Marengo Park District Replaces Man Who Saved District from “Financial Collapse” with Former School Superintendent

From the Marengo Park District:

The Marengo Park District voted to enter into a consulting agreement with Dr. Dan Bertrand to function as their Director of Park Operations effective February 1, 2021.

Mr. Bertrand will replace Joe Vallez whose contract expires on January 31, 2021.

Mr. Vallez has been with Marengo Parks as an employee and consultant for five years.

Dr. Bertrand is currently a Co-Principal at Zion Lutheran School in Marengo and was the Superintendent of Marengo Community High School District #154 from 2005 until retiring in 2016. Prior to that he held various leadership positions at Aurora University, University of Illinois-Springfield, Northern Illinois University and Kaneland High School.

Dr. Bertrand also served as Linebacker Coach at Illinois State University, Defensive Coordinator, Strength Coach and Recruiting Coordinator at Quincy University and was the Assistant Head Varsity Coach at Olympia High School in Stanford, IL.

Dr. Bertrand attended Quincy University, Northeast Missouri State University (Truman State University) and Northern Illinois University where he earned his BS in Biology, Masters in Science Education and
Doctorate in Education respectively.

Board President Marty Mohr said:

“We look forward to having Dr. Bertrand lead our Park District as we continue to rebuild our Parks.

“Dr. Bertrand’s proven leadership skills, his governmental finance and budget experience and his ability to work with an elected board of commissioners makes him a great fit for this position.

“The Board wishes the best for Joe Vallez and thank him for his service to the District.

“Mr. Vallez came to the District that was struggling to manage old debt, had defaulted on bond payments and had unsafe park equipment that threatened the ability to even get insurance for the Parks.

“With his leadership and recommendations, the District was able to restructure the bond debt from 2003 and 2012 which prevented the District’s financial collapse.”

The Marengo Park District is a municipal government agency established for the purpose of providing recreational parks and activities.

The District’s flagship park, Indian Oaks Park is located at 825 Indian Oaks Trail.

Current commissioners are Marty Mohr, President; Joshua Ruffner, Vice-President; Veronica Kearney, Secretary, Donnie Bottcher, Treasurer and Steve Piorkowski, Commissioner.


Marengo Park District Replaces Man Who Saved District from “Financial Collapse” with Former School Superintendent — 7 Comments

  1. One bureaucrats replaces another, the new one with supposedly a bit more brain power.

    Will Bertrand’s replacement in 2 years be excoriating him?

    Get rid of the corrupt Park Dist!

  2. A former school administrator would be the very last person I would hire if I cared at all about fiscal responsibility.

    They are pretty much the heavyweight champions at wasting taxpayer money.

  3. Bertrand has reputation of gouging the taxpayers.

    He’s done it his whole damned adult life.

  4. The parks in Marengo are a joke and don’t you love that pool? \

    So lovely to drive through there.

    Town is a trash pit including most of the people too

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