Chicago Business Enters the George Election Fray on the Side of Republicans

Coke, Major League Baseball, Delta, etc., have condemned the election reform law in Georgia:

Now WIND has joined the fight on the other side:

The truth is important.

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WIND is owned by nation radio nmetwork Salem Interactive Media.

And Diet Coke is not tasting as good as it used to.


Chicago Business Enters the George Election Fray on the Side of Republicans — 10 Comments

  1. No way.

    The laws strip the Secretary of State of duties, allows the state election officials to take over county election officials.

    Limits the number of drop boxes to inside buildings during business hours.

    All because Raffensberger wouldn’t bow to Trump.

    Would you want Springfield muddying up our county elections?

  2. “Chicago Business” = is kinda’ maybe accurate here, I guess (but is a radio station owned by a company headquartered in California really a Chicago business?), but not as accurate as “right-wing radio station.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. Certainly not as good as Tab, which I mainlined in the 1970’s on the Illinois House floor.

    Twenty and twenty-five cents a can in the Rotunda vending machine then.

  4. Any Any Business that puts its opinioned nose in politics should be boycotted immediately its like the idiots taking a Knee on a field your not PAID for us to want or even care about your OPINION they are to us like the many Aholes, if we want it we can ask anyone for it…

    are you all that stupid and ready to put your business in jeperady over YOUR OPINION? than your just plain stupid and deserve what comes your way big fat $0 …

    and out of business you go.

  5. Republicans complaining all of a sudden about businesses engaging in politics is laughable.

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