Threatening Letter from Downstater to Federal Judge Results in Indictment

From the U.S. Attorney:

Man Charged With Threatening Violence Against Federal Judge in Chicago

CHICAGO — A man has been indicted on criminal charges for allegedly threatening to assault and murder a federal judge in Chicago.

JOSHUA FARNER, 35, of Marion, Ill., is charged with two counts of mailing threatening communications, and one count of threatening to assault and murder a United States judge. 

The indictment was returned Monday in U.S. District Court in Chicago.  Arraignment has not yet been scheduled.

The indictment was announced by John R. Lausch, Jr., United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; and Emmerson Buie, Jr., Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Field Office of the FBI.  Valuable assistance was provided by the U.S. Marshals Service.  The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Misty N. Wright, Kartik K. Raman, and Vincenza Tomlinson.

According to the indictment, Farner on April 18, 2016, mailed a letter to the judge in Chicago threatening to assault and murder the judge. 

The indictment accuses Farner of sending the threatening letter to retaliate against the judge and impede, intimidate, and interfere with the judge’s official duties.


The public is reminded that an indictment is not evidence of guilt.  The defendant is presumed innocent and entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  If convicted, the Court must impose a reasonable sentence under federal statutes and the advisory U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. 


Threatening Letter from Downstater to Federal Judge Results in Indictment — 18 Comments

  1. Our federal judges are special persons. The violence and disorder they visit on whole communities must NEVER blow back on them.

    Most are communists.

    Who is organizing and funding the violence and rioting?

    Who pays their travel expenses, prepositioned rioting supplies, etc?

    Could it be that the Ruling Class criminals at Google and other Tech companies are both funding and organizing the violence?

    Don’t bother asking the Corrupt and incompetent denizens of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    It took them many decades to discover that there were organized interstate criminal

  2. Shalom Duncan —

    Are you asking those questions for a friend. Perhaps on behalf of Q? Or maybe you are the the 8kun sacrificial lamb sent here to look like an idiot.

    Did you use google to get on this blog? Maybe you have windows on your computer. Could Sergey Brin and Bill Gates be watching you – mining your data. Alternatively, you could have some version of IOS. Careful, Steven Jobs isn’t dead. He could be watching you from his hidden lair as he exchanges communications with George Soros over an encrypted network.

    Stay Ignorant My Friend,

    The Most Interesting Jew in the World

  3. There once was a Jew named Uber
    Arguing with an old goober
    His opponent was Duncan
    Whose head’s smart as a pumpkin
    With the reasoning skills of a tuber.

  4. Let me tell you, the letter was mailed and almost 5 years ago and now they charge this guy?

    Sounds like if they had to wait 5 years to indict, it was never a threat that was taken seriously and he never took substantial steps towards the commission of the offense and should walk.

    Case closed, man up Judge, grow some.

  5. …said the anonymous nobody who is not subject to known movements at predictable times to predictable places by literally thousands of potentially angry and dangerous persons, including those sentenced to long terms, their relatives, disgruntled litigants, and the general population of u-toob loons who think all judges are communists.

  6. Stormy, perhaps you didn’t notice this gentleman’s current address: Marion.

    He’s been in prison since 2015.

    That’s why there’s no seeming rush in this case. He’s goin’ nowhere anyhow.

    Now makes him federal. Little to no parole.


  7. concealed carry Martin, get one.

    If it takes you 5 years to indict someone, he probably wasn’t as angry as you thought he was?

    Besides, I don’t know how soft the Judges have to be to keep from being threatened, but lately they have all issued Jello sentences.

  8. Cindy is Duncan Hines who is a fruit cake trying to make a name for herself.

    By the way no relation to Duncan McHenry.

  9. Cindy AKA Duncan Hines is nothing but a Duncan McHenry Wannabe.

    Cindy is parading around on this blog like a “NUT”

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  10. A commenter Stormy now rants
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  11. Martin is one sick dude.

    Another jewish scribbler?

    Look what happened to Jacko Franks.

  12. From the top to the bottom of it
    Regular poetry on your blog is a positive
    We all do it just for the hell of it
    Hitting refresh trying to find more of it
    Always searching, always clickin aint never get bored of it.

    They got rhymes like dimes and commentary all the time
    they come here to unwind and speak what’s on their mind. UGH.

    They never ask for permission
    The rhythm is their mission
    They insult one another and don’t ask to be forgiven
    cuz on this blog some shade is just a GIVEN

    We love our sunshine blogger
    Who’s not a glory hogger
    He’s just telling some stories and being a baller.. yeah

    But the MCB Community is where it’s at
    always putting it down always spitting some facts
    Where anybody can be suddenly under attack
    and especially bad politicians (WE DON’T HAVE YOUR BACK)

    Here on this blog, the experience is like no other
    Leaving you breathless and excited and full of wonder
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    We’re a bad crew and you know that it’s true
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  13. Sad little Johnsburger boy
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  14. Damn, Martin blogging the freestyle rap — My brotha from another motha!!!

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