McConchie Criticizes Pritzker Budget Gimmicks

From State Senator Dan McConchie:

Governor’s Budget Address Fails Important Constitutional Requirement 

The Illinois Constitution requires that Governors present a budget plan to the General Assembly that is balanced based on existing revenues.

This fact was noted on page 18 of the Governor’s 500+-page budget book.

The reason for this requirement is simple, to make sure that the Governor goes through the hard work of reform before considering raising taxes on hard working Illinoisans.

Gov. Pritzker’s budget proposal, however, did not meet the constitutional requirement.

His budget included roughly $1.5 billion in revenues that are not currently provided under state law.

These include the elimination of tax credits, diversion of road funds, and reductions in funding to local communities.


McConchie Criticizes Pritzker Budget Gimmicks — 5 Comments

  1. Finally McConchie pipes up ….. back from his vacation in Costa Rica.

    Was the trip nice?

  2. Oh, our little RINO, “The McConchie”.

    Cut out for Central America, eh?

    How are the bananas?

  3. It’s adorable when he pretends he’s relevant.

    My dog barking at a squirrel makes more meaningful noise than McConchie.

  4. Do you believe for a New York minute Pritzker or McConchie gives a damn about the Constitution?

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