FOID Card Deadlines Delayed Still Again

From State Senator Don DeWitte:

JCAR agrees to emergency rule extending FOID and CCL validity for renewals caught in renewal backlog

Don DeWitte

SPRINGFIELD-The General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Administrative Rules (JCAR) accepted an emergency rule from the Illinois State Police this week that provides a new 150-day extension to Illinoisans whose Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) cards or Concealed Carry Licenses (CCLs) have expired due to a huge backlog within the State Police’s renewal system.

During the April 13 hearing, State Police Lt. Greg Hacker of the Firearms Services Bureau told JCAR members the department is making good progress on the backlog of renewals, but that another extension was needed.

Specifically, the new rule states that a FOID card or CCL that has expired since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic is considered valid for another 150 days as long as the card-holder has applied for renewal and has paid the required fees.

Senator Donald DeWitte (R-St. Charles), who serves on JCAR, said that aside from unemployment issues, FOID and CCL issues are the top issue that causes constituents to contact his office.

“We field multiple calls and emails every week from folks who applied for their renewals months and months go, who have heard nothing from the State Police Firearms Services Bureau.

“Right now, I have 30-35 open FOID and CCL [Concealed Carry License] constituent cases from law-abiding gun owners whose renewals are jammed up in the system.”

According to Sen. DeWitte, the extension provides temporary relief to some constituents, but other problems remain.

“This new JCAR rule does nothing to address lawful Illinoisans who applied for a first-time FOID card and/or CCL, or those who are trying to process an address change or name change,” Sen. DeWitte said.

“I understand the State Police has hired additional staff to help with the backlog, but when people follow Illinois law to gain the proper identification needed to exercise their Second Amendment rights, and that documentation is delayed for unreasonable periods of time, there are Constitutionality concerns.”


FOID Card Deadlines Delayed Still Again — 12 Comments

  1. I am sure the democrats are behind these delays.

    Didn’t they take hunting, FOID and other fees and spend them on “social programs?”

  2. cause their scerrred… losers … funny thing is of the 4.7M purchased guns last year was all of their compadres..

    what a joke..

    hence no ammo now…

    another by design hold up…

    for sure…

    I’m at 7 months now…

    tells me one thing this ploy of having to have a card is nothing more than a $$ grab…

    and control..

    as we are only like one of 3 states that has this $$ greediness.. state

  3. Anyone who believes that this delay is unintentional do to
    circumstances beyond the states control is a witless fool incapable
    of rational thought.

  4. Great.

    Now can we get McHenry County gun sanctuary status already?

    We’ve all had enough of these silly rules.

  5. friend of mine just received his CCL after 14 months

    I have only been waiting 13 months and these were for renewals

    another friend just got his FOID Card after waiting 12 months with 4 hours on hold

    this is all BS part of the Demorats conspiracy

  6. They sure found the time to go to LITH and take some away, they could have at least delivered a few at the same time.

  7. Why hasn’t the new Co. Bd. Chair got a vote to make McH. Co a gun sanctuary county?

    Where is this obese Wilke?

    GOP leadership? Gimme a break.

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