IL-14: Underwood Hiring Veteran Liaison

From a tweet:

Rep. Lauren Underwood@RepUnderwood·

Team Underwood is hiring! Our office is working with the Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program, which will fund a veteran for a 2-year fellowship.

The Fellow will work as a liaison to #IL14 veterans, Veterans Service Organizations, and more. To apply, visit:


IL-14: Underwood Hiring Veteran Liaison — 5 Comments

  1. Any veteran who works for or with the FAKE NURSE should
    be considered a traitor to America much as Duckworth is.

    You are being pimped by the Leftists who seek to
    use you and your service for their own campaign to destroy America.

  2. Seems like it would be a valuable position–helping vets who need help with the VA, much like the Veterans Service Organization for McHenry County does, so could be redundant but carries the weight of a Congressional position–the VSO is in the County building across from the Jail.

    Job description Kind of age discriminatory though, no Viet Nam/Era vets need apply–too old, they want Vets who got out within the last 5 years.

    I’d want to help vets, but not Underwood too much–she cant be trusted with anything,

  3. Has anyone ever tried to contact Underwoods Illinois office?

    3 offices 1 phone number…recordings answer

    heres her number

    try calling during the Week

    Phone: (630) 549-2190

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