Harvard Hit and Run Driver Returns to Scene of Crime, Eludes Police, Crashes and Caught Running Away, Pot Arrest

From the Harvard Police Department:


On 04-13-21 at 2049 hrs, Police responded to the 700 blk W McKinley
St regarding a hit and run property damage accident.

Harvard 700 block W. McKinley, Harvard

It was reported a vehicle had struck an unoccupied parked vehicle and left the scene.

Upon arrival on scene the victim report reported and pointed to the offending vehicle which had returned to the area.

Officers attempted to make a traffic stop on the vehicle and the driver failed to stop and fled the scene again.

Frank Hernandez

Several blocks away the driver lost control of the 2008 Chevrolet he was driving and crashed into a telephone pole at the intersection of 2nd St and Burbank St.

Upon striking the pole it caused the electrical wires to come down and a transformer to start on fire.

The driver then fled the scene on foot.

After a short foot pursuit the driver Frank A Hernandez (m-30 yoa), 14411 Kishwaukee Valley Rd, Woodstock was arrested and issued a citation for

  • Leave the Scene of Accident Involving Damage to Unattended Vehicle,
  • Failure to Signal when Turning,
  • Fleeing and Attempting to Elude Police Officer in Motor Vehicle,
  • Not Driving on the Right Side of the Road,
  • Driving too Fast for Conditions,
  • Operate Uninsured Motor Vehicle,
  • Failure to Report Accident to Police
  • Unlawful Possession of Cannabis – Driver.
  • Obstructing a Peace Officer.

Hernandez was released with a court date of 05-19-21 at 1330 hrs.


Harvard Hit and Run Driver Returns to Scene of Crime, Eludes Police, Crashes and Caught Running Away, Pot Arrest — 16 Comments

  1. Klaatu – No bond duer to the Democrat leadership and our state and country.

    They passed laws preventing it.

    They want these people to be inclined to vote for the Democrats.

    The cops and the judge would have really liked to bond or jail but the new Democrat laws prevent it.

    Get your head out of the sand!!!!


  2. Released why?

    He came up with the bond at the Harvard police station?

    OR given a “Recon” kind of bond, like we know you’ll show up so go home now…

    yeah right, the dude ran after the first hit and then again after the second hit.

    Nice Justice.

    Brought to you by Pritzker and his ilk.

  3. A bench warrant will be issued 5/19 +/- for failure to appear, when will they be able to catch this dummy again?

    The next time he is stoned and runs someone over?

  4. ** No bond duer to the Democrat leadership and our state and country.**

    I know facts don’t matter to you all… but that law hasn’t gone into effect yet.

    Good try though.

  5. I am still LMAO at one of the charges “Failure to use turn signal”
    that night there was a brilliant flash…

    and power was out for a time

    he could have gotten killed with downed power lines…

  6. North of Town, I think so, and he looks like a sperg so your theory makes sense.

  7. He’s a real benefit to the community.

    Diversity is so enriching.

    Let’s bring in hundreds of millions more of his kind.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  8. The myriads of blacks who are shot and killed or beaten or stabbed to death by other blacks are not depicted as sacred victims.

    Their lives don’t matter, nor do the lives of all the whites, graveyards and graveyards of them, who have been and will be murdered by violent recidivist black criminals, often after being abducted, tortured,, raped and gang-raped – since a focus on heir lives and how they were killed would expose the horrific realities of black male criminality, including black-on-white violence.

    Only blacks who are killed by whites -especially police, even if the cops acted in obvious self-defense, or unintentionally shot and killed an unarmed black criminal (e.g., the female cop in Minneapolis), or might have caused the death of a black criminal (e.g., Derek Chauvin)- are depicted as sacred victims since their deaths conform to and sustain the myth and “narrative” of “systemic racism” and “white supremacy.”

  9. Here is the ultimate solution to stop this so-called “systemic racism” alleged by most Democrats, left wingers and the bulk of the left wing media.

    Police should be instructed to never stop a vehicle on the roads if a black or latino is driving it.

    If at night, or there are tinted windows, then the policeman after stopping the vehicle and after determining the driver is black or latino, should apologize to the driver and send them on their way. If gunshots are heard and citizens seeing the shooters determine they are white, then it is ok to call the police, otherwise not. In the case of bank robberies, or robberies elsewhere or looting, the police should only be called if the person(s) doing the robbing or looting are white. In the case of bar fights, street fights, the police should only be called if the person punching, stabbing, etc is white.

  10. only in this lawless state, thank FF and Kizzie… for the law breaking you have brought to us…

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