Nunda Township Sign War Heating Up

There are two teams fighting for office in Nunda Township.

For Township Highway Commissioner, incumbent Mike Lesperance is being challenged again by Eric Dowd.

Both incumbent Mike Lespernce and challenger Eric Dowd stress taxes.

Lesperance is running with a slate of two incumbent Trustees, plus two new candidates:

  • Karen Tynis (elected incumbent)
  • Justin Frankzke (appointed incumbent who lost for Assessor in 2017)
  • Mark Daniel
  • Bob Koidahl
The “Team Nunda” slate.

With Lee Jennings elected as Supervisor in 2017, “Team Nunda” had control of the Township Board and maintained it by appointing Franzke to replace Ed Dvorak, who resigned shortly after being elected.

The two Parrish brothers–Rob and Tim–captured the two other Trustee slots.

The “For a Better Nunda” slate.

They are running with

  • Johanna Donahue

and are aligned with Eric Dowd.

Leda Bobera-Dain, who was Jennings’ top assistant and appointed to replace him as Supervisor when he died, is running unopposed.


Nunda Township Sign War Heating Up — 22 Comments

  1. Please to read the signs posted for corrections on the running mates information listed is incorrect and misleading !

  2. Why is the corrupt 150 union backing Dowd?

    Please explain that to me.


    how about telling people you will work to REMOVE THIS TOWNSHIP THAT WOULD GET YOU VOTED LIKE RIGHT NOW cause we need NUNDA like another hole in our pocket book.

  4. I cannot support anyone backed by 150.

    No one.


    Dowd let us down when he sold his soul to the Devil..

  5. Rob Parrish is all about his self and Tim Parrish sits on his coat tall Donahue and Dowd will sit on the coat tail too

    Rob is still mad he not the ROAD COMMISSIONER of Nunda Township

  6. Rob Parrish is all about his self and Tim Parrish sits on his coat tall Donahue and Dowd will sit on the coat tail too

    Rob is still mad he not the ROAD COMMISSIONER of Nunda Township

  7. Can I join too?

    Rob Parrish is all about his self (sic) and Tim Parrish sits on his coat tall (sic) Donahue and Dowd will sit on the coat tail too
    Rob is still mad he not the ROAD COMMISSIONER of Nunda Township

    The Big Question is why do we need townships in the first instance?

    Get rid of Iron Mike & Dowd and all the dowdy township munchkins.

  8. If Dowd wins commissioner Rob Parrish will be hired to work underneath Dowd.

    Mark my words.

    Than they will all of the employees will join Local 150.

  9. Ask Rob and shadow brother Tim Parrish one of them needs drop out of race because of nepatism!!!!!!!!!

  10. Local 150 wants all Nunda Township employees to join the union. Thank u Rob Parrish.

  11. People need at ask Dowd what kind of experience doea he have to be road commish!!!

    He has NONE.

    That’s when Ron Parrish come in!

    Dowd will hire Rob.

    And watch Tim’s business comes involved.

  12. Rob and Tim one of u to drop out the race.

    Let’s talk about Tims wife very soon! Isn’t she a Mchenry County Member?

    What we call this in the Republican party is Nepatism

  13. Local governance is THE BEST governance. ALL you people that are pointing fingers and crying about corruption…Where were YOU while this was going on? Someone needs to look in the mirror and atone for their sins of not watching the henhouse. Shame on you that let your OWN local governance get to this stage while you were busy with world issues that do not even affect you personally. You are going to get what you deserve. World governance that couldn’t care less about you or your locale. That’s right throw away your God-given rights and fall under the sword of Satan because you couldn’t be bothered to take charge of your own backyard! Your New World Odor mentality is showing in spades.

  14. Cindy, stick to the big issues like NWO, the Covid scam, Gates & Co., CCP.

    Quit harping on rotten townships.

    They are unneeded tax units.

    All the states surrounding corrupt Illinois have abolished them.

    They do not make any sense.

    Do you like the extra general assistance that townships lavish on illegals?

    I don’t.

    Do you like Township supervisors who never bother showing up.

    Do you fancy the utter corruption of Road District crooks like Bob Miller and his $110k a year wife salary as his secretary?

    Do you like nepotism Cindy?

    And patronage armies of losers?

    Do you like assessors who give breaks to their friends and pile on taxes to their enemies?

    Wake up little Cindy, wake up

  15. Prince? Wake up little Princey Pooh. I have been touting this for decades. Don’t you ever presuppose you can tell me what to do! Especially when you are a condescending fool!

  16. O my, since when does a road commissioner need experience?.

    Just check on past and current that have held or are holding that position.

    The only requirement is that you pledge allegiance to perpetuating townships.

    Get rid of the whole mess!

    And who calls themself “Iron Mike?”

    Big deal…sounds like a nerd trying to be tough.

    Dump’em all.

  17. Lee? You are another idiot! Not much on reading comprehension are you? My original statements were the WHOLE BALL OF WAX! No wonder the world is so effed up. You cannot even understand the basic principles when someone gives them to you. Then you think making smartass remarks is somehow going to reprieve you from being a moron.

  18. Cindy look at the reality of townships like you did with the Covid hoax

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