Message of the Day – A Poem

From commenter Billy Bob:

I do not like your mental haze
I do not like your leftist ways
I do not like your son on blow
I do not like you Creepy Joe


Message of the Day – A Poem — 15 Comments

  1. I didn’t write that, but I thought it was kind of funny.

    It’s been all over the internet in various forms ever since the Dr Suess story came out.

    Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene even posted it on Twitter.

  2. Demented Biden was on 30 mg of Donepezil in the first term of his Obongo.

    Like ten years ago!

    This was on several of the Witch Hillary’s emails and emails to the Witch by several Democratic politicians, White House staffers and and John Kerry, as leaked by Wikileaks.

    Biden refused to release his health records while VP too

  3. There’s a war on The Muppets.

    And ‘The Cat and the Hat!’

    But Biden is busy.

    He has no time for all that.

    “Republicans may complain, but they’re still in thrall
    To a President who acted like a Neanderthal
    Instead of coming together, the flames they fan
    When they should be working with Joe on the Rescue Plan
    Cry, whine, and gnash their teeth as they may
    It’s actually the Republicans who are in disarray!”

  4. There are probably hundreds of thousands, maybe over a million, of senior citizens that are the same age bracket as Joe, 78, that are in “assisted living” facility nursing homes in the US. Many of them have mental and old age problems similar to Joe be it dementia, senility or other. But, none of them have the power to launch wars, open borders to thousands of illegal aliens or issue ridiculous “executive orders” to greatly harm the citizens of the US.

    Why did otherwise smart citizens and voters in sufficient numbers pick this demented and doofus person to be the most powerful man on earth?

  5. To answer Bred Winner’s question as to why people like me would vote for Biden:

    This landmark legislation will help families pay rent and put food on the table, lift millions of children out of poverty, make health care more affordable, aid small businesses, fund broad-based vaccination efforts, and make it easier for states to reopen schools. – BO 44

  6. “ I’m open to counterexamples, but this still looks like the most ambitious and progressive economic package Congress has passed in my lifetime. It will do more to cut poverty, and push full employment, than anything else I’ve covered.”

    -Ezra Klein

  7. As Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, I am proud that we passed the American Rescue Plan, which, in my view, is the most significant piece of legislation to benefit working families in the modern history of this country. – Bernie

    That’s why we voted for Joe!!!!!!!!

  8. We’re taking victory laps right now Cal and all the other commentators can carry on about Car in the Hat. Lol.

  9. You don’t know ANYTHING about the “car in the hat.” I wrote that poem:

    under the soft moonlight’s hat sat a car
    it was bright red and had a trim of gold
    that nice red car drove very very far
    unfortunately it was getting old

    one day a man walked by and said to me
    hey, I really like that rusty old thing
    and I told him, I’ll trade it for money
    he gave me two thousand bucks and a ring

    I quickly went into the jeweler’s shop
    to trade the man’s ring and get a good price
    the guy there told me it was worth a lot
    So we settled for a sum that was nice

    I took the money hoping to go far
    but damn that’s hard when you don’t have a car!

  10. What a bunch of idiots you all are!

    The Suess foundation decided not to publish 6 books.

    It had nothing to do with government.

    Cal you should call this the McHenry county Trump luvin blog.

    Your just a pot stirrer looking to divide people more.

    The republicans will do absolutely whatever it takes to keep us divided.

    Take January 6th as an example.

    We’re you there Cal?

    Grown ass men have nothing better to do than post junk on here and Facebook.

    I couldn’t fathom my father ever wasting a minute on a child’s playpen.

    Grow up and do something productive with your lives because I’m telling you it’s not happening here.

    Bunch of losers who probably spend your free time on here or Facebook or parked on
    Ms Kitty’s barstool.

  11. Sayno says:

    “The republicans will do absolutely whatever it takes to keep us divided.”

    No, no Sayno.

    It has been the Democrats all along who have practiced division politics.

    Barak Hussein Obama, along with his Democrat shills in the mostly left wing media, greatly divided this nation over the span of his 8-year regime in the whitehouse.

    Lots of articles from various sources cover this matter.

    One of them in 2016,

    “A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 60% of Likely U.S. Voters think race relations are worse since President Obama’s election nearly eight years ago. That’s an 18-point jump from 42% in late 2014 and up from 43% when we first asked the question in August 2013. Just nine percent (9%) believe race relations are better now, little changed from the previous survey, while 28% say they have stayed about the same.”

  12. Sayno, how is the sex reassignment surgery going?

    Did they up your hormones?

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