Dems Refuse Floor Vote on Trailer Tax Slashing Bill That Has More Co-sponsors Than Needed to Pass

From The Center Square:

Despite enough votes to slash $100 from Illinois’ trailer plate fee, measures not advancing

(The Center Square) – Despite broad bipartisan support for measures to reduce the tax Illinois levies on trailers, legislation has failed to advance. 

State Rep. Avery Bourne, R-Raymond, has House Bill 636.

There are 62 co-sponsors on the bill, more than enough to pass the House with a simple majority of bipartisan lawmakers.

Bourne said there are nine identical bills from Republicans and Democrats that decrease the trailer fee that was increased in the governor’s capital bill enacted in 2019.

Wonder Lake trailer licenses will cost $100 more each this year.

“I don’t need my bill to be the one to pass, but this is a terrible, terrible thing that we are not able to repeal this huge increase that went from $18 for the Boy Scouts to pull a parade float to $118,” Bourne said Wednesday.

When the House Rules were being crafted, Bourne said she asked if there could be a rule to allow votes on a bill if there are enough cosponsors to pass.

“The answer was ‘no,’ and I was kind of laughed at,” Bourne said.

“They said ‘that doesn’t happen, we don’t get the majority of the body cosponsoring a bill a not get a vote,’ but it is happening right now.”

State Rep. Mike Zalewski, who is the chairman of the House Revenue and Finance Committee, said despite having more than enough cosponsors to pass the measure in the House, he won’t let it out of committee.

“Until I’m provided with a funding alternative, I’m not going to willy nilly send every single bill to the floor,” said Zalewski, D-Riverside.

The following day on the House floor, state Rep. Tim Butler said the fee increase wasn’t negotiated as part of the governor’s capital plan. Some Republicans said they were told it was a drafting error, but Butler said it’s led to as many as 150,000 fewer trailer plate renewals and needs to be addressed because people can’t afford it.

“Because it is something that we’ve talked about, and talked about, and talked about, and it drives the public nuts when they contact our offices and nothing ever gets done on something that would be easy to fix,” Butler said.

State Rep. Marty Moylan, D-Des Plaines, followed Butler’s comments Thursday reiterating there are several bills from Republicans and Democrats to drop the fee. He supports the push.

“Sometimes we have to take a stand and this is one and we need to call this bill and call this bill this session, thank you very much,” Moylan said.

Lawmakers are set to return to Springfield on Tuesday.


Dems Refuse Floor Vote on Trailer Tax Slashing Bill That Has More Co-sponsors Than Needed to Pass — 4 Comments

  1. Democrats taking more from already overburdened taxpaying working people.

  2. Zalewski (DINO) is the roadblock.

    I suggest starting there.

    It has strong bi-partisan support.

    I see his point about revenue and raise that inaction is losing revenue.

    Even at $50 a plate it’s 7.5 million in lost revenue. ($50 x 150,000 that did not register due to high fees).

    Someone should do some investigation however though to determine how many tags they did sell and compare them to the years prior.

    They could figure out some equilibrium point with that data that is reasonable.

  3. yeah and $3.09 for gas too…. bend over IL… a greedy politician is driving up behind you…

  4. I’ve got 2 trailers on my property, paying $300 for stickers doesn’t make sense.

    For as often I use em, may as well rent one.

    Probably cheaper

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