Best Evidence of National Voting Machine Fraud

Mike Lindell has gathered what he thinks are the best evidence of vote fraud though machine manipulation in a two-hour video.

That’s too much to watch, even on a day as snowy as today, so let me point to a couple of the best parts.

  • 48 minutes in – Shiva Ayyadurai relates how he concluded mathematically that machines weighted votes against him and for his opponent. He has results from a hand-counted county where he won convincingly. He has two pro se court cases active which state officials tried to have dismissed, but failed.
  • 108 minutes in – Attorney Matthew DePerno tells of getting access to Atrium County, Michigan’s ballots with which he proved “official” election results were doctored. The reports can be found here.
  • 135 minutes in – Mary Fanning presents a couple of the thousands of pages of internet transactions affecting the November election. (Addition information here.)

From Fanning’s findings come the following images:

The information Mary Fanning’s team captured.

Intrusions are listed by county on the righthand side of the pages. One is Winnebago County. Besides Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa have counties with that name. Since Waukesha County was also hacked, it probably was the Wisconsin Winnebago County,

The number of votes stolen from Trump by county is listed in the report. as well as how access was obtained.

One can watch the IP location of the attacks and where attacks occurred on maps like the one below:

Internet Protocol addresses from which attacks came are shown. The red ones come from China..

= = = = =

One commenter asked for my article on vote fraud in McHenry County. I can be found here.


Best Evidence of National Voting Machine Fraud — 106 Comments

  1. The goverment needs to check out these claims and see if they are all true.

    If they are correct them the election needs to be corrected.

  2. No wonder they want to silence the Pillow Man…whose sales btw are skyrocketing because of the silencing.

    This vote information is frightening and will never be addressed.

    Might help though in the upcoming lawsuit against FOX News (in Fox favor) for talking bad about Voting Machine Manufacturers.

  3. Is anyone going to BRING this to someone’s attn ?

    That can do something about it ?

  4. Mike Lindale has shown absolute proof of how the election was stolen and just how serious the attack on America is.

    Make no mistake we the American people are at war trying to save our country.

    I urge you to watch his video “Absolute Proof “ and determine for yourself just how solid the proof is.

    The election was stolen from President Trump through the manipulation of the dominion machines by China and others.

    Mike Lindales video does show absolutely the proof of what took place.





  5. Ok…so now all of this info is out there who is going to do something about it?

  6. Even with proof nobody has what it takes to sue these states affected.

    The Stalin ran Democratic party with have them commit suicide.

    The FBI took the info and buried it.

    We the people are headed down a very dark road.

  7. I believe everything I have seen

    first why aren’t they checking into these machines the FBI the CIA

    I will tell you why it was all fixed and they are trying to hide it

  8. In a fair election Trump won but I am afraid we are on the downhill side of our wonderful country.

    I know they don’t teach actual history any more but if people would pay attention to how countries have been lost to socialism and communism they would have a rude awakening!

    Let’s see if the constitution can hold in its original form without being bastardized into a form of oppression for the citizens.

  9. “Best evidence ?”

    Doesn’t a disclaimer at the beginning state that “the statements and claims expressed in this program are presented at this time as opinions only” ?

    As in, “please, please, please don’t sue us” ?

    Would that be because what is presented isn’t really evidence of the claims made and these “opinions” can’t be proven ?

    “Absolute Garbage” would be more apropos.

    January 6th is the best evidence of the impact of this drivel.

    As Abe is reputed to have said, “you can fool some of the people . . . .”

  10. Mike Lindell did a great job without even touching on the complicated ITALIAN GATE issue.

    There near Rome, in OUR embassy, using LEONARDO Spa (defense contractors) computers, employyee ARTURO DI ELIA admitted to engineering the switching of votes from Trump to Biden!

    Reporter from U.S., Maria Zack uncovered all the evidence along with signed affidavit from Arturo Di Elia admitting his and others i volvement.!

    Maria has delivered said proof to several U.S. congressman and i believe Mr Di Elia is under prote tive custody in U.S.

  11. Innocent primate, take your homosexual agenda elsewhere.

    Our republic is officially DEAD (started its steady demise in 1913 when the Fed was created to benefit banisters and was further accelerated in 1971 when Nixon took us off the gold standard).

