Booze Now Legal on Trains

Two of the downsides of the RTA’s taking over the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad commuter trains were liquid in nature.

Metra commuter cars at grade crossing.

First the RTA’s Metra did away with the water stations.

Thirsty on a Metra train.

Too bad.

Now cups, no water.

Second to go were the bar cars.

They were smoky, so had no appeal for me, but one could buy beer and, I think, wine.

The result was that commuters purchased alcohol at the station before boarding their train to go home at night.

Now the legislature has passed and the Governor signed House Bill 3878.

It repealed the the Railroad Intoxicating Liquor Act.

The law dates back to 1935 and 1973-4.


Booze Now Legal on Trains — 7 Comments

  1. So the Bar Car is back, or you can now buy booze from a conductor on the train?

    I always would bring my own or load up at the station for the return trip from a Hawks game, cab/uber/friend drive home upon arrival.

    Would never drink the water from a Metra Car, unless they’re selling bottled now—ever seen a Metra Train Restroom?

    Should be condemned.

  2. There were restrooms on Union Pacific coaches.

    One guess as to where the effluent went.

  3. Well thats one way to get peeps back riding the germ wagons, bring back the bar cars…

  4. I don’t care about no train stations and what kind of cheep beer they’re gouging you on, I buy beer at the gas station and drink it on the train.

    That’s what everybody does.

  5. There’s something delightfully old school about sipping good bourbon out of a flask when riding on a train.

    I don’t like drinking beer on the train, because I don’t want to be forced to use one of those nasty train restrooms.

    It’s a long ride from Harvard to Chicago.

  6. Billy Bob maybe you can get a gig masquerading as one of those pathetic Shriner’s kids begging on TV.

  7. Hey Frazier,

    I can remember way back when you used to live in Wilmette.

    Remember when a bunch of obnoxious high school students did the flaming dog poop in a bag trick at your house?

    tee hee

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