An Alternative Biography of Jack Franks

The publication of the autobiography of Jack Franks published on behalf of his candidacy for Trustee of the General Assembly Retirement System stimulated commentator “Let’s Gibbo” to write this biography:

Alternative Resume

Let me post an alternate resume for Mr. Franks:

* Investigated by Illinois State Police for allegations of criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse, stalking, aggravated battery, and official misconduct

* Banned from entering State Capitol Complex in Springfield without a police escort

* Voted for a huge Com Ed rate hike in 2016 after receiving $11,900 in contributions from Com Ed, its parent company, and CEO

* Requested jobs in the Blagojevich administration for his wife, father, and brother

* Voted 9 times as State Rep to elect Michael Madigan Speaker of Illinois House

* Held in contempt of court for refusal to answer discovery in Tirio defamation suit and fined $100/day commencing on 5/21/2020

* Encouraged union members to picket the places of employment/businesses of Jeff Thorsen and Jim Heisler, two County Board members who disagreed with him, to try to hurt them personally and financially. Thorsen lost his job.

Jack Franks in his “I’m in charge!” mode.

* Modified County Board Rules upon becoming County Board Chairman and removed checks and balances to lessen input from County Board members and make himself de facto county executive

* Made two patronage hires, who acted as political and public relations aides at significant expense to the County, upon becoming County Board Chairman

* Publicly maligned female Department Heads – County Auditor Shannon Teresi, Superintendent of the Regional Board of Education Leslie Schermerhorn, and County Coroner Anne Majewski – who stood up to him

* Participated in moving polling places out of public schools to cater to teacher’s unions and to suppress turnout of in person voters. McHenry County is one of the few Illinois counties that does not have any polling places in public schools.

* Used the mantra of “Transform Illinois” not for government efficiency but for consolidation of power

* Promoted mail in voting, which is prone to fraud and abuse

* Used a scorched earth political strategy to intimidate public officials and citizens and to instill a culture of silence with the message “if you challenge me, I shall destroy you”

This is a start.


An Alternative Biography of Jack Franks — 12 Comments

  1. AntiChristian activity calling prolife protestors at his office ‘extremists and Nazis,’

  2. My expedition down the rabbit hole started about 2005 when I realized that 9/11 was an inside job and that 2 jets could not have blown 3 sky scrapers apart.

    When Barry “chooms” Sotero and his tranny “wife” got elected in 2008, my wife and I recognized that the Kazar-communist take over was complete and started implementing our plan, which centered around “prepping”.

  3. His staff at the office on 47 were really nice and professional. They helped me (thinking it was a FOID card I think) with a CCW application during its earliest offerings, and helped a crying walk in who just left the Social Security Office in Tears, after her husband died and a rude clerk there said
    “closed for lunch” when it was her turn at the window. Even though they are not Federal, they wanted to help the poor woman. So my only experience has been with his office staff which was wonderful. But to read this mini bio of the man is just frightening. Hope his staff does well. Jack must have hired well.

  4. The best thing that Jack Franks did for the people of McHenry County was to lose his reelection bid for County Board Chairman.

    For that we shall be ever grateful!

    Bob Wire? You can get up off your knees now.

    Jack can’t and won’t do anything for you now!

  5. The hubris of the Jackoo.

    He was riding high once.

    Now he’s the laughingstock and his wife demanding a divorce.






    An ending straight out of an O. Henry short story.

  6. The rodent got in because, like Trump, he made wild untrue promises that he couldn’t keep.

    “I’ll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it” and “I’ll cut your property taxes by 10%”.

    Neither of them made good on that once elected and neither talked about it during their respective re-election campaigns.

    Once in office both were revealed to be wanna be dictators who didn’t respect the democratic processes and checks and balances that are built in to the system.

    Now both of them are gone, as is Madigan.

    Maybe we should learn something from that.

  7. @CPTKangaroo

    Thank you for you cogent, nuanced and well reasoned argument.

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