UPDATE: Republican Danijela Sandberg Elected Algonquin Township Road Commissioner

The McHenry County Clerk’s website has this at the top of the election results:

Unofficial election results are posted including Election Day, Early Voting, and Vote by Mail that has been recieved and processed. Reminder that we must wait for 14 days to allow for VBM ballots that were postmarked on or before today as well as provisionals. Write ins will be posted later as they have to be manually tabulated.

With that caveat, it appears that Danijela Sandberg has won the election to succeed her boss Andrew Gasser.

Virtually final Algonquin township Road Commissioner election results.
Danijela Sandberg

She received 52.4% of the vote to Bob Miller’s son-in-law’s Derek Lee’s 47.6%.

Sandberg will be the eighth woman to be elected a Township Highway Commissioner.

Even though the Democratic Party did not endorse Lee, it seem pretty clear that most Democrats voted for Lee.

Sandberg is from Fox River Grove.


UPDATE: Republican Danijela Sandberg Elected Algonquin Township Road Commissioner — 24 Comments

  1. Cindy-Those are Democrats.

    They didn’t have a candidate but they would love nothing better than for the winner to be the easiest one for them to beat in the future.

    On social media, Derek had huge Dem support.

    Their agenda for destruction always supersedes their stewardship of the community.

  2. Obama was a pro a deceiving voters into believing he was qualified to lead, Sandberg comes in as a close second.

    Ah, but no matter what it’s the vote totals that matter, so I wish her good luck, and hope she realizes being elected is way different than being a employee.

    Will Sandberg volunteer to bring forward a referendum to eliminate the Road district as a separate taxing body like so many like Andrew Gasser has claimed to want on this blog?

    Gasser changed the job, people are paying more attention to townships, so again welcome to the HELL that is the ATRD!!!!

  3. The last good thing Gasser did was win the election and defeat Bob Miller.

    Let’s not hope the same for Ms. Sandberg.

    good luck. Here’s a hint.

    Don’t fire union employees without cause, no matter what Hanlon says.

  4. Nob, so tired of your catty small-minded speculations.

    You’re a Miller crony, nothing more.

    You wishing her luck is phony as it comes.

    This exemplary employee is doing more with the job than Andrew did when he ran and won.

    I have a feeling a lot of good things will happen for Alg Twnshp Rd with Sandberg .

    She will be transparent and I believe honest-not entitled and hire her family members to quadruple down on benefits and income.

  5. The knob headed nob is Bob Miller!

    Sorry your non-licensed Atty son-in-Law lost, Nob.

    Well, not really, but I pray Daniella will have the lazy Derek let go for cause.

  6. At least Gasser is gone.

    He was never qualified for the job of road commissioner.

    I hope she will fix our roads.

    Tired of trying to get our road repaved.

  7. Murmuring? Exactly what I said. There are 2752 morons out there! Only morons would willfully bring about their own demise by allowing the same dynasty that ripped them off for over forty years to come back into a position to do it again. Complete brain dead morons.

  8. I live on a township road, Sandberg’s success in doing a good job means well maintained safe roads, pretty important I’d say.

    It’s not personal, elections matter even those that may have voting issues like this one.



    All the voting totals have been deleted?

    “This exemplary employee is doing more with the job than Andrew did when he ran and won.”

    True Gasser was useless and wasteful, but Hanlon loves him.

  9. What tell people on this hate filled blog where to look for me?

    You’re losing it my friend.

  10. A friend was wondering why voting totals for Supervisor and clerk were 1000 votes less than Highway commissioner?

    I under vote, but that seems like a major difference.

  11. Renee that is like saying Obama was qualified to be President.

    A community organizer that never held a real job in his life.

    Gasser lowered your levy, didn’t use taxpayer dollars for trips, gifts etc.

    You can vote personality but his policy was better than the 50 yrs of Millers reign.

  12. Sobeit, I’d call the Miller Gang’s misrule of Algonquin Township a reign of terror against the taxpayer.

    And the shocking thing is Dorr and McHenry Townshios are even worse!!!!

    Nob, maybe you and Anna May should move to Mexico, you have much to teach them about corruption!

  13. Nob? You are very stupid. The first week you came to Cal’s blog you announced to all exactly where you were building your new house and bragging about how much more than the going rate you had paid per square foot! (Check your backlog for the first appearances of The Nob, Cal. Was that In February of 2017 or just before?) Dementia setting in already or did you take that vaax jab?

  14. Cindy it really doesn’t matter, I .live by the county line in AT road.

    I hardly doubt I’d brag about the extra it costs me to build my house or that I pay over $8k in property taxes either.

    I just want safe roads at a reasonable price, safety feel off under Gasser. Fact

  15. Gasser lowered the levy, yup, and was able to keep spending at Miller era levels because of the blotted funds Miller had.

    Extra funds in Building funds for possible hookup to Cary for water and sewer, they are on well and septic

    Road fund had extra $$$$ for a intersection improvement at SL and CL avenues, which Gasser killed.

    That and not preforming simple maintenance like stripping the roads, and ya the levy can be reduced.

    Yet he’s expanding the roads maintained by taking in underdeveloped private road, and hasn’t resurfaced a township road for a couple years adding inflation considerations.

    Sandberg will not have the luxury of those extra $$$$$, so services will be cut or levy jacked up every year to make up for the lose.

    Short term gain, for a more expensive long term lose, Duh!

  16. Congratulations to Danijela an honest and more importantly she’s a good person that will perform her job with the best interests of the people in mind.

  17. I always get a kick out of the people who support Gasser by saying “Well, he didn’t hire his family so that’s good.”

    It’s was low bar and Gasser somehow managed to lower it.

    We deserve better leadership but we won’t get it until people actually decide it matters enough to them to come out an vote.

    We didn’t have great choices in this election, but I suspect we elected the lesser of the two evils.

    If she is in fact the winner, I wish Sandberg well for the good of the township, but I fear we simply elected the tallest midget.

  18. Nob, although we may disagree on things concerning the Twnsp I still love ya.

  19. Nob, “A friend was wondering why voting totals for Supervisor and clerk were 1000 votes less than Highway commissioner?”

    Could be the Democrats’ bullet voting for Lee.

    They wouldn’t bother voting for the other two uncontested positions.

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