IL-14: Now That Underwood Is On Appropriations Committee, Will She Be Able to Get Covid Money for McHenry County?

Lauren Underwood i Huntley.

When Congresswoman Lauren Underwood was a freshman, she was unable to protect McHenry County when the Covid-19 moey was passed out.

Or she was unaware of the population threshold that prevented subsidy money’s coming directly to 300,000+ person McHenry County.

Our county was too small, so, of the major counties in her district, it was the only one left out.

This year Underwood is a member of the House Appropriations Committee and should have the influence to make certain that Covid money comes directly to McHenry County, instead of sending it to the State like last time.

Time will tell.


IL-14: Now That Underwood Is On Appropriations Committee, Will She Be Able to Get Covid Money for McHenry County? — 7 Comments

  1. Only for those who cheated for buckwheats will get the shot..

  2. I am uncertain why this article states “McHenry County” was left out.

    There was a $5,000. grant program.

    However, the “County” seemingly was able to “make it’s own rules” on the fly.

    My business jumped through all the onerous hoops that were outlined / required by the local County Government.

    While the funds had Underwood’s and Franks name all over the grants, they failed in outlining the “conditions”, and further failed to support, and in Franks case, completely ignored several attempts to get involved when I reached out to him.

    My business was “approved”. T

    he final requirement was met when I personally delivered the contract to the County.

    As my business was being evicted from it’s commercial space as a result of, in my opinion, the Landlord and local governmental officials were using COVID as an excuse to “get rid of certain businesses they did not support”, I was honest and conveyed to the County I was being forced out and would have to cease business operations.

    I also conveyed that there would be a new business / location in 45-90 days.

    While the contract was the last requirement, I was assured that the check would immediately be provided that same day.

    It was not.

    Rather, the County Government instead immediately recinded the grant stating that the new business / location was not in a “low to moderate income area”, and therefore no longer qualified.

    While the business remained at it’s “approved” location for a time period that should not have disqualified it under their “justification” those funds were even more critical.

    While I reached out to both Franks and Underwood, Underwood’s office expressed to me the County level was essentially “free to make it’s own rules” even when they failed to support their reasoning with ANY clause in the contract, as their reasoning did not exist within the contract.

    While many think grants have been flying in to business owners hands, it is just not the case and has allowed governmental officials to “cherry pick” their recipients, including those with personal relationships with business owners.

    As a result, they were able to hand business owners who were not nearly suffering like those who were at real risk of and were forced to shut down, file bankruptcy, be evicted, etc. who likely could have survived if the funding was granted to those in “real need”.

  3. All counties larger than 500,000 people received direct money from the Feds.

    The smaller ones–incuding McHenry County–had whatecver money they received after it went through state hands.

  4. How the heck did we ever get stuck with a Communist like her?

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