Algonquin Township Republicans Gather for Fundraiser

What follows are photos sent by some in attendance:

Organizer John Reinert, Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman, stands while Jacobs High School student Brett Corrigan chats with Bill Weber.
A shot of some of the crowd.
Newly-appointed County Board member Jeff Schwartz.
Mayor of Bensenville Frank DeSimone in the foreground.
Michael Rein and Karen Tirio.
Brett Corrigan and County Board Chairman Mike Buehler.
Algonquin Township Trustee candidate Theresa Fronczak, Glen Swanson and Trustee Millie Medendorp.
Another crowd shot.
State Rep. Marty McLaughlin is surrounded by Tony Colatori, owner of Algonquin’s Cucina Bella, Township Trustee candidate Theresa Fronczak, Township Highway Commissioner candidate Danijela Sandberg and Bensenville Mayor Frank DeSimone.
Karen and Joe Tirio.
County Board member Tom Wilbeck, Theresa Decker, John Reinhert and Theresa Fronczak.
Tom Wilbeck and John Reinert.


Algonquin Township Republicans Gather for Fundraiser — 19 Comments

  1. Very spotty mask wearing.

    Some worn with noses not covered.

    98% of all infections come through the nose.

  2. Wonderful examples from many of our elected “leaders.”

    Only a few masks, some worn improperly.

    Even the high school student, who is least at risk for complications from COVID, is shown maskless while conversing with those who are at a far greater risk of serious problems from the disease.

  3. fifty cents has been deposited into your social credit account.

  4. Because science, a paper mask does not protect your nose or mouth from small viruses like Covid.

    But you know that or you probably still think we are only a couple Days away from completing our 53rd week of two weeks to flatten the curve.


    Need to change your handle to Pseudo Science.

    Seriously you should do some real research if you’re not political and just this uneducated you may find yourself in a bunker in no time.

    There’s no escaping infection.

  5. @ Froggy I don’t use a paper mask.

    I use an N95 plus another physician designed cloth mask with an insert for a filter.

    The curve is not going to be flattened, and that is not really the issue.

    The issue is keeping the maximum number of people alive until they are able to get vaccinated.

    With the new strains, prior exposure may not be protective so everyone needs to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

    Due to the unbelievable mismanagement by Trump, the vaccine rollout has been delayed and fractured so in the meantime we need to observe masking, distancing, and AVOID CONGREGATE SETTINGS (like unnecessary political fundraisers) as much as possible.

    Local elected officials should be setting a good example, not a BAD ONE.

    Mask wearing is not a political statement.

    Mask wearing is not a political statement.

    Mask wearing is not a political statement.

  6. when will all you wake up covid is a scam its a scamdemic the mask is a scam …it does nothing

    then people pose for pictures wearing masks…come on folks think about it

  7. Pseudo Science lol.

    You guys got yourself good and worked up on this one.

    Lots of fear so little science.

    So I get you are wearing the surgical type.

    Good for you.

    But that means you know cloth coverings and paper do no good.

    So yea Karen, mask wearing is political, you are politicizing it.

    You should be trolling Costco not GOP fundraisers letting useful idiots know That science says walking around with napkins and bandannas on your mouth makes no sense.

    They are at risk

    And Mainly for respiratory disease due to the bacteria they are breathing from their own bodies.

    The “educated Karen’s seem to want it both ways, Lol love the new one, about new strains and the idiocy of ignoring the two weeks to flatten the curve so no one gets a highly contagious increasingly benign virus.

    You really believe an unproven biological agent they are masking as a vaccine is any more effective than say 50-75%?

    Of it is what about the new strains?

    What now?

    Given the 99.99% chance of the population surviving why would science loving Dems purposefully infect elderly in New York other than to save on pension payments or in Illinois deny this “life saving” experimental biological agent from the known at risk groups and instead give to prisoners.

    Boy the science is amazing.

    To quote one of my favorite movies”you’re Kiling me smalls”.

    Now cover your ears rock back and forth and keep repeating “ mask wearing is not political” .


  8. Wearing a mask is responsible. But,realize that even an expert originally gave bad advice on this matter.

    At a US Senate Committee hearing covering Health, the renowned Dr Fauci, in late Feb or early Mar of 2020, said in testimony that masks were not necessary to wear.

    Why was that?

    Aren’t experts in epidomology (sp) supposed to be the most knowledgeable and protecting we Americans?

    The buffoon we now have in the white house strongly criticized Trump’s action to ban travel to and from China in early 2020. The virus originated in China.

  9. It was irresponsible for a political candidate, much less one running for the school board, to host a congregate event at this particular time and even more irresponsible for local elected public officials to attend.

    I know it is hard to run a campaign without doing this but there are ways and other candidates have done them.

    Meanwhile, what is her position on the main issue that is really relevant to the school board, the fact that schools account for up to 70% of the property taxes and what she would do to rein that in?

  10. Science is a moron!

    Which science are you looking at?

    Only the one you want to believe just like the so called climate change science!

    You blame Trump, which is another joke, but it’s up to the Governor’s to distribute!

    Pritzker is over his head!

    Biden has been in for a month almost and has done nothing but make things worse!

  11. I keep my mask in my coat pocket, where it does the most good.

  12. We need to elect/nominate Danijela Sandberg for Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner.

    Derek Lee, Son in law of 3rd generation Highway Commissioner, Robert Miller, is waiting in the weeds to run as an Independent in the April Consolidated Election.

    Remember. Danijela must win the Republican nomination in February in order to move on to the April Consolidated election and rid the Township of nepotism and patronage.

  13. Spectator who are you fooling?

    The entire township system is corrupt.

    Just get rid of it like Iowa did in the 1940s.

  14. Is spectator’s comment accurate or false?

    I thought candidates had to already submit paperwork for the April election and Derek Lee’s name is nowhere to be found.

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