Woman Arrested Last July in Home Depot Mask Tift Found Not Guilty

Remember the hubbub over make wearing last summer at McHenry’s Home Depot?

It’s over.

Video of part of the altercation.

In any event, the arrested woman was found not guilty.


Woman Arrested Last July in Home Depot Mask Tift Found Not Guilty — 19 Comments

  1. Not guilty–but probably not before paying hefty legal fees, getting her name blasted in the media, including nationally given she played the “I’m White” card, and has been undoubtedly DOXXed where she; lives, online, and where she works. Price of stupidity these days, even when “NOT GUILTY”. Wonder if she’s still playing Mask Policewoman when out and about since she got off the charges?

  2. Everywhere I go, people wear masks. Stores, medical, etc. But, recently was walking into the Home Depot in Crystal Lake and a guy a few steps in front of me was not wearing a mask. In the store, every customer I saw and the employees had masks.

    So, those who don’t wear, leave them alone. Stay away from them. Let them do as they will.

  3. Sydney Waters is another attention-starved liberal nutcase that posts breastfeeding pictures on her blog.

    Also so desperate for attention which drives her to harass a woman who clearly was “not guilty” of anything after Sydney threatened to “knock her out” and ran to media and played victim.

  4. Bob Wire- It’s clear that she was being sarcastic about the “white privilege” / “white power” nonsense, but people are either dumb or are pushing the narrative to smear her.

    But that was all of the talk last year when the media tried to lump anti-maskers into some category with GF and “systemic racism”, all while their nation is burning down.

    They are still doing it today.

    Funny that you mention her as being “mask policewoman”.

    I think I read last year that she’s married to a cop, or a former one.

    I bet she drives the poor guy nuts.

    That’s what you get when you marry a woman from hell.

  5. I am In complete agreement with Paul Revere…

    A throat punch will work wonders for attitude adjustment

    plus this
    only sheep wear masks

  6. What Home Depot are you going to Frazier Thomas?

    Aren’t you dead?

    I don’t mean by fake Covid 1984, but dead years ago?

    What happened to Garfield Goose?

  7. I AM NOT masking for the common flu!


    What is wrong with people?

    You do you.

    If you want to wear 10 masks and a space suit have at it.

    I am NOT living that way!

    If you are scared, YOU stay home.

  8. Where were the men?

    Where are the husbands and fathers?

    In an Islamic country, this would have never happened.

    By the way, happy Ramadan!

  9. And this is why women should never be allowed out of the
    house unless accompanied by a male family member,
    nor should they be allowed to become police officers.

  10. Weren’t women not allowed to drive cars in some middle east countries?

    With the apparent senility or dementia with the doofus, buffoon in the whithouse today, expect that we will have the first official woman president before the next presidential election date. The mostly left wing media will celebrate and pound that occasion into the heads of the numbskulls who watch AND believe their BS. Left wing media and democrats are all about identity politics.

  11. The Biden Regime declared a national emergency at Ukraine-Russia border. How does this make sense? The US border is not in Ukraine. Our southern border is wide open to anyone who wants to waltz in—armed and otherwise. It’s a disaster that requires a national emergency—not a country halfway round the globe.

    Let Ukraine take care of its own problems. We’re not the world’s policeman. OH—but I almost forgot. Billions of dollars are sent to foreign countries so politicians can engage in graft and money laundering. Biden doesn’t want to put a stop to that. After all, his own son, Hunter, benefitted greatly.

    The Socialist Democrats seemed determined to carry on their war mongering to benefit the big banks and the Military Industrial Complex, but if war does break out with Russia, it can obviously escalate into a nuclear exchange and we have a demented fool near the nuclear button.

  12. The doofus moron in control in DC recklessly and unlawfully undid policies and procedures set up by the fine president Trump to curtail illegals into our Nation. Instead, this dope in DC did actions to allow a flood of illegal aliens from 50 countries including thugs, gang members, drug dealers, terrorists, and other similar to enter our Nation. Disregarding Trump procedures and protocols that worked to control illegals, the doofus moron in the whitehouse violated many US laws that prohibit encouraging aliens to come to our Nation as well as giving them sanctuary. Why has this guy not been charged with crimes?

    This dope in DC encouraged an invasion of the US.

  13. Sedition on Jan 6?


    Wait till the real sedition unfolds.

  14. Being rude and uncivil in this country now wins.

    Shame on the Judge.



    A +

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