Catalina Lauf’s Defense of Freedom PAC Wrapped 2020 with $35,000 Cash on Hand

Catalina Lauf

Charitable giving and support for Georgia’s U.S. Senate Republicans in runoff elections leave DOFPAC poised for growth in 2021 after raising over $105,000 since late September

As reported last month on McHenry County Blog, the Defense of Freedom PAC (DOFPAC) continues its success as a start-up since its public launch in late September.

Former IL-14 congressional candidate Catalina Lauf is the executive director of the DOFPAC

According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) year-end filing this month, DOFPAC (FEC Pre-Runoff report numbers listed separately):

Reporting PeriodReceiptsDisbursementsCash on Hand
Q2 2020 (Started 6/24/20)       5,000.00                          –         5,000.00
Q3 2020          759.50             3,226.10         2,533.40
Pre-Election 10/1 thru 10/14       3,300.00             1,037.00         4,796.40
Post-Election 10/15 thru 11/23    86,758.24           55,721.57……35,833.07
Pre-Runoff 11/24 thru 12/16           950.00                418.70      36,364.37
Year-End 12/17 – 12/31/20      13,694.15           15,278.83      34,779.69
TOTAL 6/24-12/31/20    110,461.89          75,682.20 
Source: FEC Reports

Lauf issued a statement highlighting the 3 charities her DOFPAC gave year-end donations of $1,000 each:

“We supported three different veteran organizations!

“Two in the [IL-14] district (one on each end of the district) and one (HunterSeven Foundation) doing great work nationally.”

Catalina Lauf statement 1/13/21


In addition to the charities, DOFPAC gave two $2,500 campaign contributions to Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia for the runoff elections.

For all of 2020, DOFPAC donated to a total of 14 political campaigns.

Locally, Woodstock resident Earl Hughes gave a total of $300 for the entire 2020 calendar year. Illinois-based itemized contributions totaled an additional $750.

Small dollar contributions (less than $200) to DOFPAC made up nearly 69% of the total contributions for 2020 of $105,461.89 (from late September through end of 2020).

As noted last month, DOFPAC started with an initial investment of $5,000.

Information can be accessed for DOFPAC by clicking here.


Catalina Lauf’s Defense of Freedom PAC Wrapped 2020 with $35,000 Cash on Hand — 3 Comments

  1. It was an honor to have campaigned for you.

    I hope

    You are on the right track.

    Keep in touch; for we need people like you to defend freedom.

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