    Our votes don’t count — they are simply reallocated to the preferred globalist choice by Dominion or shredded by some low IQ minion counting the ballots.

    Millions of browns flooding in every year bringing in crime, commie votes, and breeding generations of Marxist state-loving hooligans.

    Money means nothing.

    We limp along, crushed by a system of satanic usury while our women are indoctrinated into entering the workforce while letting the state raise and indoctrinate our children.

    This soul-crushing rat race is created to line plutocrats’ pockets and to pay for Jamie Dimonds next yacht.

    Incessant gaslighting by the mockingbird media industrial complex and academia completely controlled by psychotic Bolshevists’ indoctrinating entire generations of youth to worship the state.

    A populace castrated and feminized by pharmaceuticals, resin and formaldehyde soaked masks, toxic foods/air, and rampant EM wave and estrogen mimetic plastic poisoning.

    Look at what happened in Illinois.

    A case study of subversion.

  12. This needs to go to Supreme court and get TRUMP back in office where he needs to be

  13. The Left has already shown that the ends justifies the means, they will stop at nothing
    to seize and keep power, even if it means starting an all out civil war.

    The “swamp” is very deep, my fellow American patriots.

    That being said, there is only one sure and effective way to curb them and
    that does not mean playing nice with them.

    Prepare yourselves for the coming dark times now, day zero is inevitable.

  14. Reading these comments is better than SNL in the old days.

    For example, “in 1913 when the Fed was created to benefit banisters”.

    Well, handrails über alles !

  15. Where can I get a copy of Mary Fannings’ spreadsheet?

    I want to look at the MAC addresses.

  16. This certainly ain’t pillow talk!

    Someone, somehow needs to expose this on a wide scale and we the people need to let it be known we will not stand for these shenanigans.

    This is our nation. It does not belong to those who think they are “in charge”.

  17. You have proof right in front of your eyes and some still won’t believe.

    Maybe human error can be possible in counting votes by hand but the manipulation of machinery is more prone and plausible.

    What has the CIA and FBI been doing?

    They should have known about this threat of foreign intervention into our politics.

    (Oh yeah, I forgot they’re too busy spying on Trump and American citizens.)

    And why is all our information stored in another country?

    Same people that are pushing for us all to get vaccinated.

  18. we the people.

    We have to stand together and fight back.

    We the people are who they work for ..

    or we need to get rid of them now!!

  19. I would think that Democrats say that the election wasn’t rigged than they shouldn’t have a problem with looking into it.

    I they truly won(which I know they didn’t) wouldn’t they want to prove it was all done on the up and up.

    Only someone that knows they did wrong would want no one to look into it.


  20. How many times has factual evidence been turned over to the FBI & the Justice Department, only to have them sit on it!

    It’s happening now in Maricopa county, Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

    80 MILLION Americans want the truth and will no longer look the other way.

  21. Mike Lindell is doing his duty as an AMERICAN PATRIOT by ousting the “CORRUPTION” in our voting systems,as
    Dems are trying to discount and discredit him.

    My fondest wish is for the REPUBLICAN activists to grow a spine and do their duty by those whom elected them and investigate this on a PARTISAN level as no democrat can ever be trusted again.

  22. Republican leaders need to step up and do their duty by the ones that elected them and signs their paychecks.

    When are these people going to put it all on the line as they watch our country being destroyed?

    They owe it to their children and grand children.

  23. There is so much evidence

    it’s overwhelming,Trump.won this election in a Landslide& also won the popular vote,those 6 states swung this election back in favor of Biden,all at the same time at night,long after all the other states had counted theirs and gone to bed with Trump in the White House for 4 more yrs.

    This elevtion needs to be overturned before this buffoon ruins it,if not fixed Biden &company will push our great country beyond the point of no return!!!

  24. There was a HAND COUNT of the ENTIRE STATE in Georgia which used the Dominion system statewide.

    It showed no signficant changes from the machine counts.

  25. We need to know all the truth, we are tired of the silence.

    Something needs to be done immediately.

  26. Innocent primate, do you still man the glory holes in Elgin during Covid? — just asking.

    Pillow Man is just one person, but many thousands are coming forward exposing the fraud.

    fake President Robinette Xiden is NOT President.

