Mike Buehler Sets State of the County Talk for Tuesday Night Board Meeting

From McHenry County:

Chairman Buehler to Deliver First State of the County Address

WOODSTOCK, Ill. – McHenry County Board Chairman Michael Buehler will tout the county’s stability during the COVID-19 pandemic, and lay out plans for ongoing economic recovery, in his first State of the County Address.

Mike Buehler

The address, which will be delivered at next Tuesday evening’s board meeting, is unique in that Chairman Buehler is not waiting until his first full year in office to deliver it, given the urgency of the ongoing pandemic emergency.

Also, for the first time, the Chairman’s speech will be delivered in a multimedia video format to enhance the presentation.

Chairman Buehler’s address, which will last about 18 minutes, will take place shortly after the start of the County Board’s monthly voting meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. April 20 at the County Administration Building, 667 Ware Road, Woodstock.

Besides being streamed live with the meeting itself on the county Meeting Portal at www.mchenrycountyil.gov, it will also be posted to county government’s Facebook and YouTube pages.


Mike Buehler Sets State of the County Talk for Tuesday Night Board Meeting — 14 Comments

  1. There is no urgent “pandemic emergency”.

    Ignore Lord Jumbo Boy and fully open McHenry County for business and schools
    without masks and social distancing, and do it NOW.

    It’s past time to move on from the Fascist Il Duce Fauchi Fiasco.

  2. Kinzinger’s bait and switch:

    I want to help my district.

    I want to bring sanity back.

    I’m not interested in senator or governor.

    Well maybe I am

  3. On this date in history–

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  4. Mike Buehler a McHenry County Board Chairman who actually demonstrates professionalism and has integrity.

  5. Yes, when is Buehler going to do something above Prim?

    About the County Health Dept?

    About Tirio breaking the law regularly and screwing up elections?

    About Acosta still stinking up the County Board?

    About why McHenry Co. Is the highest property taxes county in IL?

    About why Pam Althoff is masquerading as a Republican?

    About reversing Franks’ many absurdities in County Administration.?

  6. Mike is a great guy.

    He has inherited a mess.

    The Health Department has done a horrible job with the covid vaccine rollout.

    First, they prioritized Teachers, many were not even in schools, over Seniors with serious health conditions.

    Then they denied vaccines to around 100 citizens who used fake codes..

    So what?

    these citizens own the vaccine NOT the health department.

    When did these non front line administration employees get vaccinated?

    Why don’t we know these answers?

    I still have not been contacted for a vaccine although I signed up in January.

    Thank goodness we got vaccinated in February.

    This health department stinks.

    They need to be replaced.

    But Mike has a lot of work on his plate.

  7. Duncan, I agree with most of your points.

    Buehler inherited a catastrophe.

    Prim’s pick for Sheriff is mind boggling, until you know what happened out of public view.

  8. No matter how much you try to twist it, JPMatthews, Duncan Hines is and always will be a fruitcake.

    Rest assured, if D Hines isn’t using a dictionary, someone is writing their script!

  9. DALA, I guess I’m a fruitcake, too, because I agree with Hines on most of his points.

    When will Buehler do something except take a day off?

  10. DALA, put the crack pike down.

    Buehler is a good man, but he can’t stay silent in the wake of so much madness.

    He should focus on on the criminal misconduct of The County Board of Health.

    And he needs to do that NOW!

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