Huntley Fire Protection District Spends Over $8,500 on Conference Table

The Huntley Fire Protection District has purchased a new conference table.

Huntley Fire Protection District conference table.

The cost?


Here are the specifications listed by Bull Valley Hardwood:

But, there’s more.

The Fire Protection District also purchased a kitchen table from Bull Valley Hardwood.

Custom made kitchen table bought by the Huntley Fire Protection District.

The total price for the two tables was $13,225.

Doing the subtraction indicates that the kitchen table cost $4,370.

Chief Scott Ravagnie said that the kitchen table was paid for by Foreign Fire Insurance payments. He explained that businesses who buy insurance from an out-of-state company pay a 2% fee to the Department.


Huntley Fire Protection District Spends Over $8,500 on Conference Table — 13 Comments

  1. Nothing is too good for Huntley government officials as long as
    the taxpayers are burdened with the bill.

    Like a gigantic and very costly addition to the library that
    could have been foregone, but no, they just had to have it no
    matter what the cost to the already beleaguered Huntley taxpayers.

    Anyone who has lived here long enough knows how this works, not for the
    taxpayers benefit but to feed the egos of those who collect a paycheck and
    pension from the property owners.

  2. BVH produces a high quality product, but they are expensive even for raw wood sales.

    Was there a competitive bid or two?

    Place in Antioch makes high quality products also, and they aren’t cheap either.

  3. This Chief doesn’t get it does he?

    Somebody paid for that top of the line piece of furniture and it wasn’t him.

    Find the tie to Bull Valley, follow the money.

    Why wouldn’t said Chief try to buy something from the city for which he serves and keep the revenue in the city that pays part of his salary and spend less?

    Why would the fire board allow said purchase?

    How much were those embroidered chairs, probably more than the table and desk?

    I think there needs to be an active investigation and they need to take away his power to buy things.

    Right in the middle of a 100 year Pandemic and we have a 100k plus employee spending more OPM, Other People’s Money.

    This should be a career ending purchase, IMHO.


  4. What governments do with taxpayer dollars.

    I bought my conference table used, with chairs, for $500.

    What people running businesses do with their overhead dollars.

    Thanks for posting this.

  5. Look at Nunda Township and the free spending going on there.

    A total disgrace.

    But these government entities know no restraint or prudence.

    The taxpayers, chumps they are, be damned!

  6. So that table is the reason why the HFD requires sprinkler systems in residential homes/lots plotted after 2012.

    I wouldn’t want to go to fire either if I could sit around that all day.

    Plus with all the permit fees they collected from that joke of an ordnance, I’m surprised they didn’t get a bigger table.

    Maybe now they use that table to discuss the removal of that building code requirement.

    The $20000 sprinkler system for a residential house isn’t worth the cost.

    Plus why does Talamore get a pass on that code but no one else does.

    A fully functional smoke, fire, and CO detector works just fine.

  7. PS, don’t be blocking the roads holding your boots in a few weeks panhandling for money because you are broke, just use this 2% account that not many knew about.

    If this was a well needed fire truck or hose, the people could see it, but a desk and kitchen table, somebody needs to be held accountable for this purchase.

    No wonder why we are broke and taxes keep going up, it’s not Pritzker, it’s Huntley FPD.

  8. Even if the tooth fairy pays for it money should never be pissed away like that.

    If you get money it comes from a taxpayer insurance company’s charge someone.

    If you have extra. Lower the taxes !!!


    Government out of control with no obvious leadership !

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