  27. RJ, why did the FBI sit on the Hunter Biden laptop, complete with all the nice videos?

  28. The reason the DOJ and all the Trump administration did nothing about Hunter Biden is that there is nothing to do.

    He traded access and name like the connected of both parties have done for over 200 years.

    They did no follow up (remember Giuliani lurking around Ukraine?) because once Trump failed to con Zelensky into drumming up an investigation to use in the campaign, there was…nothing there.

    Y’all are full of conspiracy fantasy.

  29. Believe me folk, I want to believe Mike Lindell is on to something with the Absolute Proof video, BUT who’s to say the Mary Fanning report isn’t made up or fabricated?

    Isn’t that possible as well?

  30. Georgia was stolen stacy abrams harvested thousands of illegal votes that were not even registered along with help from her Obama appointed sister Judge.

    Several.counties have video of thousands of ballots being exchanged for obiden votes

  31. Anecdotal evidence: An acquaintance that ran for office in this state lost his race. When the totals came in he won ONLY one county. ALL other counties came down to 60% against with 40% for in the tallies. That is physically impossible! The Dominion machines were CREATED to do precisely this kind of mathematical shenanigans. They are not even sneaky in trying to pull the wool over your eyes. The fix has always been in. Now it is blatant in your face. This is why we have withdrawn our consent by not voting any longer.

  32. Bring the Truth forward please.

    We need President Trump back because he won the election so please prove it.

  33. It looks like Martin watches, listens to too much left wing media propaganda BS.

    Martin should explain how a dope like Hunter Biden with Zero experience in energy landed a high paying job at an energy company in the Ukraine.

    And later, his daddy, Robinette, jumped in to get rid of someone in Ukraine investigating the company that hired Hunter.

    Then, Robinette was on national tv bragging how he forced Ukraine to get rid of the investigator.

  34. Corruption runs deep in the democratic party and big business all of them greedy evil crooks.

    This goes deep and the Almighty God will not have it anymore.

    All will be exposed and those who are responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest for treason.

    Our Country is built on the foundation In God we Trust.

    He has His people positioned in all walks of life, that have the knowledge, experience and integrity to bring it to Light.

    Beware of the consequences of your unrighteous actions.

    Your greed and lust for power will swallow you up in your own covetness .

    Get behind me Satan.

    In Jesus mighty name amen

  35. Cindy, this isn’t anything new.

    It went on In McHenry county for years under Fat Al Jourdan.

    Cal, where’s the link to your relatively recent post how they tried to cheat you but forgot about part of your district being in Lake Co. and didn’t cheat enough to keep you out (that time)?

  36. Deborah Chandler, time to wake up and smell the coffee.

    God helps those who help themselves.

    The Country needs to be taken back.

    The Great Reaction is taking shape to fight the godless Great Reset.

    I pray for the day Zuckerberg, Gates, Bernie are pushing up daisies.

  37. I have watched “Absolute Proof” and Mary Fanning explaining how foreign intruders transmitted data to domestic computers.

    She even identified the computer ID targeted.

    My question is, “Were these computers part of the Dominion machine System”?

  38. D Chandler.

    On the money.

    I kneel for Jesus and stand for my flag.

    This is in God’s hands, and for those that want to run out in the name of revolution, God is in charge, not Man, Man never is.

    BTW unless some of you have forgotten and claim to know your biblical history, God has used Man to process his outcome…..

    Ahh. Moses, ahh…Noah…ahhh…David…ahhh..Saul (paul)…Daniel…Jacob…

    Get the picture (that was for Trexlers benefit).

    Unless anybody out there is God, then leave it to God, he will do the directing of straightening out the mess, or maybe this is indeed the beginning of end times..

    No one knows the hour…except God himself.

    Just be ready.


    God is timeless and his time table is NOT ours’.

    The bible tells us that we (Christians) will endure persecution.

    No hidden secrets in the Word…

  39. Want to get a response from those in power?

    80 million people should not pay their taxes.

    That’ll do it!

  40. There were 3 recounts in Georgia one of which was a hand count.

    The Governor and Secretary of State are Republicans.

    How do you explain that the results didn’t change with all of that?

  41. Trexler? Don’t discount Deborah. She has it right. Only God can straighten this out now. Anyone that fails to see that, is lost.

