Jack Franks Finally Fesses Up to Role in Illinois Integrity Fund Hit Piece Mailings

From former McHenry County Board member Jack Franks:

Jack Franks admission of involvement in Illinois Integrity Fund mailings in connection with the 2018 Republican prmary election through my association with the Illinois Integrity Fund.

The letter reads,

I acknowledge my role and involvement in the publication of the Flyers in connection with the 2018 Republican primary election through my association with the Illinois Integrity Fund.

I acknowledge that implication or assertion in the Flyers that Mr. Tirio has “a secret taxpayer funded slush fund,” committed theft, used public funds for a personal “vacation”, hired “cronies” or was “crooked” is false.

I regret any reputational or professional harm the Flyers may have caused Mr. Tirio.

The letter was fowarded from McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio in an email entitled,

“The matter has been resolved and the parties have released their respective claims against each other.”


Jack Franks Finally Fesses Up to Role in Illinois Integrity Fund Hit Piece Mailings — 30 Comments

  1. One of the many in the political class of McHenry County.

    He will be fine.

    Jack destroyed good people.

    So many “good republicans” were cowards and kissed the ring.

  2. Can we expect to see this on the front page of the Northwest Herald?

    and how about the Northwest Herald they were equally as guilty…

    I think now Orvville and Erstel should sue Franks for slander

  3. 1. Does the Illinois Pension Board know? Last I heard, Franks was looking for a patronage job with them.

    2. Isn’t this conclusive evidence of a violation of Illinois election law? Franks and Tirio can settle Tirio’s suit, but election law violations are an issue for the State’s Attorney. I remember Kenneally’s predecessor filing suit against an MMC candidate several years ago for election law violations.

  4. The Herald question.

    It’s their lead in the online edition, the first story on their FB page, and I haven’t yet seen the print edition.

  5. The position he seeks is that of Trustee of the pension system.

    It has no salary, but probably pays expenses to and from its meetings.

  6. Definition of trustee:

    “an individual person or member of a board given control or powers of administration of property in trust with a legal obligation to administer it solely for the purposes specified”

    Given his admission, can he be trusted to be a trustee?

  7. Just looked at nwherald.com and there is no story about jack. But did find yet another of many actions over the last 6 days where the new doofus president is harming our Nation as follows:

    “Biden reverses Trump ban on transgender people in military”

    Robinette’s presidential order states”

    America is stronger, at home and around the world, when it is inclusive. The military is no exception”

    Some experts on tv news shows yesterday said this is not true in this case. Using inclusiveness as a “criteria” is not rational, not logical, not scientific.

  8. How much $$$$$ did Tirio get?

    What about the Estate of Wheeler, and Orv and Ersel.

    Can they bring back their suits?

    It was all the same scam.

    How did their suits get tossed in the first place?

    Corrupt judges!

  9. The email from Tirio indicates that Tirio is waiving any money claims.

    Someone should follow up with the State Board of Elections with an election law violation claim.

    The other parties who were ordered to pay attorney’s fees should try to do something to get that rescinded as well.

    Unfortunately Chuck is not around to do anything further. We know why.

  10. In the print edition, this appears on page 2 which is really the first page if you don’t count the cover.

    I guess you could call it the lead or the first story in the print edition too.

  11. Being trustee for a pension system often provides opportunities to “network” and to obtain work for your own firm from parties interested in doing business with the pension system.

    Also interesting to note how neutral the Northwest Herald’s headlines are:

    “Parties reach settlement in 2019 defamation lawsuit filed by county clerk, recorder”,

    and beneath that

    “Former McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks acknowledged his involvement with campaign flyers as two-year legal battle ends”.

    Note the headline is NOT

    “Former County Board Chair Jack Franks admits financing hit piece on County Clerk”

  12. Andrew, we agree on little, but we agree on this.

    Small victories.

  13. Ho Hum!

    At the end of the day Jerk Franks has admitted he’s a lying piece of sh*t!

    That comes as a shock, how?

    I hope that Tirio at least received reimbursement for his legal costs.

    I am not happy that the judge vacated the fines imposed for defying the court’s order, but that’s just me.

    I’m happy seeing that worthless POS admit what he’s been denying and showing his true colors by his own words.

  14. Is Attorney Terry Eckel working on a similar resolution of the case downstate in Sangamon County?

    was a fee of $60,000 paid to Eckel from Franks’ campaign contributions?

  15. As to ethics violations:!go to iardc.org and you’ll find a tab for the rules of ethics that apply to Illinois lawyers.

    You can search lawyer names with another tab to find current and past investigations, complaints, and discipline.

  16. Don’t get misdirected by the daily gyrations, ceaseless media propaganda, political theater, false narratives, and delusional beliefs of our sick elites as this military empire built on debt and deceit spirals towards its fiery cataclysmic climax.

  17. Humpty Dumpty/Jack Franks/Boss hog sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, including all the RINOS that boiled jacks egg, Couldn’t put all of his lies back together again.

    Boss hog watched his shell smash to the ground and as the yoke poured out on the snow, he declared Joe must have gone there! “Integrity” commanded a mask be placed upon Joe in fake fliers to the foolish masses and the incompetent reporters at Shaw.

    Jack didn’t expect Joe to wear the Mask like the Lone Ranger, and he certainly didn’t expect a fight. Along came a few lawyers with the courage to stop the spite.

    So Jack wrote a big check to save his ass. After all that spending on lawyers who Joe told to kiss his ass.

    The integrity fund didn’t exist, it had Jack’s funds and as much integrity as Bernie Madoff.

    But moving forward Jack will be back.

  18. I call Franks a Shylockian shyster.

    Another paragon with feet of clay poisoning the political process with lying propaganda.

  19. @Stormy D Excellent idea. However, you don’t complain to the “bar association”.

    Bar associations are voluntary groups of lawyers like the Chicago Bar Association and have no disciplinary powers.

    What you do is complain to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC). T

    They can censure, suspend, or disbar attorneys from practicing.

    Lawyers are not just subject to discipline for what they do as lawyers.

    A lawyer can be disciplined for bouncing checks, being involved in a DUI, or not paying child support.

    Anything that can reflect negatively on ethics and case the bar into disrespect.

    Rule 8.4, Illinois Supreme Court Rules

    “It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to
    (c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.

    (d) engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice.”


    So deliberately flaunting the Election Code and Rules of the Election Board by someone who definitely knows better, and sending out false information which he knew to be false could result in discipline.

    Go to the website: https://www.iardc.org/

    You can make a complaint online.

    Once you do, the lawyer has to submit a written response within 21 days or any extensions granted and you will get a copy.

    So that could be interesting.

  20. @because, that is what I was talking about, the IARDC for bringing disrepute upon the occupation, wouldn’t that be something they could investigate and discipline?

  21. What do you know about the settlement beyond the statements by Jack franks and Joe Tirio?

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