$3,000 a Month in Algonquin’s Lobbyist Contract for Mike Tryon

Former State Representative Mike Tryon is again scheduled to be the lobbyist for the Village of Algonquin.

The proposed contract, to be consideed on January 19, 2021, is below:

Legislative Representation Agreement Tryon Governmental Consulting

This Agreement is entered into this date by and between Tryon Govemmental Consulting, Inc. (hereinafter “Lobbyist”), doing business at 4310-GCrystal Lake Road, and Village of Algonquin (hereinafter “Village”) with offices at 2200 Harnish Dr. Algonquin, Il 60012 Based upon the mutual promises contained herein, and other good and valuable consideration, the parties identified above, intending to be bound hereby, enter into the following Agreement.

1. Services The Lobbyist shall provide government relations and public affairs consulting services to the Village including all activities normally associated with state legislative lobbying, as specifically authorized by the Village after consultation with the Village Manager, Village President, Public Works Director and other appropriate staff members. Services include but are not limited to working with State of Illinois Officials to review the Capitol Plan of the Village and its :financial in1pact on Village constituencies: briefmg the Governor’s office; representation at legislative hearings; advocacy to certain legislators, regulators and their staffs on the Village Capitol Plan. Give timely reports to the Village on the progress of a statewide capitol bill and its impact on the Village.

2. Term of Agreement This Agreement shall take effect on January 1, 2021 and shall expire 30 days after the last day of the l02st General Assembly anticipated to be the second Wednesday of January 202J.

3. Lobbyist Fee The Lobbyist shall be paid a fee for the above enumerated services. The Lobbyist’s fee shall be $3,000 per month (“Monthly Fee”) for each month during the Term of the Agreement. The Monthly Fee shall be billed at the end of each month. The Monthly Fee shall cover all services of the Lobbyist(s) incurred for work on behalf of the Village.

4. Expenses The Lobbyist shall be responsible for all expenses incuned except for mileage and travel expenses when traveling beyond a 25 mile radius of the Village, mileage will be billed at a rate of 50 cents per mile and travel expenses at cost.

5. Personal Services The services to be performed by the Lobbyist(s) will be perfo1med personally by Michael Tryon and/or Pamela Althoff (“Lobbyist Principals”) and not by any other individual, unless approved by the Village.

6. Lobbyist Registration The Lobbyist and Lobbyist Principals each will register with the Secretary of State office and other required entities as a lobbyist for the Village. as soon as their activities for’I’he Village constitute “lobbying” under the Illinois Revised Statutes.

7. Non-Exclusive This Agreement is for the non-exclusive use of the Lobbyist’s services. Nothing contained herein shall prevent the Lobbyist from contracting to provide lobbying or other services to other clients on a non-exclusive basis, the Lobbyist shall use their best efforts to identify to the Village any potential conflicts of interest that may arise. Should a conflict of interest arise between the Lobbyist and any other potential client, the Village may either terminate this Agreement or request the Lobbyist not to contract with the potential client.

8. Practice of Law The Lobbyist is retained by the Village for the purpose of consultation, advice and lobbying advocacy on legislative and regulatory issues as they arise in the pursuit of capitol appropriations and as authorized by the Village. The Lobbyist is specifically not retained to provide legal advice to the Village and the Lobbyist shall not be required to perfo11n any additional activity for the Village which constitutes the practice of Jaw.

9. Entire Agreement This Agreement contains the entire Agreement between the parties and supersedes any and all other Agreements, negotiations or discussions. This Agreement may be altered only by a written document signed by the parties to this Agreement. Upon a 30 day written notice this Agreement may be cancelled by either party.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have entered into and consununated this agreement on this date:

Michael W. Tryon, President Tryon Governmental Consulting , ________, Date

Village of Algonquin _________ , Date ___

Tim Schloneger, Village Manager Village of Algonquin


$3,000 a Month in Algonquin’s Lobbyist Contract for Mike Tryon — 9 Comments

  1. Not literally criminal, but governance controlled by lobbying and money is a gross and bipartisan distortion of the democratic republic.

  2. Who’s the worse criminals Cindy?

    Freemason Tryon or the Muffinhead Village Board advancing the theft?

  3. At Prairie Ridge HS the English Dept is making my son read Ginsberg’s homosexual poem “Howl.”

    A concerned parent of another kid that classes sent me this:

    “Allen Ginsberg already has a place in history. His poem “Howl” challenged the very definition of literature, and his place among the Beat poets has captured the imaginations of generations of thinkers. But we usually try to not to mention his time with NAMBLA.The North American Man/Boy Love Association is a group that campaigns to give adult men the legal right to have sex with young boys, and Allen Ginsberg was one of their most eager members. He insisted it wasn’t about pedophilia. NAMBLA, he said, was a “forum for reform,” and he joined it “in defense of free speech.”The “reform” he wanted, though, was more than a little creepy. He wanted to legalize child pornography. He accused the government of an “incompetent linkage of pornography and violence.” He thought we should be more like the ancient Greeks, saying, “Intergenerational love was a social practice praised by philosophers.”And he didn’t stop there—he also tried to convince people that there is “no universal consensus on ‘consent.’ ”[6] That might sound intellectual, but let’s be honest about what he meant. Coming from a member of NAMBLA, that’s just a fancy way of saying, “How do you know eight-year-olds aren’t asking for it?”

    Source: https://listverse.com/2018/05/18/10-authors-you-read-in-school-who-were-secretly-terrible-people/

  4. Was the contract originally $6k/mo?

    Just asking.

    Tryon was Gummerson’s lil’ puppet.

  5. That’s a random bomb in this thread, about Ginsberg.

    This is a good opportunity to stand up with facts.

    Ginsberg as pedophile is old news, and this teacher could find others to use in class.

    I’d put Ginsberg in the same box as others who are found out to be pedophiles, racists, anti-democracy, sexually violent, and so forth: not to be admired, but held up as examples of how intelligent people can become popular in culture and politics, yet be evil to the core.

  6. This is the SWAMP….and it’s right here in Algonquin and Crystal Lake.

    Guys like Mike Tryon, Aaron Shepley, and Tim Schloneger have enriched themselves/their families by doing this repulsive taxpayer cheating activity.

    I don’t know much about Schloneger, but by this activity he’s identified himself as part of the SWAMP.

    I know Shepley hated Trump, I know Tryon too, but I’d sure like to hear what Schloneger has to say – my guess, since he’s part of the SWAMP, Schloneger hates Trump too.

    LOL: because Trump is “crude”?

    …..no, because Trump tried to drain the SWAMP.

  7. It’s not enough Tryon is milking us already via pension?!

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