IL-14/IL-GOP: Jim Oberweis Backing Mark Shaw for State Party Chairman

Jim Oberweis
Mark Shaw

Once again having opposite view from the two women he beat in the primary last year, Oberweis backing Shaw should be no surprise, especially with Shaw doing legal work for Oberweis

This morning’s POLITICO “Illinois Playbook” included another update on the Illinois Republican Party chairman’s race to be decided on Saturday.

The article included the following concerning the 14th Congressional District and the primary of a year ago:

Shaw is supported by former congressional candidate Jim Oberweis and grassroots conservatives, and he’s also taken heat from pro-Trumpers like Catalina Lauf, centrist state Sen. Sue Rezin, and others. Lauf and Rezin have taken issue with Shaw for endorsing Oberweis in the IL-14 GOP primary weeks before petitions were filed.

That Shaw would engineer a campaign in a contested primary to favor a white man over a respected female state senator (Rezin) and a pro-Trump Latina (Lauf) has infuriated many Republicans across the state.

Rezin wrote a letter to party leaders in November [2019] complaining about Shaw’s actions. And Lauf tweeted over the weekend, saying, ‘We need a leader who will listen to those on the ground, committed to grassroots, and who can actually lead the GOP in this State on a path forward.’ ”

From POLITICO Illinois Playbook by Shia Kapos 2/2/21


McHenry County Blog could not find a letter online from former state Senator, and former IL-14 State Central Committeeperson (2010-2014) Jim Oberweis endorsing State Co-chair Mark Shaw, but it comes as no surprise, given the context cited above by Kapos, as well as yesterday’s McHenry County Blog article.

What was not stated in POLITICO and alluded to in yesterday’s article is the legal work the Oberweis 2020 congressional campaign, as documented in Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign disclosure documents:

  • 12/31/2020: Recount legal expenses to Shaw Law Ltd for $10K
  • 11/12/2020: Recount fund, legal expense to Shaw Law Ltd for $5K

Prior to Election Day last fall, I could not find additional spending for Shaw’s legal services, but the $15K is more than enough to see why Oberweis will publicly back Shaw’s campaign for state party chairman.

It’s also another reason to believe Oberweis will run again for IL-14 next year.

The other two candidates, former Illinois Gaming Board Chairman Don Tracy of Springfield and Kendall County Board Chairman Scott Gryder of Oswego have supporters, too:

  • Tracy: Congressmen Rodney Davis (IL-13) and Darin LaHood (IL-18), state House Republican Leader Jim Durkin and conservative John Tillman
  • Gryder: State Representative Keith Wheeler (50th)

The decision makers, the state central committeepersons will cast their votes on Saturday.

Full POLITICO column by Shia Kapos can be accessed here.


IL-14/IL-GOP: Jim Oberweis Backing Mark Shaw for State Party Chairman — 4 Comments

  1. This is pathetic and shows you why Oberweis has lost so many times!

    That money link to Shaw.


    That’s nasty.

    That’s a big part of the story too.

    Not SHIA KAPOS’ emphasis on WOMAN and RACE.

    Republicans were mad with the Lake County GOP for the debacle, but I don’t think gender or race were big factors.

    They were mad because it was RIGGED, but people didn’t necessarily think it was rigged BECAUSE Oberweis was a white male.

    There were a lot of other white males who ran who didn’t get endorsed, you know.

    People suspected back then it had more to do with money and who butters whose bread, maybe some familiarity, name recognition, status.

    Mostly bread buttering.

    It was not stated by SHIA KAPOS.

    She chose to bring up race and gender with no supporting evidence and ignore the bread buttering.

    I wonder why Shia Kapos did that…

  2. Big surprise, a washed up Republican desperate to remain relevant would endorse a wimpy RINO as leader of the party.

    We need a hardworking Conservative that lives up to the Republican Platform and will hold the party politicians to that!

  3. Obermoo, you’ve been watching too many ‘Father Knows Best’ episodes.

    The Country has disintegrated.

    And people like you did nothing to stop it!

    Get out of gated community and visit real people.

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