Boarding Up Windows/Doors at State Capitol

Apparently heeding the FBI warning, carpenters are nailing plywood over windows and doors at the Illinois State Capitol.


Boarding Up Windows/Doors at State Capitol — 22 Comments

  1. Beware Jumbo Boy, for the natives are restless !

    Looks like Madigan escaped in the nick of time, what a shame.

  2. What does it say about the government when they are this afraid of the people who they supposedly represent?

  3. What does it say about people who lose an election and the Government has to board up windows because the snowflakes cannot handle losing?

  4. This says a lot:

    Sounds like a dictatorship.

    A 78 yr old man campaigned from his basement

    Picks one of the most unpopular VP’s

    Receives the most votes of any candidate in history at 4am

    Confirmed in the middle of the night

    An empty inauguration

    20,000 troops to protect him

    & nobody can question any part of it


  5. Dave,

    If you’ve noticed, the ongoing riots are not from the people that you are speaking of.

    But, by all means.

    It’s impossible to have a rational discussion w/ you about it anyway.

  6. ** It’s impossible to have a rational discussion w/ you about it anyway.**

    Says the guy who lists a random set of facts and then makes an unrelated claim of a dictatorship.

    Cool cool.

  7. Maybe the Capitol should be moved back to a pig sty in Vandalia.

  8. Rod Blagojevich and Democratic leader Kristina Zahorik make the cutest darn couple!

    Political commenter and convicted felon.



  9. Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

    Nancy Pelosi is inviting all Democratic Proteges to her hair salon.

    Knock, Knock when AlabamaShake and Nancy are done!

    They will be serving up a plate of political corruption and mouthy phrases to incite the public.

    Mainly the Republicans.

    Those hair potions are amazing.

    Infused with CBD and THC for the ultimate reactions.

    They will be preparing to make Cannabis legal at the Federal Level.

    One has to wonder if their attempts to legalize cannabis is legit.

    Could it be that pay offs and bribes will required to legalize marijuana?

    Just asking.


  10. Hey, anyone have a United States Senate seat for sale?

    The Democrats have been snooping around.

  11. AlabamaShake is a Political Consultant for the Democrats doing damage control on this blog.

    In my opinion, he should find another job because he’s a complete failure!

  12. AlabamaShake, Wake up!

    Nancy Pelosi is now beckoning all failures from the Democratic party.

    That room is packed!

    Imagine all the people.

  13. What I find odd is that Biden cancels the rehearsal because of “security concerns”.

    What is he worried about?

    There are what 30,000 troops in DC?

    If the incoming president doesn’t feel secure with that many boots on the ground that is definitely strange.

    It’s either the dems playing it up for show or something is up.

  14. AlabamaShake supports “Black Lice Matter”

    In other words, he supports the destruction of our Country.

    ALABAMASHAKE, IS A TRADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. In the 1970’s, most whites viewed Negroes as some kind of funny novelty since segregation had protected many whites from a prudent understanding of them.

    They aren’t such a funny novelty now.

  16. Yes, many of them have allowed their voices to be heard, by the use of violence and destruction.

    Adults throwing temper tantrums to get their way.

    Betrayal of their Country and their neighbors,


  17. Oh, racist DALA.

    I love how much I live in your head.

    Keep it up!

  18. More like the Republicans live in your brain AlabamaShake.

    News flash!

    You have no influence on this blog.

    Alabama Shake, is a traitor who supports Black Lice Matter.

    Nancy Pelosi is calling you, now get going!

  19. Matin Luther King said:

    ‘We adopt the means of nonviolence because our end is a community at peace with itself’

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