Marengo Boil Order — 3 Comments

  1. Marengo residents should be most worried about the 450 megawatt peaker plant going in Boone County at western border of Duke energy solar panel farm project.

    The similar Oakwood Hills power plant project would have used the equivalent per day of all Crystal Lake.

    (Illinois law enables lucrative”water mining ” projects such as power plants to use as much ground water as their industry requires, without payment to the community or affected property owners.

    (EPA oversight is a joke and the fines, if any, are so small compared to the profits that they are also a joke. A sick, nauseating joke.)

  2. More third worlders, more third world conditions. Get used to it.

  3. Susan, sounds like some non violent protest is in order.

    The people of Oakwood Hills rallied against the power plant and succeeded.

    Time to marshall the troops!

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