Pro-Life Rally To Woodstock — 5 Comments

  1. Hmm, sanctity of human life.

    Was there a rally in Terre Haute ?

  2. When babies in the womb are slated for destruction and not protected by the State, it’s little wonder why this country is rushing downhill in so many areas.

    Once that barrier was breached by Roe, anything goes.

  3. Mary Horn

    Is the same true of Sweden, Germany, the UK, Canada, Denmark, Austria, France, Sweden, New Zealand, Italy, the Netherlands, et al. ?

    Not to mention the Christian denominations which oppose state regulation of decisions involving bodily integrity.

  4. Wonder if any Pro-Death (aka Pro-Choice) protesters showed up.

  5. Primate, soon the decadent Marxist regimes will be eliminated, just as you will be.

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