Vote and the Choice Is Yours…

Vote and the choice is yours. Don’t vote and the choice is theirs. Register or you have no choice.


Vote and the Choice Is Yours… — 9 Comments

  1. Beautiful day..
    get out and vote..
    Get your voice heard..
    it’s a good day…
    Good things are going to happen today…
    Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote!!!!!!!!!

  2. Or the new reality… Vote and get snookered by the rigged system once again.

  3. Come without an ID, we will send you away to try to scam another way.

  4. “Vote and the choice is yours. Don’t vote and the choice is theirs.”

    It isn’t only about voting. It is what precedes the casting of each vote. It is the ongoing and insidious brainwashing and messaging to influence children who are future voters and voters, day after day, week after week, year after year. Also evil left wing Democrat nonsense such as equity and critical race theory are now being pushed in many public schools, colleges and the mostly left wing media. A media that are shills and handmaidens for the Democrat Party who slant, bias, and also intentionally omit facts and details that would be detrimental to Democrat candidates. Such as was done last year when they protected Joe Biden.

    A factual, honest and straightforward media, the fourth estate, would have exposed all of the negatives about Joe Biden. All of his warts. But, unfortunately, there are not many that are honest. The vast majority of them were in the tank for Joe Biden and THEY influenced a sufficient number of unthinking, useful idiots to vote for Joe rather than Trump. Now this Nation is stuck with a president even worse than Barak Hussein Obama.

    The current president has on many occasions over the past 2 years shown not only signs of senility or dementia but has made reckless statements about inviting illegal aliens to illegally come to the U.S. Upon taking office, He promptly discarded all of the policies and procedures and protocols of past President Trump that were working at the southern border. He has flaunted all U.S. laws on the books about inviting, encouraging, giving safe harbor to illegal aliens. In recent weeks, he has required that U.S. Military bases house and feed thousands of illegal aliens. How absolutely absurd. Any American patriot would have never thought that our U.S. Military is protecting illegal aliens who are the invaders rather than humanely repelling them all along the border.

    This Nation is in a crisis created by Joe Biden and his administration regime. Expect the mostly left wing Democrat shill media to cover it up. They typically do not ask Biden tough questions, just softball and stupidity such as what flavor of ice cream milk shake do you like. Do most of the media act as traitors to our Nation?

  5. Stormy D, lived in Illinois my whole life, never been asked for an ID.

  6. Stormy D they don’t ask you for an ID, but lets change that!!!!

    And don’t let them try to tell you to wear a mask.

    They cannot do that.

  7. I won’t waste my time voting.

    Tirio is part of these problem.

    No spine.

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