Term Limits for Legislative Leaders Draws BGA Support

It’s eighteen years since I introduced “Term Limits for Legislative Leaders” into the political arena.

That was in my Libertarian Party Lt. Governor’s Chicago office when we announced our candidacies.

The poster used in the kick-off press conference for Cal Skinner’s run for Governor as a Libertarian.

Scott Fornek of the Chicago Sun-Times hijacked the press conference by asking if I had ever tried marijuana.

I replied that my ex-wife had baked brownies containing marijuana for my birthday one year and that I had gone to be to take a nap.

That was the topic of most stories about our announcement, rather than term limits for legislative leaders.

Now, eighteen years later, the Better Government Association is the latest to embrace my idea for improving state government:

Above is extracted from advice to Mike Madigan replacement Chris Welch in a Chicago Tribune op-ed piece on Friday.

So, did I waste the better part of three days a week between spring and the November election in 2002?

My parochial view is that my campaign echoes what Third Party campaigns have done throughout American history.

It introduced an idea that the major parties adopted.


Term Limits for Legislative Leaders Draws BGA Support — 2 Comments

  1. If they were serious they’d at least try to get a petition going to garner
    support and enthusiasm amongst the electorate.

  2. How about resurrecting capital punishment ….. but just for corrupt politicians.

    Kim Foxx: how’s Smollett?

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