  42. And I’m hoping the same for you Trekker, you see I’m one of those godless atheist democrats, I don’t waste time praying.

  43. I see allot of “so now all of this info is out there who is going to do something about it?”

    If you are counting on someone else doing something about it then you are either lazy or stupid.

    Nothing will be done until YOU decide to pitch in and do your part to make change happen.

    Write letters, hold the media accountable, take office yourself.

    There are indeed non violent grassroot stirrings to take our country back happening NOW.

    Either help or stop whining and get out of the way.

  44. A lot of you complain about public education, and I agree with a lot of the complaints.

    The biggest problem is distraction from analytical thinking in math and science, in favor of what people feel and think and believe.

    That promotes the idea that passionately stated belief is the same as evidence.

    And that soil is where the Qanon foolishness, predictions of comets signaling endtimes, and the idea that election officials of both parties across the country conspired.

    You watch utoobs full of claims and devoid of evidence, and they suck you in because you want to believe.

  45. There is no question my 5th grade social studies teacher was right back in the 1970’s.

    Mr. Locasio said when asked if there would be a world war 3…”if some day this government is taken over it will be accomplished without combat” When asked what country would likely attempt this takeover he said “USSR or China”

    I remember being perplexed because I could not imagine millions of minds simultaneously allowing our country to be lost.

    My goodness folks WTF.

  46. Americans were not confident in a fair election process both before and after the 2020 Presidential Election. An NBC Poll in August of 2020 found the following:

    “Sixty-five percent of American adults who identify as a Republican or “lean Republican” are not confident in how the election will be held. That compares to 46 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaners who aren’t feeling confident about November’s results. A majority of independents — 56 percent — also aren’t confident in the election being conducted fairly and equally.”

    Americans’ distrust and concerns were proven correct after numerous accounts of fraud and irregularities in a number of States surfaced after the Nov 3, 2020 election.

    There were extensive voting irregularities and fraud in many States in the 2020 presidential election including in Penn, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin and this included poll watchers being denied access to ballot counting. Others were asked to leave and then video cameras captured boxes of ballots being brought in and put into a counting machine. Nevada had extensive fraud.

    The following sworn testimony was read into the record at a U.S. Senate Hearing on Dec 16, 2020 regarding voting irregularities. Attorney Jesse Binnall of the Trump Campaign provided this sworn testimony, under penalty of perjury, per evidence uncovered in Nevada after extensive and thorough investigations:

    In early August, 2020, the Nevada Legislature rushed and hastily made drastic changes to the Nevada election law by adopting a Bill known as AB4. It authorized universal mail-in voting without sufficient safeguards to authenticate voters or to insure that only one ballot was sent to each qualified registered voter. Consequences of this included (numbers rounded) :

    42,000 people voted more than once.

    1,500 dead people voted.

    19,000 people voted even though they did not live in Nevada. This does not include military voters or student voters.

    8,000 people voted from non-existent addresses.

    15,000 votes were cast from commercial or vacant addresses.

    4,000 non-citizens voted.

  47. Well I’m a firm believer THE True will Prevail

    HERE IT is all these LIES AN truths come flying out

    AMERICA is in turmoil AN HERE this truth comes out but they dont care because it’s coming out in a time when Americans cant tell the Truths from the Lies but that’s OK because Americans are not stupid

    AN IF you are a True Believer you know the Real Truth will Prevail

    AN NONE AN NOTHING is GOIN TO stop it when it happens this is just a piece of the puzzle WAIT TIL ALL of it Rizes its whole HEAD an it will just WATCH AN SEE!!!!

  48. Not a recount!!

    Recounting these faux votes will not produce the people’s vote.

    We need a hand written and fair and protected count from a NEW election.

    Americans need to know the truth and to be able to trust the system and government!!!



    Do that and I will believe the count!

    And isn’t that the science needed

  50. No rational person could watch the last 20 minutes of “absolute truth” and still have any doubts.

    We have a man in OUR WHITE HOUSE that has tens of millions of Chinese’ dollars —

    these people need OUSTED IMMEDIATELY.

  51. It just keeps getting better.

    In October the CCP company UBS llc. invested 400 million dollars into Dominion voting systems and now holds a 40 percent share of Dominion.

