Madigan’s Name No Longer in Rotunda

From State Senator Dan McConchie come this change in the sign over the door to the Speaker’s Office:


Madigan’s Name No Longer in Rotunda — 5 Comments

  1. “Returned to the people” – What have you been smoking ?

    Matters are about to go from bad to worse for Illinois, if that is even possible.

    By the time this BLM loving woman beating incompetent is through destroying what little remains
    of this once great state you’ll be remembering Madigan with adoring fondness.

    Get ready to start paying reoperations, Whitey.

  2. Maybe so, but the name on the Rotunda has been returned to the people.

    The Rotunda should not have any other name but “Speaker of the House”

    For your reference, I won’t be paying anyone reparations.

    And, I do not support “BLACK LICE MATTER”

    What have you been smoking?

  3. McConchie is part of the problem.

    With surrender monkeys like him, we are doomed.

  4. In the spring of 1968, Norfolk Naval Base.

    I was fresh out of boot camp and attended a class and saw this on a cork bulletin board.

    You think your important?

    Stick your hand in a bucket of water.

    Make all the waves you want.

    Now pull your hand out.

    See how fast they filled your spot.

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