Lesperance Retains Nunda Township Road Commissioner Position, Parrish Coalition Captures Control of Township Board

The hot contest in the Nunda Township was for Highway Commissioner.

Facing off for the second time was challenger Eric Dowd against incumbent Mike Lesperance.

Dowd had more mailings, but Lesperance must have built up a base of support over his years in office to offset Dowd’s postal onslaught.

The election returns for Road Commissioner are below:

Mike Lesperance best Eric Dowd by 119, as of election night. The vote was 952-833.

The other contested election was for Township Trustee.

Six candidates were running for four slots.

The Township Board consists of five members–the four Trustees and the Supervisor.

The incumbent coalition consisted of

  • Karen Tynis (an elected incumbent)
  • Justin Franzke (unsuccessful 2017 Assessor candidate, appointed to replace Ed Dvorak, who resigned early on)
  • Mark Daniel, prominent Republican Precinct Committeeman
  • Robert Koidahl about whom I know nothing

They faced off against a team of three, which included

  • Rob Parrish, incumbent who narrowly lost a Road Commissioner race against Lesperance two elections ago
  • Tim Parrish, incumbent
  • Johanna Donahue, President of the Crystal Lake Service League

What might be characterized as the “Parrish team” emerged victorious, along with Tynis, as the following results show:

Mark Daniel is running in fifth place, 32 votes behind Tim Parrish as of Election Day.

The other Nunda Township candidates ran unopposed and are as good as elected, because Democrats filed no candidates in opposition.

  • Supervisor – Leda Bobera-Drain
  • Clerk – Joni Smith
  • Assessor – Mark Dzemske


Lesperance Retains Nunda Township Road Commissioner Position, Parrish Coalition Captures Control of Township Board — 17 Comments

  1. Maybe the next board will clip Iron Mickey’s batlike wings, like they did in McHenry Township.

  2. Why does this moron insist on calling himself “Iron Mike”?

    I don’t know anything about the man but would vote against him based on that alone.

    How come his opponent didn’t call himself “Iron Eric”?

  3. Mark Daniel would have made an excellent township hack.

    But he got beaten by even more skilled crooks!


    Who the hell needs them!?

  4. well it was a good run by Dowd..

    sorry he didn’t win but I think the people of Nunda will soon realize their mistake …..

  5. Mark Daniel is a poor strategist.

    Sorry Dowd lost, he’s a Republican at least.

    These township race are low turnout rackets. ‘deals’ are made all the time for free plowing, low assessments, etc. total crap.

  6. I’ve met Mark Daniel a few times.

    Not too swift or impressive.

    Anybody who says Romney is a great statesman is a born fool.

  7. Parrish boys and there lady friend get to sit at the table but they missed out on the big prize they coveted !

    They can continue to sell the same old line “No more Turkeys and Ham for you ” but now the attorney fees will mount as they push against the highway dept .

    The public voted and stated there support for the road district as is accept defeat and do not waste monies on frivolous lawsuits trying to come up with more and more reasons to not re-elect.

    Support is gained by proven accomplishments not by mud slinging and innuendo !

  8. The Parrish brothers are spot on.

    They have had firsthand experience with the people of Nunda and know the facts.

    Blewbyu, you are the one doing the mudslinging.

    Turn off your projector and stop the mudslinging and innuendos!

    By the way when you are talking about people in a sentence the word is “their” not there.

    Where did you go to grade school?

  9. I wondered whether that was a self-assumed nickname.

    It’s pretty dramatic for a guy who fill potholes.

  10. Blewbyu, just because that was your approach just being a yes man since they slid you in the backdoor does not mean that should be the approach everyone else should follow.

    I would hardly call Mike’s win a decisive win, pretty soon he will run out of roads he can keep paving for votes,

    If I was Mike I would be nervous about the potential law suites for failing to return revenue to municipalities and villages, and having the taxpayers in those areas subsidize the road district.

    In addition maybe the new trustees will be able to prevent Mike from the continued expansion of the road district which also cost the taxpayers close to $300,000 for land we should not have needed, why don’t you go change a light bulb now that you will have more free time

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