    Three of the board members for Dominion are CCP!

    Do you really think Lindsey Powell, Rudy Giuliani, or anybody else would be worried about 2.3 billion dollar defamation lawsuits against a company 40 percent owned by communists?

    It’s absolutely laughable!

    Yeah sue everybody China after killing 460,000 Americans with your non-transmissible virus that you lied about for 3 months until it was a full blown pandemic.

    Knock yourselves out!


  52. Oust the ones in the White House

    They stole our votes.

    It is an political Mob in the WH now.

  53. Several of us saw vote switching in real time on CNN.

    It wasn’t just the President that it happened to.

    I contacted Judicial Watch, FOX and the Supreme Court although I don’t know what they did with the information.

    I do know they have talked about it on FOX so there are people aware of it.

    If there was no fraud, why didn’t the Democrats agree to let everything be checked.

    Biden even said, months before the election, that they had an excellent fraud group assembled.

    They did little to no campaigning and won?

    It makes no sense.

    I will never believe Biden won, legally.

  54. For sale Dominion voting machine $19 eBay

    Can’t wait to start the recalls here in Arizona
    Recall Secretary of State
    Recall Mark Kelly
    Recall Christina Cinema

  55. Hello everyone,

    I believe the fraud and thought the evidence shown in “Absolute Proof” astounding.

    I have been following these investigations and hearings from the legal campaigns since it began.

    There are a couple questions I have though that I can’t figure out.

    1st Question is about hand recounts.

    When they do a hand recount are they counting the original paper ballots or the images created by the scanners?

    2nd With all of the vote switching (there are several videos that show various examples of this) wouldn’t a recount of the ballots expose this?

    And how does all the fake or ballot stuffing that is claimed coincide with it so the numbers match during recounts?

    It seems the recounts would reveal the totals to be way off.

    3rd Once paper ballots are scanned so that the ballot image is created what then happens to the paper ballots?

    Are they kept for 22 months?

  56. I’m with TEXAS if it is not good enough for TEXAS its not good enough for the rest of the USA!

  57. Wow, métis skinwalker.

    Your comment at 02/06/2021 at 8:18 am is pretty bad.

    I think you might be a nazi.

  58. @InnocentPrimate: You got the primate part right, buddy.


    Yea, like a fool.

  59. This MUST become public knowledge!

    Once verified by ??

    In our DOJ/FBI the election must be over-turned.

    If this is not accomplished America is lost – period.

    It is obvious that corrupt billionaires and China are controlling our elections.

    My Congressmen have this info, now will they take action – everyone out there contact their Congressmen NOW!

  60. Everyone watching the video please forward to TEN friends & request they send to 10 friends, etc.

    America will know the truth!

  61. If this happened to the democrats there would have been 24/7 news cycles on mainstream media and full public investigations buy the DOJ.

    It’s outrageous that this is not the case.

    Instead the censorship and hypocrisy is so thick. We cannot survive as a country if we can’t expose the truth and make it right.

    I say to the left your man may have gotten elected (unlawfully) but whether you are democrat, republican or independent this is a crime and needs a transparent investigation and fair resolution

  62. All of those MAC addresses shown by Mary Fanning are invalid – the first three portions of the MAC address identifies the vendor.

    It clearly shows the data was all made up.

  63. The video is very compelling but court cases need to be brought at the county level everywhere using this data.

    the data needs to be accepted as evidence and investigated fully.

    I truly believe that China would hack our election; so buy nothing from China ever is what I’m doing

  64. It’s sad that many Trunp supporters believe this garbage.

    Georgia ballots were counted by hand twice and gave same result as machines.

    DOJ and Homeland Security found no evidence of cybersecurity interference.

  65. I didn’t follow the Georgia recount. Were the ballots counted by hand or were they just run through the machines again?

  66. Cal: There was a machine count initially and then all of the ballots in the entire state were counted by hand.

    Both counts produced essentially the same results as the election results.

    So that should end any further allegations that the Dominion software was “rigged”.

    Dominion software was used by every county in the state.

    The decision on what software to use is county by county so most other states used some combination of softward companies throughout their state.

  67. Would like to know the source of these transactions.

    being a network security professional I would love to know where this traffic was captured.

