IL-16: Catalina Lauf Spotted at Mar-a-Lago Thursday Night in Florida

Catalina Lauf

POLITICO reporting Friday morning McHenry County’s Catalina Lauf spotted at former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort presumably meeting with the former President and/or his people about her 2022 primary challenge to Adam Kinzinger

Some should have likely thought this kind of meeting was inevitable.

Republican, and McHenry County’s own Catalina Lauf, who declared her candidacy on February 23 at 5PM CST against Congressman Adam Kinzinger would meet with former President Donald Trump and/or his people in Florida.

Now, according to POLITICO on Friday morning, it has happened.

SPOTTED: CATALINA LAUF, a pro-Trump Republican primarying Rep. ADAM KINZINGER (R-Ill.) in 2022, at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday evening, in the latest sign that Trump is serious about primarying his House GOP antagonists.”

POLITICO Playbook, 3/5/21 by Tara Palmieri and reported in POLITICO Illinois Playbook by Shia Kapos 3/5/21


Adam Kinzinger

The reference by Tara Palmieri in her article was amid the context of the conflict between the former President and House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R, CA-23) and McCarthy’s preference for Trump to not back any of the primary challengers against the 10 House Republicans who voted for impeachment on January 13, 2021, including 6-term Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

Thus far, given the Lauf meeting last night, Trump is moving forward with backing primary challengers, either through endorsements, fundraising and through a yet-to-be-created super PAC through independent expenditures.

Last week, Illinois Review reported a possible $2 million commitment from Trump’s political organization. Neither Lauf or Trump’s people confirmed the story.

McHenry County Blog reached out to the Lauf campaign for comment or a statement, and has not yet received a response. The Mar-a-Lago visit is not mentioned on any of Lauf’s social media platforms, or her campaign website.

The Illinois Review article is here.

It must be noted, when POLITICO‘s Shia Kapos attempted to confirm if Lauf had Trump’s support when Lauf announced, Lauf did not comment on the question with POLITICO.

Developing story…


IL-16: Catalina Lauf Spotted at Mar-a-Lago Thursday Night in Florida — 13 Comments

  1. I’ll just say it: even if Trump supports her doesn’t mean he’s right.

    Trump has made tons of bad decisions.

    Chris Wray, John Bolton, Anthony Scaramucci, Linda McMahon, Alex Azar, “Mad Dog” Mattis, John Kelly, Omarosa…

    Focusing on health care that anybody with a brain knew was doomed to fail, not doing anything to secure elections while he had a united government, selling weapons to the Saudis, not doing anything about critical race theory being taught in government agencies until 2020, not eliminating foreign aid, speaking ill of respected dead people in swing states, not sending in overwhelming military force to put down riots all over the summer, claiming the election was stolen but doing nothing to stop it, not pardoning whistleblowers but pardoning celebrities and inside traders, not bringing troops home, not pushing for term limits, exploding the national debt, doing nothing for conservatives on social media, etc.

  2. Trump is an idiot. Full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

    He will take the GOP down with him if you let him.

    Hey hey hey, goodbye.

  3. Gas 2.11 the day TRump left office, now 2.72 when Biden comes in, and that increase was in a matter of weeks.

    Dr Seuss censored, 11,000 Pipeline and twice that number associated with them eliminated Day One on Bidens watch, 108 illegals we know of allowed to come in with Covid and dispersed to God knows where.

    Allies laughing at Bidens “Sundowning” and return to “Home in Delaware”, his refusal to even do a Press Conference.

    They know and can see he’s suffering from early onset of Alzheimers.

    And so do most American now too–he’s not even there 2 months yet.

    Kinzinger says Country First, Lauf says America First…I’ll take either right now if it slows this doofus Biden and whomever is making his decisions for him down.

  4. Why sound the alarm FakeScience?

    Shouldn’t you be pleased that DJT will take the GOP down?

  5. Biden is not my President. Kept in a basement so he wouldn’t f@@k up for the 7,000th time, or assault a young girl with is creepy hair sniffing, he was the beneficiary of epic fraud.

    Now it’s just a matter of time before his plug gets pulled via the 25th Amendment!

    Red Kamala salivating.

    Why keep her waiting.

    Let the Civil War commence!

  6. I’m with you, Bob–I’ll take either.

    The GOP needs to focus on the 2022 Senate election and stop its silly family in-fighting.

    Kamala’s just patiently waiting on her chance to replace the white stripes with red ones.

  7. There are millions of stupid people, unfortunately voters, who are the useful idiots of the Democrat Party and their shills in the mostly left wing Democrat loving main stream media. The media that are “supposed to be” the fourth estate. The media who “should be” practicing journalism. The media who “should be” investigating and leaving no stone unturned. The media who intentionally did not vet the candidate, Barak Hussein Obama who then proved to be the worst ever president of the US. The media who did not vet candidate Joe Biden in 2020 and who knew of his mental problems and hid these from the voters.

    Joe is clearly not dealing with a full deck. Who are the people behind the scene in the whitehouse pulling the strings for this puppet, this empty vessel? Who picked Kamala Harris for VP who was one of the worst debaters in the 2019 Democrat presidential debates? Harris did not even run in the 2020 Democrat presidential primaries. Who, who, who?

  8. Lauf is nothing but a young talking point.

    She doesn’t understand government at all which means you don’t know where she really stands on issues.

    She probably doesn’t even know what a Parlimentarian is.

    She didn’t know what ERA was last election at a forum.

    She likes the limelight and that is all she is.

    Maybe in 10 yrs she will be ready for primetime but she is nothing but an attention getter.

    She needs to grow up but she does like hanging out with Rabine.

  9. Hey wArt – the GOP is defending 20 seats with half a dozen retirements and a Deep State CoC whore as it’s leader motivating exactly zero people to vote for it versus 14 seats the communists are defending.

    There is more of a chance that an asteroid collided with planet Earth than the GOP winning the Senate.

  10. Kamala doesn’t want the job until after January 20th, 2023 so she will still be eligible to run for 2 more election cycles, in her mind that is.

    If she takes over before then, she can only run one more time.

    They have to keep pumping Joe up with steroids until then.

    Stay tuned.

  11. Shalom Ya’all —

    “There is more of a chance that an asteroid collided with planet Earth than the GOP winning the Senate.”

    Chase, I hope you are right, winning feels so damn goooood!!!

    Uber Jew

  12. She’s hanging out at mar-a-lago probably happily getting her kitty cat grabbed by the oompa loompa

  13. Prarieburner, I dislike the carpet bagging Lauf, but detest you.

    You are so gay Charles Nelson Reilly would even laugh at you.

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