Gasser v. Miller Case May Come to a Head on March 2nd

Algonquin Township Road District Attorney Robert Hanlon attempted to obtain resolution of Andrew Gasser’s request for reimbursement of sick pay to the man he beat, Robert Miller, on Friday.

$47,381.84 is at stake.

After Miller lost the Republican Primary Election four years ago, Miller convinced the Township Board he was owed the $47,000+ which had not been collected previously.

The money was taken from the Road District.

Due to a quirk in state law, the salaries and benefits of township elected officials comes from the Town Fund, a separate governmental body.

So, will the Road District get the money back/

If so, will it come from taxpayer dollars in the Town Fund or from Miller personally.

Tune in the beginning of next month and Judge Thomas Meyer may have decided.


Gasser v. Miller Case May Come to a Head on March 2nd — 11 Comments

  1. Cal —

    You really need to stop getting your news tips from Rob Hanlon.


  2. Wonder whether the legal fees are greater or less than the sums at issue, and who is benefiting from all this litigation.

  3. Didn’t Miller steal enough with his $95k a year Secretary wife and sons in law?

    Disneyland trips?

    Louis Vuitton purses?

    Handmade cigars?

  4. The Miller machine goes all the way back to Grandpa Julian, as in Lake Julian.

  5. Read the orders cal in the court file act like your really a honest unbiased media source for a change.

    The only thing up on 3/2 acccording to my sources is a motion to strike the hanlon motions for summary judgemnt and a motion to compel against Gasser by Millers lawyer, Gooch.

    and Gooch through out a long career seldom loses

  6. And he was elected as a reformer.

    Even agreed to put evidence of township ownership on its trucks.

  7. Gooch seldom loses?


    He has a better chance of winning the lottery than a court case.

  8. I spotted Bob Miller once, last fall.

    Taking all the cents out of ‘give a penny – take a penny’ cup at the CD One Price dry cleaners in CL.

    Yes, I did say something about it, and the girl at the register gave him a dirty look.

    Greedy pig.

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