County Clerk Reports “Anomalies” in Some Election Results

From McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio:

Some anomalies in yesterday’s unofficial election results were brought to our office’s attention late on Election Day.

Working late into the night and earlier this morning, our team, with assistance from our hardware and software vendor, determined that some races were misreported.

We are currently in the process of determining the full nature and scope of the issue, and developing a remediation with the expectation of having corrected results tomorrow.

As more information becomes available, we will update our website, social media and the results page


County Clerk Reports “Anomalies” in Some Election Results — 18 Comments

  1. I recall when Mary McClellan screwed things up so bad.

    But all Joe Tirio had to do was retain experts on digital security and ascertain if the system could be gamed, like Al Jourdan did in the 80s and 90s.

    But he didn’t.

  2. “digital security and ascertain if the system could be gamed, like Al Jourdan did in the 80s and 90s.”

    Uh, there was NO digital security in the 80’s.

    Or 90’s.

    It was punch cards and mechanical tabulation.

    Let’s see how big the issue is before we barf on the one office holder we KNOW is honest and efficient.

  3. Vague cryptic spooky press release CHECK

    Destroying any little faith left in elections CHECK

  4. The paper has the details about what specifically happened.

    They say votes were not counted, especially in a few precincts in Cary.

    There’s supposed to be a recount today.

    It’s weird how every year there are “anomalies” in elections RIGHT HERE in McHenry County but we have dummies who think anomalies in far away places is impossible.

    Hey jackass if you see it RIGHT HERE why are you so convinced it’s not happening elsewhere?!

    People on this blog suggested hearings about the software and process, but both the local Democratic party as well as Joe Tirio and the local Republicans completely ignored those requests.

    Then they come here AFTER the election talking about how there were problems.

    Republicans act shocked and Democrats act outraged.

    This is getting kind of old…

  5. There were at least four people who I know were not allowed to vote Tuesday. The polling place staff told them they didn’t live in the town they were trying to vote in, and they absolutely do live in those towns.

    Something very fishy is happening.

  6. More like, Cindy is an “ABERRATION”

    In fact, she’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole.

    We all know she will try……

  7. Pat C, you owe Mrs. Trumpion an apology.

    There were digital tabulation aspects in the Diebold voting machines McHenry County had in the late 90s.

    I should know, I serviced the machines.

    And they were easily gigged up.

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