    Considering the number of end points listed in the report, I question the validity.

    Let’s hear an explanation as to how this report was built.

  68. Contrary to what the other poster (Communist) is trying to claim about “all”the MAC Addresses being invalid (there are thousands of pages).

    I don’t know what he is looking at, or if his OSINT is that weak, but every MAC I have checked out has pointed back to the destination listed in Mary Fannings documents.

  69. Scytl strongly denies the false information related to the U.S. elections

    November 13, 2020 | General

    In view of the information published by some sources about Scytl’s involvement in alleged electoral fraud in the United States, the company would like to clarify that:

    1) Scytl has NO presence in Frankfurt, Germany

    The U.S. military has not seized anything related to Scytl in Frankfurt, Barcelona or anywhere else. The company does not even have offices in Frankfurt and does not have servers or computers in the German city.

    Servers in Frankfurt were used for a specific project for the European Parliament in 2019. These back-up servers were closed in September 2019.

    The technologies implemented by Scytl in the United States are hosted and managed within the United States by our local subsidiary, SOE Software, based in Tampa, Florida.

    The company currently has offices in: Spain, France, Greece, the US, Canada, and Australia.

    Associated Press published on November 14 an article debunking the fake news.

    2) Scytl did NOT provide any electronic voting machines to US jurisdictions and does NOT tabulate, tally or count votes in US public elections.

    These are the products Scytl provided to city, county, and state clients across the United States:

    Election Night Reporting (ENR): ENR is a platform that provides visual representation of votes that have been tabulated by state and local elections officials.

    Online Election Worker Training: Scytl works with election offices to take their already-created training content and put it into an online learning management system. All of the content for this training is provided and fully approved by each individual client.

    Online Voter Education: A website for election officials to provide important election information to voters before, during, and after an election. All content on these websites is provided and approved by each individual client.

    Electronic Ballot Delivery (eBD): A platform that allows state election offices to securely deliver ballots to UOCAVA voters. Each state has different laws and regulations regarding who can request a ballot through this system, and how that ballot can be returned. eBD does NOT allow voters to vote online and does NOT tabulate, tally, or count votes.

    3) Scytl has NO political affiliation

    Scytl has no political affiliations of any kind. Scytl has corporate policies prohibiting direct or indirect financial contributions by the company or its employees to candidates, political parties or PACs (political action committees).
    George Soros has no stake in the company and has never been connected to it.

    Scytl has no relationship with Smartmatic, SGO, Dominion or Indra.

    Scytl is not connected in any way with the Russian Government.

    4) US Elections are safe and secure:

    Scytl has not reported any incidents during the election.

    In addition, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have revealed that:

    The tabulation processes are protected by various safeguards that help ensure the accuracy of election results.
    The November 3rd elections was the most secure election in the history of the United States.

  70. I agree with Mike Spinney.

    These election shenanigans are not news.

    But data like this is gold if it can be validated.

    I’d like to know also how the actual chronological transfer was captured as well as the content of that transfer – the flipped votes.

    If this can’t be revealed for security reasons, I’d settle for a copy of the file to see for myself and to do some further interrogation.

  71. Jack Dorsey & Mark Zuckerberg BOTH know Mary Fanning is 100% accurate — they will both go down in history as 2 of the worst traitors in U.S. history.

  72. Safe and secure? ?

    Ask citizen in California about that—-

    hackers walk through U.S. technology like they were screen doors.

    Billions stolen while assholes like John Barber preach “safe and secure”


  73. Hey guys, I used IP location lookup for several of the listed IP addresses.

    They all match the given location in the data.

    The IP addresses are all real and correct!

    check for yourselves at, use the IP location lookup tool.

    It looks like our election was hacked and not by Russia…..

  74. Some one needs to step up. jesse waters, Devin Nunes, kevin McCharthy.

    Capitol switch board Phone#2022243121

    We can’t let this go uncovered!!

  75. I hope all of this REALLY comes out.

    What I dont understand is why no court would touch this before the inauguration of the old man they put in the Whitehouse. Had the republicans picked someone that old and decreped, it would have been labeled elder abuse.

    This runs so deep that if not really exposed, Trump is right, “you wont have a country”.

    Not sure how you beat corruption…squashing the honest hard working people is their goal.

