Looking at Murder and Rape Statistics from a Racial Viewpoint

From Woodstock’s Richard Rostron:

Blacks have capacity to effect immediate change in race relations 

Race relations have existed as a defining factor in American society and politics for my entire life, and long before that, too.

But the friction over the issue has never grated on the American conscience with such antagonism since the Civil War, which ended 166 years ago. Not even during the heyday of the Civil Rights movement has animosity and disagreement been so severe.

It seems, however, that a dramatic improvement in race relations is well at hand – blacks should stop killing people, including each other. 

What a racist thing to say, eh?

But is it? 

The reality is that, according to 2019 FBI figures,

  • blacks committed 51.2 percent (4,078) of all murders and nonnegligent manslaughters in the country.
  • During the same period, whites committed 45.8 percent (3,650).

Neither offers a pleasant or desired data point; in both cases it would be better if no murders were committed.

But the stark reality is that blacks do, proportionally, the most killing in America. 

When those numbers are compared without any other considerations, the result is that blacks committed 428 more murders in 2019.

But when adjusted to percentages of the population, the comparison changes dramatically.  

Using 2020 population data, 62 percent of Americans are white but only 12.6 percent are black (https://statisticalatlas.com/United-States/Race-and-Ethnicity).

This means that blacks are substantially more than four-times as likely to commit murder or nonnegligent manslaughter than representative of their percentage of the population.

By comparison, whites commit approximately .25 times fewer killings than representative of their percentage of the population. 

In other words, blacks are close to five times as likely to kill as whites. 

This is a very inconvenient figure.

In terms of rape, in raw numbers, whites commit more rapes.

But, when adjusted for their percentage of the population, a black is considerably more likely to commit rape.

Whites committed 11,588 rapes in 2019 (69.8 percent) compared to blacks who committed 4,427 rapes (26.7 percent).

But that percentage of rapes is more than twice as high as the percentage of blacks in America where the number by whites is only slightly more than their percentage of the population. 

Today, it’s portrayed as racist to point out such disparity of numbers when they don’t fit the ‘Narrative’ of America as ‘systemically racist.’

But, for those of us unwilling to abandon reality in favor of a political agenda, such numbers still matter.

And when a black decides to kill someone, it’s not a white man’s fault, no matter how you try to twist reality. 

The point is that, instead of blaming whites for everything, as though blacks don’t have a choice when they kill, it’s time to figure out why they kill with such frequency and find a solution.

Stop the killing and a lot of other improvements are liable to follow. 


Looking at Murder and Rape Statistics from a Racial Viewpoint — 9 Comments

  1. You can’t reason with them. They just don’t care. In fact, they’re counting on you to keep trying to reason with them instead of resorting to more effective means.

    the best outcome to this problem is voluntary separation. Give them their own entire state to run, maybe Georgia or something, and be done with it.

  2. Rostron said:

    “Using 2020 population data, 62 percent of Americans are white but only 12.6 percent are black (https://statisticalatlas.com/United-States/Race-and-Ethnicity).”

    The doofus, plagiarist, senile, accused rapist Joe Robinette Biden held his first Cabinet meeting of his regime on April 1. He bragged that his Cabinet looks like America and has diversity. See below from the Hill.

    Biden is all for diversity and inclusion. Given the statistics cited by Rostron that 62 percent of Americans are white and 12.6 percent are black, why has not top elected leaders of the nation and Biden not demanded diversity and inclusion in professional sports? If they demanded diversity and inclusion, then football, basketball and baseball teams would have to proportionately have players in percentage of composition similar to America. So teams would be required to have no more than 12.6 percent black players, 62 percent white players and the remaining 25 percent of other minorities such as Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander etc.



    “President Biden on Thursday, in his first Cabinet meeting since 15 of his nominees were confirmed, praised his team for accurately representing America’s diverse population.”

    “This is the first in American history that the Cabinet looks like America,” Biden said. “That’s what we promised we were going to do, and we’ve done it.”

    “Biden faced criticism over a lack of diversity in his potential Cabinet during its formation, most recently from Democratic Sens. Mazie Hirono (Hawaii) and Tammy Duckworth (Ill.), who protested there not being a nominee who was either Asian American or Pacific Islander. The two senators last week threatened to object to any future Biden nominees.

    They dropped their objection threats after the White House appointed a senior-level Asian American and Pacific Islander liaison.”

  3. its all about FREE Cheese and waparations… lawlessness just goes along with it.. no respect not even for each other..

    Well guess what all their weparations are going going gone as they are spent on all the illegals pouring into the USA by our current cheatin regime.. as they make us sicker… during this pandemic, funny how the media chooses to ignore this piece of real news! as they spew oh the fourth pandemic is coming…

  4. Those FBI stats are bullsh’t.

    First of all Hispanics and Middle Easterners are dumped into the white category.

    Second, a lot of black decedents killed by other blacks are not counted bc the bodies are never found or reported.

  5. No, Tim Aeillo, Hispanics and Middle Easterners are NOT dumped into the white category.

    They are ethnic groups and span racial lines (i.e., there are white Hispanics and black Hispanics).

    As for your second statement, that would only increase the disparity, if you’re somehow correct.

    Somehow, I don’t think that many bodies could be so easily hidden while the absence of so many so easily neglected.

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