IL-16: Jack L Lombardi II Introduces Himself

A comment left by Jack Lombardi, a challenger to Congressman Adam Kinzinger:

Hello McHenry county,

Jack Lombardi

I am a grassroots candidate who loves our country.

I live about one and a half miles from the border of 16 in Manhattan, IL. I’m in Bobby Rush’s district which is completely unwinnable for a Patriot Republican like myself.

23 years of entrepreneur experience – search my name online to see what business owners have said about working with me.

I’m a life long martial artist, boxer and wrestler; therefore, I strongly support the police and military.

I went to Northwestern business college in Bridgeview IL.

My views

American First!

Since working with nearly 500 small business owners, I know what it will take to get them back on their feet and out of debt.

I’m calling for an immigration moratorium, border wall and a recall of Governor Pritzker.

Pritzker made it criminal for business owners to pay their bills – he has no idea what it’s like to struggle!

If I may be completely honest, I’m sick and tired of watching politicians run this country into the ground.

Politicians make poor decisions with our freedoms, our mental and spiritual heath and our tax dollars; I want the chance to do something great for our country.

Catalina and Marter both live in 14, why not run there?


James Marter is a super nice guy from what I hear, but is that what we need in Congress – a nice guy?

Catalina is a GOP installment – DC is telling you who to vote for with the backing she has.

She is not a real American First candidate, as a self proclaimed “Latina” ask about her student visa policy.


IL-16: Jack L Lombardi II Introduces Himself — 7 Comments

  1. Because he is a lifelong martial artist, he therefore supports the police and military?

    One has nothing to do with the other.

  2. Well if you know anything about Martial Arts, it’s about respect and not resorting to using force, until absolutely necessary.

    So I guess one philosophy does have to do with the other.

  3. I read a few of Jack’s views, and I know he’s conservative.

    I hope he’ll win.

  4. Phil Collins- do you hope more challengers get in the race or do you hope for just one?

  5. Well said, Landon!

    Plus police, military, and martial arts are rooted in the idea of defense.

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