    Hoping for a day of real conservatuve media.

    Maybe Trump will start his own after the impeachment sham is over.

  76. Fraud fully documented.

    Unshakable proof.

    Time to arrest the treasonous Americans and install the rightful President!

  77. This is a spiritual fight….and the Creator needs to step in….sending His Death Angel over the entire world and strike down the followers of Satan who corrupted our 2020 election.

    We need to continue in prayer….until the prayer bowl is full and judgment poured out on the wicked….giving the Creator 100% of the credit for smashing corruption in America’s 2020 election.

    Biden’s executive orders are without authority and need to be stricken from our records.

    As humans we have no idea who has been corrupted by Satan and sold out to a Godless Satan following government….but the Creator in His omniscience….knows even their thoughts and (what they perceive as secret plans).



  78. Where did the document that shows time stamps and ip address, etc come from?

    DID I MISS IT or did they not tell?

    If the ‘absolute truth’ is not verifiable or even referenced what good is it?

    I know that we live in a sinful world and there is a lot of conspiracy taking place all over BUT WE HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DOCUMENT AND PROVE EVERYTHING WE SAY, PEOPLE!

    Anyone know?

  79. George shaw —- they sure did.

    Listen more closely to russ Ramslin.

    Guy in the red tie.

  80. Nothing will be done,
    My vote was not counted
    This lying thief is writing executive orders each day and took down the wall and put a turnstile instead
    Freedom Road, BLM, Antifa are not terrorist groups say D. Antonio Parkinson. When is marshal law to be implemented by the feds? This is tiring day in and day out to watch these violent psychotic factions funded by many- George Soros included Xiden condoned the American communist party yesterdays news . I hate to see this happen but what can I do? The police can’t even get cooperation
    The people that are being built up as heroes and martyrs had been high on drugs at the time of their deaths with gun and drug multiple felonies for each CEO of these criminal orgs Biden must be arrested our country is taken over right now as you read this there is no more freedom we had a great President that did great thing with the Abraham accord the leftist media- we need paid mercenaries to bring the nations protest to a halt shutdown the media reinstate president Trump
    Nothing will happen American is not here while that hologram is in the WH there is not free speech freedom of assembly protection on campus or in any city we allowed this imposter in my vote doesn’t count their crew in that dem party and the republican traders should be in Gitmo. There is no solution the constitution is being rewritten for gun ownership recently it show not be changed at all that should be a treasonable offense. Because the big tech has silenced President Trumps censorship and the media biase fails to quell the witch hunt that president trump was exonerated twice from. It’s a rigged election Biden’s crack smoking overpaid son ect ect lies to the law school about his score groping and inappropriate touching on film
    This nightmare will bankrupt all of us just so Pelosi Schumer Schiff ect all get their PPP loan money
    This stinks if any of this is true
    I don’t have a vote that counts how can I trust our country won’t tank so what’s my option to be a vigilante
    It’s no gonna happen watching people abuse and kill other Americans is getting old seniors being shoved punched or raped
    Nothing doe about cuomo killing 12,000 seniors covid killer and the communist de blasio weilheim of life was fair Mr Bloomberg and Ray Kelly had NYC on lock and the crime that’s 205 percent higher than 1976 would be down
    In a fairer situation Bill De Blasio and his millions squandered by chirlane’s faux programs – they should be in federal prison what a terrible nation spraying graphitti turning over statues this country is off balance too many radicals and anarchistics are being givin freedom murderers and gang members allowed to return and terrorize our citizens people are shut out of shelters that are Americans they are sleeping anywhere San Francisco is destroyed because of Nancy whose rich stealing shady real estate deals eating ice cream and getting her hair and nails done during lockdown hypocrite along with nephew Gavin party at the vineyard they own whatever the lying media says who the hell knows what the plan is maybe besides covid it’s to kill us all with stressful negative news everyday I have no trust in anything at this point in my life perhaps if it can’t be resolved turn off the news and wait for tragedy since all my rights are being taken away by allow this thief CCP figurehead working for 47 years away from this WH and two aneurysm surgeries on his brain, we are on auto pilot doesn’t matter what I say I’m just mimicking what I read when I’m gone I won’t be missed much but I know when I’m being swindled and if I was in a position of authority things would work for the betterment of all those who believe in truth but I’m a face in the crowd it’s too bad people shut Michael lindel out “my pillow” the man has proof and not he’s pushed out by bullies nothing new Mr. Trump is an excellent business entrepreneur for many years I went to have my “Art of the deal”’book signed before he was ever president he has a terrific sense of humor and should by all right be entitled to bring all the people who turned on him and tried to get him in trouble for nothing to justice the FBI and CIA were taping him so he could never get cooperation from his subordinates before the White House nonsense he was a force in New York his 160 Spring st development had people running to the opportunity to buy in NYC right now people can’t run out of that city fast enough -Biden doesn’t belong in the White House or Harris who wants to punish those who didn’t vote Democrat
    I guess I really don’t know if this is real or just another way to piss people off after I’m done writing I’m tossing my tv radio an phone and reading a book before that’s gone too. What a lousy 2years bio weapon virus and ugly news
    Whatever there is no one suggesting a solution billionaires can’t solve it I’m a nobody I have no power to stop anyone from hurting me my friends my family our beliefs our rights our culture our language and the border is open thanks to what’s his face I want to ignore him forever he needs to go to a nursing skilled care he’s no this country’s president if the election has been stolen – NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW prove the election was stolen
    Whatever it doesn’t matter unless you’re Katie Steinie and your home gets turned into a sanctuary city the biggest criminal is the group that allowed the illegal alien murderer walk free – Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson all fiction because right now currently there is no justice

