70% of Oak Park Voters Reject Activists’ Call to Defund Town’s Police

Fox 32 reports that an advisory referendum asking if Oak Park’s police should be defunded was rejected by voters over 2-1.

The non-binding, advisory referendum was called for by Oak Park village trustee Dan Moroney. He wanted to disprove the activists’ claims of public support.

“I think it sends an overwhelming message that oak park residents are not in favor of slogan-based policy making,” Moroney said.

Crime in Oak Park is up double-digits. Nevertheless, protestors called for defunding the police.

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Hard to get more Woke than, as former Oak Park Township Trustee calls it, “the People’s Republic of Oak Park.”


70% of Oak Park Voters Reject Activists’ Call to Defund Town’s Police — 10 Comments

  1. Useful idiot dumb 30 percent of Oak Park voters want to defund the police. Too bad that we don’t yet have the technology that would deny police service to them on any emergency. There are morons and imbeciles well beyond Portland Oregon, Seattle Wash and Minneapolis where this defunding nonsense started last year.

  2. Hometown of Papa Hemingway and Frank Lloyd Wright–thank God there’ still some sanity left in that mostly now looney left tunes town.

    Wasnt it Hemingway who said of Oak Park, its a town of “broad lawns and narrow minds”.

    Thank God they broadened their minds on this vote.

  3. The crime spillover from Austin is something. My aunt, who won’t move, and live one block west of Austin blvd in OP, has been burglarized 3x already this year!

    Of course the criminals are always black on her video security tapes.

    Never Hispanic, white or asian.

    One young punk, only 12, threatened her with a machete.

    The child-perp’s Mama appeared on her doorstep crying about how young he was with a clean record, good student, blah, blah, blah.

    When my Aunt asked why the little gangster commanded her to disrobe, Mama cried out that my Aunt was lying …..

    Yet it’s on the video.

    When she was burglarized in 2019, thankfully when she was Michigan, the sweet negro burglar defecated on her kitchen table and urinated in the fridge.

    It’s all on video,

    The OP cops never solved that one.

    The recent 12 year old was ratted out by an older accomplice caught while trying to pawn stolen items.

    The OP never charged the little jag for the armed threat about disrobing.

    Just the burglary and home invasion.

    And contrary to Mama’s tears, the brat had a rap sheet already, just no convictions yet bc everything was on standby due to Covid.

  4. Very few Republicans live in The People’s Republican of Oak Park. 😐

  5. He probably meant to say/write People’s Republic of Oak Park.

    A lot of communist countries use words like that.

    China is the PRC.

    North Korea is the DPRK.

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