with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

“We have so much work to do in the 102nd General Assembly and I truly hope my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are actually ready for positive change in Springfield.

“Americans have suffered immensely this past year, business owners need relief, and Illinoisans need government responsibility now more than ever.

“I am ready to get to work!

“Thank you for the opportunity to be the fiscal watchdog we need.”


New State Reps. Suzanne Ness & Martin McLaughlan Sworn In — 8 Comments

  1. Ness’s Ideas of “families” is a false premise.

    She is a great hypocrite.

  2. Good Luck Martin.

    You have the knowledge, just know you wont have much support down there.

    They love status quo, tax and spend approach–we need expense and pension do-overs.

  3. Martin states:

    “I have dedicated my career to solving pension and fiscal problems”

    Get rid of all COLAs. Put everyone on 401K type plans. Declare some type of financial/fiscal emergency for Illinois to temporarily put a cap of $100K per year on every single retired government worker collecting a pension until the date that Illinois is fiscally sound.

  4. Re: Ness’ comments-

    “I will work with state leaders to enact an aggressive and efficient vaccine distribution plan…”

    -Why don’t we have this ALREADY!

    And if the current “state leaders” have failed to develop a vaccine distribution plan by this point, should we not get different leaders?

    Additionally, I am very skeptical of her ability to “freeze property taxes for homeowners”.

    Not only are powerful political forces against the concept of constraining the flow of cash to school districts, municipalities, etc., but the taxpayers wouldn’t see any tangible effect for 18 months as the levies are all set throughout state for their collection during this spring-summer collection period.

  5. Congrats Marty!

    You’re a gentleman, statesman and the king of commonsense

  6. This guy WILL turnout to be another PoS.

    His homage to BLM is sickening.

    He doesn’t represent us.

  7. @Firing Squad Commander–

    What are you talking about??

    McLaughlin BLM homage?

    No way.

    Who makes up this crap?

    Get your facts straight.

    And Cal — how did you manage to misspell Martin McLaughlin two different ways in the same post?


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