Riot Inquiry, But No Look at Election Machines

Top story in the Chicago Tribune this Monday is about Democrats’ desire for what will undoubtedly be called the “Riot Commission,”

The Tribune article says such a probe would provide “a definitive government-backed accounting of events.”

I image skeptics of the Kennedy assassination and the 9-11 commissions might get a smile from that by Associate Press reporter Hope Yen’s bold assertion.

But, what about the large proportion of the American electorate who would like an in-depth investigation of the accuracy of voting machines and legitimacy of ballot counting?

Those who have questions, some of which are raised in Mike Lindell’s two-hour exploration:

Best Evidence of National Voting Machine Fraud


Riot Inquiry, But No Look at Election Machines — 24 Comments

  1. Although a commission to study the voting machines and software would be fine, people should bear in mind before they go off on wild conspiracty theories, that there was a HAND COUNT of ALL of the votes in Georgia which produced essentially the same results as the machine count.

    That should be definitive.

    If you don’t think so, explain why.

  2. Imagine comparing this to 9/11.

    Just look at the death tolls.

    One was nearly 3000 the other was 5 including a few medical emergencies like heart attack and stroke.

    How much money is the government going to WASTE on this investigation and will they just cover up what happened anyway like the 9/11 commission report did???

  3. Why would anyone support investigations based solely upon partisan political conspiracy theories lacking any shred of supportive evidence and, indeed, contradicted by the testaments of election officials (Democratic and Republican) and the pronouncements of judges (including Trump appointees) ?

  4. How about a commission investigating all the BLM and Antifa riots?

    Or Hillary’s emails.

    Or the murder of Seth Rich and/or the Vince Foster murders?

    Or Benghazi?

    Or Biden’s foreign scams with the Red Chinese or Ukraine?

    Or Hunter Biden’s laptop?

    Or Clapper’s lies to Congress, under oath?

    Or Brennan’s involvement in framing General Flynn?

    Or who shorted the American Airlines and United stock 2 days before 9/11?

    Or the conversation between Bill Clinton and the corrupt DOJ chief on the tarmac?

    Or Epstein’s death and John Roberts’ closet lifestyle?

  5. Guess you didn’t view the HBO documentary on machine problems in the 2004 election.

  6. A signature audit is what needed to be done for all mail in ballots.

    Then you can say there was no fraud.

    Machines should be looked into as well.

    o a full investigation and see where it goes.

    If there was fraud or mistakes needs to be fixed going forward.

    But with the way this election happened because of pandemic it was at best a debacle.

    Laws were broken in Penn where how voting changed by the governor and not the legislature.

    If Science can’t understand that then your the problem

  7. Cal Skinner

    No one questions the susceptibility of e-voting systems to hacking.

    But the fact of susceptibility proves nothing about the 2020 election.

    (The HBO documentary was about problems 16 years ago in localized areas with different voting machines. And by the way, did such documentary illustrate that such hacking actually occurred and impacted election results as opposed to merely being possible ?)

    And how about addressing BecauseScience’s point.

    If the irregularities were so pervasive as to impact the results of a national election, how is it that a state-wide hand-count in Georgia (and on a more limited basis in Arizona and Michigan) revealed no significant disparities ?

  8. Martin

    Did you actually read the story ?

    The GOP donor wants his money back because he thinks he was “had”.

    Good luck with that.

    I think a remark by Charlton Heston comes to mind.

  9. I have posted my “Georgia Challenge” a half dozen times here and no one has so much as taken a stab at responding to it.

    How do you explain the results of hand counts if the machines were “rigged” as you say?


  10. I did read the story.

    That was the point.

    He is not the first millionaire to be duped.

    The idea that rich people are smarter or more capable than middle class or poor people is wrong.

  11. Martin

    And now that donor is suing “True The Vote”, the group that solicited such funds. (In truth, the group got the first word in its name wrong, although it rhymes with “true”.)

    “The organisation, which was founded back in 2010 by a Tea Party activist and has pushed for stricter voter ID laws, filed cases alleging voter fraud in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – but later abandoned all four, according to a Washington Post report that reviewed previously unseen court documents.”

