Crain’s Asks If Kinziner Welcome in GOP Anymore — 19 Comments

  1. LOL.

    Did the US Continental Army still want Benedict Arnold?

    The funny thing about this is: the Democrats won’t trust him either.

    No one likes a self-serving rat who betrays his friends and then pretends to be “above the little people”.

    Well, Adam, no-one wants you now…..but you do buy expensive suits and shoes – so you dress nicely; so you at least have your shallow, superficial life to lean on.

  2. A narcissist who believes himself to be intellectually and morally superior, as self-riotous
    as King of RINOS Romney or our own gibbering court jester Joe Walsh.

  3. Sounds like Jacko! Nothing but a self serving idiot that likes his power!

  4. The answer to the question which Crains is asking is a resounding noooo.

    More shoes are dropping every day, stay tuned.


  5. No, he wouldn’t be welcome, but with a crowded primary field combined with certain actors in the media and Democratic Party pushing him, there is a possibility he could win a primary.

  6. Call Eli Nicolisi at 815-627-0GOP, he is the head of the GOP in the area where Kinzinger is King and would like to hear from you about the active cencure that is being circulated by Austin Davies.

    Tell him how you feel about KINGzinger breaking ranks without authority and then tell people on CNN in essence, if this hurts me, oh well.

  7. Illinois has open primaries. Anyone can vote in any primary election.

  8. No, they list Illinois as “partially open” but for all intents and purposes it’s an open primary system because there seems to be little to no restrictions on who can vote in which party’s primary.

    You just go into the polling place and say “I’m a Democrat” or “I’m a Republican” (which the judges will ask you in the first place) and they must give you the ballot for that party.

    You don’t have to declare beforehand for any minimum number of days that you belong to this or that party.

    In 2014, many Democrats voted in the GOP primary — they wanted Dillard but Rauner ended up winning by less than 3 percent.

    Some of the big unions had endorsed Dillard.,_2014

    The scenario I outlined is one that should not be taken lightly by Republicans (although I don’t expect Republicans will take it seriously because Republicans almost always underestimate their political opponents and then end up shocked that they lost).

    If Republicans see this scenario starting to materialize, local GOP, state GOP, candidates, and concerned voters might want to intervene — sit down and talk with the candidates not named Kinzinger and try to get the weaker links to drop out.

    Otherwise you could end up with Kinzinger on the top of the ticket and that could depress overall Republican turnout even further.

    That’s the bad part for Republicans.

    You probably weren’t going to win those statewide offices to begin with (although Pritzker is doing his best to be a one term governor) but downballot is important.

    In 2018, Rauner won the primary but Republicans hated him.

    Many Republicans stayed home.

    Dems won super-majority in state house, plus two congressional seats, and got help in local/county elections because of the depressed GOP turnout combined with high Democrat turnout.

  9. Perhaps he could get a job at CNN or MSNBC. He would fit in.

    Other possibilities are staff jobs for California’s Adam Shi* or Eric Swalwell. The latter was in cahoots with a Chinese woman spy.

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