Message of the Day – A Quote

The rest of the memes a friend sent were more blatamtly partisan.

This one fits both Republicans and Demcorats:

“Show me a man who gets rich being a politician and I’ll show you a crook.” Harry S. Truman.


Message of the Day – A Quote — 11 Comments

  1. Truman the Klansman and puppet of the KC Pendergast crime organization.

  2. The Savior of Chinese Communism. Truman.

    Relieved MacArthur and wouldn’t allow any crossing of the Yalu River.

    Flash forward to 2020, Chinese Reds and their running dogs like sez dog Salwell steal an election.

  3. Probably most of the negative comments about Truman are from those who lacked being 12 years old (or born) when Harry Truman was elected…

    They are likely to be relying on press or similar reports for most of their conclusions

    The press was against Truman like they have been against Truman throughout his term…

    The New York times rushed to print “Dewy Wins” to find have that falsehood blown up by early morning…

    Harry Truman certainly demonstrated that he lacked any intention of monetary gain because of his political office.

  4. Was Truman the only decent and competent Democrat president in the last 100 years?

  5. The New York Times has definitely printed many falsehoods through the years, but I believe the Chicago Tribune printed the infamous headline “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

  6. Lets see, there’s nearly a million dollars unaccounted for in a McHenry County Township.

    Yep, they’re in the right profession.

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