Paul Schimpf Announces Candidacy for GOP Nomination for Governor

From former State Senator Paul Schrimpf:


Paul Schimpf

CHICAGO – Today, Paul Schimpf, former State Senator, Marine Corps Veteran, and the lead American attorney advisor to the Iraqi Prosecutors in the trial of Saddam Hussein announced he is running for Governor of Illinois in a Zoom press conference.

He also aired an announcement video before starting a 2-day press tour throughout Illinois.

During his live zoom announcement, Senator Schimpf said,

“Illinois needs a Governor who understands the day-to-day challenges that we all face, a Governor who will live by the same rules that the rest of us follow, and, most importantly, a Governor who will stand up to the entrenched special interest groups who have severely damaged our state.”

Schimpf also noted that while other people have been leaving Illinois, he along with his wife and two sons returned to Illinois and will always call it home.

In a much needed positive message to the people of Illinois, Schimpf stated,

“As I start this campaign, I am going to make a pledge to work hard, tell the truth, and keep my promises. But I am also requesting your help, as well.

“Together, we can renew Illinois. Renewing Illinois will not be easy. It will take trust, leadership, and sacrifice. But make no mistake, renewal is possible if we work together and believe in the future of our state.”

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Paul Schimpf Announces Candidacy for GOP Nomination for Governor — 20 Comments

  1. First impression:

    He’s Adam Kinzinger’s candidate for governor, as he makes no reference to America First or Donald Trump.

    Given McHenry County’s Gary Rabine is the clear, Trump/MAGA candidate, not surprising a 20 year Veteran of the USMC, JAG officer who follows the Adam Kinzinger career path, would be Kinzinger’s pick.

    Definitely an honorable man, proving his love of country through his 20 years as a Marine.

    It’ll be interesting to watch, especially if/when State Senator Darren Bailey joins the race.

  2. John do you actually have any facts to back your claim or is it just conjecture?

  3. The conjecture, stated as a “first impression” in my comment, has to do with Adam Kinzinger.

    Known fact, Rabine was the most vocal pro-Trump of the announced/possible gubernatorial candidates.

    I learned about Mr. Schimpf by information presented on his campaign website, and what was not there.

    Hope that answers your question.

  4. “First impression: He’s Adam Kinzinger’s candidate for governor, as he makes no reference to America First or Donald Trump.”

    You may be reading into something that is not there. Unless Kinzinger has officially endorsed this guy,

    I don’t think it’s fair to make a statement like that with such flimsy evidence.

    Why would he talk about America First or Donald Trump when he’s running for state level office?

    Perhaps he is “Kinzinger’s candidate for governor,” but I’ll withhold judgement until I see something more convincing.

    Shimpf, Rabine, possibly Bailey, possibly Mancow…

    I’m thinking this field is already stronger than the 2020 Republican field for U.S. Senate.

    Some union people in Chicago figured out Schimpf is running and they seem unhappy.
    Chicago Federation of Labor

    Paul Schimpf opposed increasing the minimum wage, the Rebuild IL infrastructure plan, raising teacher pay, expanding collective bargaining rights, and more.

    Only a 35% lifetime voting record from the
    . Illinois workers can do better.

  5. How did Trump do in McHenry County?

    Quite poor compared to other Republicans countywide.

    Whether you’re a Trump supporter or not Schimpf came to McHenry County a few times when running for AG.

    Statewide Republicans have to tow a fine line in Illinois.

    You have to have the Trump supporters but the never Trumpers are looking for someone with fighting spirit just not Trump’s personality.

    Is Schimpf that guy.

    Rabine is going to be hardcore Trumper which will be a loser in the GE if he gets through.

  6. I don’t know who will be the right one to win in the GOP, but they had better get their act together and nominate just ONE to rally around.

    Shrimp and Rabine sounds like a meal.

    If Shrimp is a pal of Zinger, he is doomed, he had better denounce Adam right away.

  7. 2016 GOP primary results:

    Donald Trump – 40.4%
    Ted Cruz – 25.9%
    John Kasick – 21.3%
    Marco Rubio – 9.7%
    All others – under 1%

  8. Well between him and Rabine we may stand a chance now that the kahn is gone we can now get rid of another law breaker holding office.

  9. Nope.

    No way, no how.

    Wrong for Illinois Republicans.

    Plus, what I know about him, I don’t like.

    And, with the insurrection we just witnessed and learning so many of the insurrectionists had been military, can’t trust him.


  10. Ah, yes.

    He was in the military, and some military people were at the capitol, therefore ALL military people are bad!

    Congratulations, William, you have posted the DUMBEST thing on this blog in at least a week.

    That is a real accomplishment.

  11. Stick a fork in his campaign, it’s dead!

    “Schimpf says Trump ‘had his day in court,’ and ‘did not win’ 2020 election”

    “Schimpf also broke with former Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and said he thought the U.S. Supreme Court “wrongly decided” the case of Janus vs. AFSCME when the high court ruled in favor of an Illinois state worker who objected to paying non-member union dues.”

  12. “Shimpf, Rabine, possibly Bailey, possibly Mancow…

    I’m thinking this field is already stronger than the 2020 Republican field for U.S. Senate.”

    When I wrote that, I realized it was a low bar but sincerely thought this was turning out to be an okay field.

    Now I’m not sure it is even a stronger field than that weak senate field from 2020.

    Bailey is a nice man and people cheered when he sued Pritzker, but he would do poorly in the Chicago metro area because of his accent and for talking about religion so much.

    Southern Illinois is like a different world than up here and about 2/3 Illinoisans live in the Chicago area.

    The math is against him.

    He’d probably lose to Pritzker in a landslide.

    Schimpf has more potential in a general election but is giving himself a lot of problems in the primary.

    Saying Janus was wrongly decided is losing him support.

    Saying Trump had his day in court and lost is going to tick off a lot of Republicans who still stand with Trump and think the election was stolen.

    Has Schimpf ever aired his criticism of Janus before?

    If so, most Republicans disagree with him.

    If not, why say it years later when you’re running in a GOP primary?

    What the heck is this guy thinking in terms of strategy?

    So now I am questioning his judgement as well as wondering whether he is compromised by the Brady-types in the GOP.

    Rabine would also likely do better than Bailey in a general election.

    My concern about Rabine is having no legislative experience.

    They’re going to grill him hard on wonky stuff, and if he doesn’t do his homework they will make him look dumb and unprepared.

    Bailey is a state senator and Schimpf is a former state senator so they would be more prepared.

    Plus Rabine pals around with those TPUSA people and that’s a red flag if you know anything about that group, the key people in that group, the (in)effectiveness of that group, and its donors.

    Mancow has not made anything official so I’ll hold off saying anything negative about him, but it’s really easy to imagine what those things would be.

    I can’t see Pritzker getting a serious opponent in the primary either.

    It’s not looking good for people who want to see Pritzker out of office.

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