  81. It’s been reported that Cyber security experts have verified all the IP addresses that Mary Fanning presented in ABSOLUTE PROOF.

  82. OMG you guys are all nuts.

    I guess you truly believe that on Sept 3, 2020, all of the state Secretary Of States all got together and decided which states would go for trump, and which for Biden, and then got the thousands of people who took part in this conspiracy to swear an oath of secrecy.

    It is truly amazing that this occurred in such a way that nobody, not even Fox news is reporting it.

    But then again, you all believe that your orange god is a good man, not a racist that he is proven to be, and not sexist and that he never cheated on his first wife with his second, his second with his third, and his third with a porn star that he then paid off to keep quiet.

  83. Nice timing on your post especially after McHenry County just had a bunch of “errors” and they did last year and the year before and the year before…

    Maricopa County will be doing a recount soon and they had a lot of trouble finding a place to do it because of rioters threatening to interfere.

    But sure it was a clean election!

    Ignore the thousands of problems in the primaries and caucuses too!

  84. Where can the original file(s) that list: the source-destination IP addresses of the targeted voting machines be obtained?

    Can anyone find it?

  85. Wisconsin has a response to Mary Fanning’s allegation’s on there website.

    They also state on the website that they are not connected to the internet, but looked at the allegation’s anyhow.

    The IP address’s did not go anywhere or not to where she said.

    There was certain counties she said that had higher voter registration.

    The only county I can remember was Adam’s.

    Of all the counties she mentioned, they had lower voter registration than she had, plus they went for Trump.

    So what did she want them to do?

    Link to Election’s response of “ABSOLUTE PROOF”…….

  86. If you watched the cyber symposium on they explained why the audits that were done weren’t legit.

    When you have the same percent of registered voters of each individual age voting in every county in a state you know something crooked is going on.

    If everything was legit they would be turning over the voting machines because there wouldn’t be anything to hide.

  87. And in Wisconsin our governor is telling the people to ignore the audit requests.

    Why would you do that if there is nothing to hide? As a citizen I want to know our elections were fair.

  88. 🔴It is an absolute fact that the FBI, DOJ, FEC, DHS, DOD, DOE, Are all guilty of voter fraud, by censoring & demanding Google Twitter LinkedIn, YouTube, IG, all LIED & COVERED FOR BIDEN, WHILE AT SAME TIME THEY ACTUALLY COLLUDDED WITH RUSSIA & PAID CHRISTOPHER STEELE $1,000,000 TO CREATE A FAKE DOSSIER..






    AND WHATS AMAZING THE BLUE PING BALLS WITH ONLY 15% left to vote last night ….

    Well even though they had a trending steady count of 65 to 45 % total / for the blue balls to win they would have had to be 95 to 5% for the blue balls to overtake the red balls with only 15% needed to be counted

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