    Golly, it’s better than the Keystone Kops.

    I can’t wait for the movie.

  12. A riot inquiry is in order. From various news sources, it appears that the riot was planned well in advance of Jan 6th, 2021. Also, law enforcement agencies were getting bits and pieces of information well before Jan 6th about the riot plans. What did they know, when did they know it and WHY did they not have adequate forces and their own plans in place to counter the riot before it even started. A riot commission needs to do a thorough investigation.

  13. It did show negative results for a candidate in one county.

    My belief is that there is enough smoke to warrant a deep look in many states.

  14. Ah NO more like the Cheater Regime…

    lets not beat around the bush here, that is what it is…

    just like the CHINA Virus…

    stop mincing words…

    the Gov’s passed along with judges laws that ONLY THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA HAD THE RIGHT TO DECIDE / Vote ON they instituted an unlawful voting system that compiled with the cheating machines = “CHEATING” plain and simple and our S.C. system did nothing to help the people …


    Karma is coming…

    sometime around i’m sure…

  15. As far as what happened on January 6th, Congress should appoint a special prosecutor and take the inquiry out of the hands of Congress.

    A special prosecutor could then interview/depose all the relevant parties and do it outside of “political” bias.

    Supposedly AOC was warned of the infiltration into the Capitol about 10 days before the surge.

    How did she know?

    Who else knew it would happen?

    Also, on January 7th I watched an interview with a French journalist, who stated that she was told by a member of the Capitol Police that several officers were told not to come in on the 6th.

    Something is not right.

    Pelosi is in charge of the House.

    The Turtle is in charge of the Senate.

    Did they know this would be happening?

    From the New York Post — ” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi abruptly shut down a reporter Thursday after being asked about GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham’s threat to call in FBI agents to testify about who planned the Capitol riot last month if Democrats call witnesses in former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

    “Your question is a waste of time,” Pelosi told the reporter during her weekly news briefing on Capitol Hill.”

    To sum it up, if Congress investigates, it would be like me investigating myself —

    It has to be done by an impartial body.

  16. Americans were not confident in a fair election process both before and after the 2020 Presidential Election. An NBC Poll in August of 2020 found the following:

    “Sixty-five percent of American adults who identify as a Republican or “lean Republican” are not confident in how the election will be held. That compares to 46 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaners who aren’t feeling confident about November’s results. A majority of independents — 56 percent — also aren’t confident in the election being conducted fairly and equally.”

    Americans’ distrust and concerns were proven correct after numerous accounts of fraud and irregularities in a number of States surfaced after the Nov 3, 2020 election.

    There were extensive voting irregularities and fraud in many States in the 2020 presidential election including in Penn, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin and this included poll watchers being denied access to ballot counting. Others were asked to leave and then video cameras captured boxes of ballots being brought in and put into a counting machine. Nevada had extensive fraud.

    The following sworn testimony was read into the record at a U.S. Senate Hearing on Dec 16, 2020 regarding voting irregularities. Attorney Jesse Binnall of the Trump Campaign provided this sworn testimony, under penalty of perjury and jail sentence, per evidence uncovered in Nevada after extensive and thorough investigations:

    In early August, 2020, the Nevada Legislature rushed and hastily made drastic changes to the Nevada election law by adopting a Bill known as AB4. It authorized universal mail-in voting without sufficient safeguards to authenticate voters or to insure that only one ballot was sent to each qualified registered voter. Consequences of this included (numbers rounded) :

    42,000 people voted more than once.

    1,500 dead people voted.

    19,000 people voted even though they did not live in Nevada. This does not include military voters or student voters.

    8,000 people voted from non-existent addresses.

    15,000 votes were cast from commercial or vacant addresses.

    4,000 non-citizens voted.

    Within the last month Senator Lindsay Graham said that he was going to initiate investigations into voting irregularities of various States sometime this year.

    Americans must demand elimination of all early voting and most absentee ballots. Voting should be in person on one designated election day with many new safeguards in place such as voter photo ID in all States.

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